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November 19th, 2010

Page 226

That’s one happy Gay.  I imagine I’ll soon find that Lech straddling Evil pose from panel 1 (or the preceding page) re-worked with a xxx rating and on one of ‘those’ forums, the ones where you just can’t unsee what you saw.  There’s NOTHING SEXUAL intended about that pose.  It’s a really strange thing to see characters you’ve created in positions you’d never think of, though some of them are pretty funny.

I wouldn’t want to be standing underneath when SpiderTanked swings by.

I know he’s not typically a super ‘hero’ (or is he??  I’m not familiar with the overall arcs of the 50 or so monthly X books) but I chose Magneto for Gimp simply because of the helmet shape (perhaps he’s a closet S&M fan too!).  Oh and I switched up the poll so you guys have something new to debate.  I won’t bother telling you which one my favorite is but the results may influence some eventual Nerd arcs… or I’ll likely just ignore you guys and do what I want since you all voted to kill Tanked with a pylon :)


  1. CyberCorn Entropic

    Also, I think Gimp has lately pretty much cornered the “why am I living with these idiots?” expression market, although it’s Death who, this time at least, seems interested in investing in face palms.

    Also, when Death comments that a certain mode of dying is not a good idea, one should listen.

  2. TheGnome

    Gimp in panel 2. Let the pain begin.

  3. Kill2Survive

    When death talks ye listen

  4. Anime fan

    Skin, not MUTILATE.

  5. Evil2.0

    Gimp seems ready to deliver some…punishment

  6. Valentine

    evil seems to have rubbed off on gay abit look at his smile in panel 8

  7. Anthony

    The chapter iz called “Evil Thoughts”, right? So does dis means dat we’re lookin’ at events dat never actually happend?

    (Evil, what the f**k iz wrong wit’chu?!?!)

  8. Hoheh

    Called it.

  9. Koo

    Look what I found.

  10. kitsunenongrata

    I voted for the pylon not because I thought it would kill him, but really, tanked is too drunk to win any fight. there was nothing saying he would die if he lost.

  11. Firgs

    I love love love that Vanity has a steaming pile of poo under his star. ^_^
    Makes me wonder what they all have underneath their belly symbols. Oh the possibilities!!!

  12. Enigma

    I’ve been thinking they are only saying Evil can’t KILL Vanity that still leaves non-fatal forms of torment. It also leaves Evil free to use mental torment as well ^_^b both means Evil can play with Vanity for a MUCH longer period of time. @Firgs Evil shaved off the belly fur and the star and drew the poo with a marker.

  13. d

    Not gonna lie Koo.
    The condom one made me laugh

  14. Firgs

    @Enigma – oh wow, I totally missed that! Thanks for letting me know. :)

  15. eeteed

    i thought that gimp would dress as the punisher for superhero dress-up.

  16. Jeroen

    I’d never vote to have tanked KILLED by a pylon! I just say he couldn’t win a fight with one. Tricky things those pylons, especially when drunk…

    Great hero outfits by the way. I do keep missing the Friday ones, watching my 6 month old and surfing the web do not go hand in hand. You post the to deviant-art as well?

  17. gokol

    So gimp is Jewish?

  18. gokol

    Death as Black Lantern Might Work!

  19. gokol

    Your Canadian so may be Gate.
    As at least Atlantis was made in Vancouver. Anyway I voted Stargate even though I don’t have favorite

  20. miike

    I love the steaming pile that Evil drew on his shaved belly.

  21. Hoheh

    Gay put on his Evil face.

  22. Aps

    aah, underneath the star, Vanity is just a turd – love the detail! :)

  23. Sterling Rodd

    I didn’t know Nerd used language like that. :)

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