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November 22nd, 2010

Page 227

Being a parent is making me sympathize a bit more with Prozac.  I’m not yet at the yelling and room banishment stage (when does the ability to understand a ‘time out’ start??) but I am trying to constantly reinforce certain behaviors with Sam and there are days where he hears and sees me say NO and he seems to understand and backs off.  But most of the time he smiles and does it anyway.

I think this last superhero mash up is my favorite.  I know next to nothing about the Marvel Thor mythology (What? They’re aliens?!) and I’m not sure what I think about the movie previews so far, but Vanity looks so damn cute (his eyes are intact and everything!).


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    @Anthony: Are you (bear)nuts!? You should have seen Prozac the time Evil set Gay on fire!
    @Niyko: Goodie! Another Raving Rabbids fan!
    @Everyone: And for those of you who can’t see the similarities between Spider-Tanked and Spider-Rabbid, it’s their complete incompetence as Super Heroes!

    *Ahem* Spider-Tanked, Spider-Tanked, does whatever a Spider-Tanked does.
    Can he swing, from a web? Not very well, he is drunk.
    Look out~, it’s Spider-Tanked!

  2. AlisonPrime

    About your vote for “Best Star” how come Battlestar Galactica isnt on there =(

  3. Hoheh

    Evil so forgot pissed Prozac pwns people pretty well. Poor suicidal psychopath.

  4. Kip

    Prozac, you are a scary ass bear.

  5. Jitcat

    glad to see grim in this one, he hasn’t been in the comics in a while.

  6. Anime fan

    Even Death looks spooked.

  7. Toraudewa

    It’s funny how my compassion goes more to Evil. XD … For some reason I found its looked like a father punishing his daughter. O.O

  8. kit

    aaaaww dont worry evil I’ll help you fill your mantel

  9. Alewolf01

    Epic Fail for Evil but yet Evil is still my fave bear.

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