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November 26th, 2010

Page 228

A new side to Prozac, one that’s usually medically suppressed. And thus Vanity has joined the group for good having passed (?) a trial by fire (at least Evil would have got to the fire part eventually). ¬†Evil had his fun, Gay got some retribution, and even Prozac got to let down his guard a little. ¬†Next week we start up a new arc with some more new characters I’ve been looking forward to introducing; they’re all guys but they’re also bears :)

I’ll leave you with what could have been a thing of glory: Evil’s mantel.


  1. maleek34k

    Putting up with the kinds of things he has for so long, I cant say that I blame him or am too surprised. Often the nicest people can be the cruelest and either choose not to or suppress the urge with drugs( with our friend Prozac being of the latter persuasion). Still my favorite bear.

  2. lastone1376

    Prozac has pockets. Does he have a bit of kangaroo?

  3. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    This was a rather short chapter.

    I thought Prozac had to swallow his pills, not chew them. Are they a new brand?

  4. silverfang16

    Wow, Prozac can actually be mean? Excellent!

  5. Kaos

    hehe. Prozac did need this i see. xD

  6. Heart of Blades

    *gasp* Prozac. Well, I guess no one’s perfect. Hehe, look at Death run

  7. Kookaburra8su

    It needs no words but for those who missed it, I think they are…
    1 – I’m going to explode!!!
    2 – I NEED my meds..
    3 – oh please where are they…
    4 – oh thank goodness…!!!
    5 – The meds will kick in soon… !!!???!!!
    6 – …yes… ‘kick in’…
    7 – …
    8 – …
    7 – OH YEAH…!!!
    9 – …I so deserved that, just what I needed.

  8. changeling

    yes! bring on the polar bears!!

  9. Theparrotgod

    Normally I wouldn’t pipe up on anything an author does because it is not my story however as a reader I’ve got to say I’m dissapointed at new bears coming and they aren’t even girls. Rationally from a zoo perspective I don’t even think a zoo would carry this large a number of one species that tends to not only be large but costly to feed. I know it’s a cartoon, and it’s silly and I do enjoy reading, but I feel the allusion of the story gets broken by the 4th wall here when I see little heads ups like that. That said I’m glad for the updates, just not wholly anticipating anything great incoming because I’ve been reading since the start and am still waiting for the mythical girl bear to drop. :(

  10. Ratapoil

    I’m always amazed that agressive, dominant bears like Evil and Leche accept Prozac’s authority…

  11. Tonk

    Because Prozac without meds is even more agressive and dominant that the others two :)

  12. FTS

    Panel 9 = Epic win!

  13. Tomfox

    In a weird way Prozac looks like Evil in the “Kick” Frame. It’s spooky…

  14. D.Durand

    Hillarious :-)

  15. Lody

    lol, prozac’s still got a mean streak inside of him.

  16. Moxie Man

    Alright, just noticed this and skimmed through the comments of the last few panels and didn’t see anyone point it out. Is that a suppose to be a steaming pile of poo on Vanity’s shaved chest? :)

  17. Kralion

    New guy? Bear? Male?
    I say it will be Biohazard! (If you have absolutely no clue what Im talking about check Alisons Devianart page, she has already drawn the girl bears and another male bear)

  18. D.Durand

    Don’t give spoillers, please :-(

  19. Enrico

    i hope that was a shot to the nuts

  20. 1up20x6

    Wow, Prozac can be evil, even when on his meds. Death looks so cool, just casually walking away. And Evil’s eyeball trophy is terrifying. O.o

    Also, new male bears? I haven’t a clue who these could be…

  21. Zomg

    Prozac reminds me of me. He takes medication to surpress his anger (where as mine is for depression), and has a harsh cruel streak when he doesn’t take it (but i go suicidal and emo… and am always cruel anyway)
    Also, when shall we get a female bear here? o.o or at least another gay one so Gay can have a boyfriend. X3

  22. alicia

    Ohh cool! New characters. I’ll be lookin forward to that! Awesome sketch on the Vote btw. Say how do you get images to be uploaded when you vote for the comic?

  23. phDexter

    Prozac is so pawsome today.
    Although it’d be great, I don’t think it’ll be a bear. It took a long time to Vanity’s appearance, so… yeah. It would be too soon for another bear.

  24. phDexter

    Also lol for Prozac’s pockets. Although they aren’t as cool as Evil’s fanny pack.

    And finally, happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Now, onto Christmas. Less than a month now.

  25. skullbank

    Evil’s mantel, it’s so beautiful… Are you going to color it? I would love it as my desktop wallpaper. :D

  26. Alix

    So did Ping Pong get a kick in the Bear Nuts there?

