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April 9th, 2010

Page 162

This sounds kind of sacrilegious but Happy Easter from Evil! And sorry it’s late.  I know for some people this holiday is just a 4 day weekend to eat chocolate so happy that too.  My mom even had a little egg filled with candy for everyone at the table which I don’t think she’s ever done (we haven’t done the whole hunt for eggs thing in a long time either so I thought it was a cute touch.)  She’s really been trying to fatten us all up lately… she says when I’m done nursing we’ll all go on a diet, like I’m everybody’s excuse to eat crap :)  Works for me!

Pregnancies are great for excuses:  I can’t lift that, I’m pregnant.  I can’t do the cat litter, I’m pregnant.  I can’t use cleaners/paint/pump gas, I’m pregnant.  Rub my feet, I’m pregnant.  And most of them STILL apply after too: I can’t eat broccoli, I’m nursing!

(Aline!  Start trotting them out now! :D)


  1. Kaos


  2. Likeacupcake

    Mmmm… chocolate (Easter=chocolate)
    I’m 90% sure I could live on nothing but chocolate, and my happiness would fight of any problems that may occur.
    Madge could turn out to be interesting though, this looks like it’s gonna get good very soon =D

  3. allaze-eroler

    cool page and little easter egg XD wait asecond… you’re pregnant again ? that is funny, my mother did that when i was baby, my sister were born 18 monthes later after my birth ^^;

  4. CharlieBones

    First off, I have to say. I love the detail of this comic, its awesome beyond reason.
    Also, I believe that Nerd is hanging out with Gay too much.. he seems to be picking up his.. “quirks”
    Madge is awesome too, by the way… I cant wait to see more of the other zoo animals !!
    I want to see a girl bear counterpart for Evil.. one who can kick his butt and make him excited. lol

  5. Jesse

    Heh. An elephant tripping. That’s…, heh. I can’t wait to see this.

  6. thdud

    can’t wait until the girl bears debut~ :)

  7. TikiCarol

    Madge is pregnant.

  8. Tonka

    As always, great art, great story. And the vote incentive was laugh out loud hysterical!

  9. Glowworm

    Oh-the easter egg thing was so funny! I actually celebrate Passover though.

    Poor Madge…I hope Edward doesn’t sparkle.

  10. Lea

    Oh, relationship troubles… don’t tell me this is getting all serious now? Maybe Edward is a complete jerk/ idiot and we’ll see her get rid of him, I’d kind of like that. And then she could hook up with Gay, becoming one of the bears!
    Thanks for the Easter wishes, now I can’t get the image of turned on Gimp out of my head. @_@

    Also you’re making me incredibly envious. I should go and get pregnant right away, it sounds so much fun.

  11. Myraani

    Irish twins!!! =3

  12. Nicole

    Love Madge! How cute is she? :) Gay is such a thoughtful friend.

    Also love Gimp’s face in the vote incentive comic. :D

  13. KAte

    I bet Edward is one of Madge’s keepers.

  14. O

    Gimp’s probably lucky that that’s the worst thing Evil decided to do with a free shot at his junk.

  15. Minibit

    Wooo, an Evil Bear Zombie Jesus Weekend greeting! *dancey*

  16. Alex

    @KAte: I would love it if that were true.

  17. Heart of Blades

    Moody elephant, lol. Well, seeing as the muffins are for her…and what Evil put in the muffins….oh yeah, someone’s getting hurt

  18. itssnowing

    I say we need a NerdxGay page :P

  19. Blacky Blackerson

    itss: We already have Glech fanservice; I don’t know if the world is ready for Nay fanservice

  20. Billzocream

    woah,Evil gets to prank an elephant?Duuuuuuddddeeeee that’s narly

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