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April 5th, 2010

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When I bake it never turns to violence like this!  Don’t feel too sorry for Nerd though, he’s going to get a shiny new toy this comic. :D

Speaking of spoons, look who’s eating solid foods!  I actually got upset when his doctor suggested Sam start on cereals and baby foods.  He was only 4.5 months and I wasn’t expecting that stage to start until 6.  Apparently he’s a big lad and needs more than just nursing… and I thought the little porker was heavy enough!  So far, bananas are good and chicken mush is BAD.  (I can’t even get the cats to eat the stuff).



  1. Unusual

    When you said ‘solid foods’, I didn’t think you meant plasticware. He’s lookin good!

    And I must agree with Nerd on this one. That was just randomly mean, Evil.

  2. Jesse

    Yeah, I kinda saw that coming. A weenie like Nerd just can’t get away with saying something’s “divine” without Evil or Lech putting a hurting on him. Simple rules of life. Of course, Evil and Lech are major Jerks, too, but still.

    Kid is real cute.

  3. Lax

    Ugh, baby drool. Those little things can be so messy. One more reason to use protection and stay away from the living ones.

    Btw, Evil needs more tools of destruction if he can be crowned “Straight jacket worthy” :D

  4. Sora A.K.

    Random violence!

    One day all that bad karma is just going to EXPLODE on Evil.

  5. HybirdZerro

    I hate to admit it, but after seeing panel 10 in the last comic, I was tempted to rain down a small beating on nerd too. That was a blatant 4th Wall violation when you looked at the viewers in panel 10, Nerd! You had it coming!

  6. Bastion

    @Unusual – They always say ‘there are reasons for everything’. I say kudos to Evil for the distraction he caused! Well played, old bean. Well played.

    And a healthy baby is a happy baby! He looks so adorable :D

  7. Tigris

    Pthhht. People keep saying ‘random violence’ but it’s obviously not. Distraction tiems for evil to make with the poisoning. gawsh guys, Evil’s craftier than JUST random violence :P That child is…. terrifying. xD Incredibly adorable, very happy looking, with lots of personality it seems, but I’m not a baby kind of person xD they drool, and vomit, and… just gross stuff everywhere when it comes to bebes xD But he is gorgeous :D

  8. Evil2.0

    Yes, let teh halucinatioins ensue, and Nerd is gonna be holding the spoon as a saber funny, is Evil gonna be an insane warlord?


    Hmmm…unbalanced? I wonder how Evil would fare in Arkham Asylum?

  10. cennuross

    Sorry lady, but yer baby has a huge leak and the shop just doesn’t have the equipment to patch it. You’ll have to leave it overnight and pick it up tomorrow. We’ll call when it’s done.

  11. Lylmousy

    I like the shock therapy idea!

    -I guess the solid food thing must depend on the kid, my pediatrician didn’t want me starting my lil guy until 5 months.

  12. Kate W

    I was wondering what distraction Evil was going to use that would allow him to spike the muffins.

    Sam is such a happy little spoon chewer.

  13. Shironu Akaineko

    It’s never too early if he needs it/can handle it.

    I was started on solids at 9 days old. I was constantly gnawing on my fists so mom got fed up. XD

  14. curtisrivers

    Tanked is sooo cute all the time (when he’s not barfing). I wish I was that cute drunk.

  15. Teh_Bacon

    Yay for solid foods. Cherios are the greatest for babies. It has to be the actual cherios brand though.

  16. Nicole

    @Hybrid Zero – LOL!!! I had to look back at the last comic to see Nerd looking at the camera. :D I figured he was just looking toward the kitchen, but now it cracks me up. :)

    Wow. Evil is just…evil. Love his expression in Panel 4. :D

    And, I swear, Sam has total Bear Nuts expressions on his sweet baby face!

  17. Sin

    Lawlz I love banana baby food ….. and yes chicken mush is pretty nasty XP

  18. Silka

    Hee, what a cute kid. And don’t feel bad about him not wanting chicken; my cousin’s kid, Zaylee, didn’t start in on meats until recently, and would only eat certain veggies. She was all about the fruit, though. XD

  19. Kamino Neko

    That boy sure is a champion drooler. Happy looking little thing, too.

  20. M

    AAAHH with the cute and the drool! Don’t feel too bad, I was all set to give the docs the finger and wait till 6 months, too… and then my 3-month-old grabbed a bagel out of my hands and shoved it in his semi-toothless gob. There is no perfect parenthood. lol

  21. bastardo_kamonohashi

    In unrelated news: Death seems to have started a sideline bussiness:,0,5616675.story

  22. anon

    too much Evil, starts to annoy.. :/

  23. starcat

    is it just me or in the last baby pic. is the baby cross eyed

  24. Jambalaya

    I’m looking at the poll, and ninjas don’t use katanas! They’re way too big and heavy to crawl around in.

    Also, your spawn seems to be having a hell of a time with that spoon.

  25. Bosn_C_Otter

    oh, theres the frog juice…… Nevermind

  26. Bosn_C_Otter

    Yea, happy and cute now, But its about time for the teeth to come in…. hee hee, he will make Evil look friendly

  27. Draconi

    just be sure not to feed the little one too much. being big enough to eat solid foods at 4.5 months is one thing, but we dont want him to be fifty pounds by one year ;)

  28. pickles

    i made a death bear plushie and i want you all to tell what you think

  29. pickles


  30. pickles

  31. Virgil

    Let’s not forget the last time…

  32. coffee is like crack

    thats one happy baby…. and one michevious evil bear

  33. Tora


  34. Djorra

    Actually, the correct spelling is “straitjacket”, not “straightjacket”.

  35. Kitsunekage

    Do or do not, Sam, there is no spoon….

  36. Lol Awesome face

    Lol he doing da awesome face

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