  27. admin

    @lastone1376: He does have pockets, I didn’t want all of them running around in fanny packs or carrying purses or whatever (Evil can also roll up his “sleeves”
    @Soundwave: They’re just pills, he gets em down any way he can (and when he packs them in he better chew or he’ll probably choke)
    @Theparrotgod: I’m glad you generally like the comic but honestly, I get a little annoyed when people complain about the story points/characters in the FREE comics they’re reading. I’ve been really fortunate to not get much of that but I was shocked at the attitude Ramon got from some readers when he had to put Kukuburi on hiatus because of work and life issues. You are welcome to your opinion of course but I wish you could have held off until the story actually got there instead of framing it so negatively (for one thing, these new bears aren’t part of the current exhibit, nor will they ever be).
    @Tomfox: lol, I imagine P wouldn’t like the comparison :)
    @Moxie Man: indeed it is
    @Kralion: Nope (and please don’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the old cast drawings!)
    @Zomg: I don’t know… Gay almost has a boyfriend now… :)
    @alicia: if you have an account with TWC you load the images in there
    @phDexter: Happy Thanksgiving to you too! (mine was a month ago)
    @skullbank: lol, if I have time I will!
    @Alix: I don’t think the angle was right, likely more the side of the abdomen (internal bleeding maybe??)

  28. iknewthat

    count this as Vote #2 for colored-in Evil’s mantel please???. you know, if you have time. :)

  29. cerberus

    Heh…. it’s amazing how even unconscious, Ping Pong still looks like an arrogant d……ink :D No wonder prozac kicked him LOL! I’m not one for kicking someone when they’re down, but him and others like that, yeah… I would have too.

  30. budle89

    OOoooh… I love this page!

  31. Yogoma

    I like Prozac the best he’s a great mixture. He nice and kind when needed but cross him and he’ll f you up. Which is great when you have assholes like Evil ,Lech and Vanity to deal with. At first I though he was an obnoxious goody goody but love him the moment he kick his older brother asses. Beside Vanity got what he deserve I hate chars like him . Even thou I don’t like Evil either I wish he succeeded with his mantel

  32. theparrotgod

    @ Alison/Admin

    Thank you for getting back to me, I’m not trying to be negative about the comic as a whole. I love this comic and I was one of the ones who preordered the special edition the day the option came out. I am just merely saying that like a 5 year old waiting on bated breath for that toy they’ve been asking for christmas, gotta wait another year before trying to get it again etc that’s all. Sorry if it came across as whining, it was merely an exhale so I didn’t explode @_@.

  33. Kip

    Prozac just jumped himself up another notch on my list of “favorite bears”.
    Look out Tanked, another burst from Prozac like that and you might find yourself in third favorite slot.

  34. Lei


    I never knew Prozac had a evil side to him , or is it just the drug effects O.o

  35. phDexter


    Oh, yeah. Canadian Thanksgiving. How cute :). (Just kidding)

  36. Virgil

    This arc has been revealing. I’d always considered Evil Bear to be a selfish ne’erdowell and not a genuine psychopath.

    True, he’s attempted to murder bears and humans in the past. But nothing with this degree of violence or premeditation.

  37. admin

    @Yogoma and Kip: I love it when some of the other bears beside Death and Gimp get some affection :)
    @theparrotgod: thanks for clarifying and I understand better now :)
    @phDexter: your Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas, I like having a bit more space between holidays. And since ours is before Halloween we don’t have a post holiday/pre Xmas shopping day of doom (the videos of big box store stampedes are more than a little horrifying.)
    @Virgil: yeah he was going all out, Evil at his most vexed I suppose!

  38. CyberCorn Entropic

    Theparrotgod ~ Don’t forget, this is a discount zoo. Compared to some discount zoos in real life, it’s actually very nice.

  39. Tigerbitten

    LOL. reminds me of how I am with my 10 yr old niece–sometimes contentment can be reached with subtle revenge

  40. DoggyGal

    Ha, I wouldn’t have expected any less from Prozac,since I would’ve done the same!:D

    P.S. I just wanted to say that I love the way your drawing is,more greatly now. Like,in panels 2-4,you have Vanity in the same spot,same position every time,with Prozac looking different within each scene and all,and yet,you draw them more than once!:D Keep up the great work Alison!

  41. Anon.

    Tanked is my fave no matter what. He’s just so cute. I do feel bad for him sometimes though, especially with Evil and all of his fantasies. Tanked has a hard life.

  42. Hoheh

    You know you suck when Prozac wants to hit you too.

  43. ChaosFox

    prozac….yah you a point there X3

  44. ChaosFox

    tanks drunk an happy life ain’t to bad for’em >3

  45. Ren_chan

    LOL PROZAC KICKED HIM!XD! ah, all the laughing makes my tummy hurt :3

  46. Elkian

    Dear God. Oh….ju…just….run.

  47. blackbevil

    the reveng of prozac.

  48. Faiz

    son of a… wait, hmp… so i think everybody wants to do that after all if alone and not to mentiom taking advantage

  49. Mvilu Uatusun

    Feel better now, Prozac? LOL. You know, if no one saw you do it, it never happened. Right?

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