Page 229
November 29th, 2010

Page 229

A preview of the new characters popping up next Monday- yet more male bears!  So exciting!  Well I’m excited cause these guys were fun to draw :)

(Sorry guys, I was falling asleep at my keyboard and forgot to put up the link though the vote button on the side bar will still take you there as well.  Sam had another weird night where he just decided to wake up around 1:30 am and stay up until about 4-no teething, no unhappiness, just wide awake and wanting to play…sucks.)


  1. Artis.K

    HAhaha Poor Gay…”you cant tan” haha I love this comic!

  2. Moonie

    Aww. Gimpy’s all ‘I has a bread ^__^ ‘ And Tanked’s expression of pure bliss is priceless. Thank you for continuing to make Mondays bearable (haaa pun) again.

  3. Lody

    lol @ the little animals playing poker in the first panel, and acorns are their betting chips.

  4. Chama

    LOL when reading this I thought, “Something looks different about Gay,” and then I realized he wasn’t wearing his bow ! XD

    & Crack with the sweatdrop made me laugh. 8D Poor Nerd, always the target of accidents.

    The elephant looks so cute by the way ! ? Heee~!

  5. Skibum522

    Awww, Vanity’s hair grew back already? I liked him with the turd on his chest…

  6. Suzu

    aww everyone but Death is there D:

  7. Skullbank

    I love Evil’s expression in the last panel. XD

  8. Heart of Blades

    So Death is snubbing them, how rude, lol. Well it’s so nice seeing them all have a nice fun day……some jerks are going to crash they’re party aren’t they? :(

  9. silverfang16

    Poor Gay…….it’s not easy being fashionable when you’re furry.

  10. iknewthat

    UH OH don’t let the baby Ella get into the ice cream too earlyyyyy DX

    (XDDD this is one of the best pages ever.)

  11. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Why does Prozac even bother with Gay? And why hasn’t Nerd figured out that he should never play a sport without a helmet?

  12. FTS

    Nice to see the story return to a 3rd persons narrative. Sometimes 1st person interaction gets old and the story doesnt seem to move along. Great Job Allison, can’t waill until friday.

  13. FurThyLulz

    Greetings from afar, or from San Diego at least. Writing in because I’ve been wondering for some time now what time zone you live in since my 12 AM isn’t exactly your 12 AM. Also thanks for the 229 pages of humor, wit, and violence!

  14. Kill2Survive

    who ordered polar bears? they’re wainting backstage (TWC)
    look at vanity’s salat :P

  15. Toraudewa

    Lech and Evil against Crack and Nerd. XD The teams are so unbalanced. XD

  16. 1up20x6

    This is one of the most adorable pages yet! All the bears look so cute in it.

  17. zombie matt

    lol that funny poor nerd just cant get ahead

  18. Glowworm

    Polar bears–they look awesome.

    I love that panel where the monkeys drive a golfcart and crash into a rhino!

  19. Nicole

    @Heart of Blades: Death’s not snubbing–he’s an introvert. He recharges his batteries in solitude. :) If I had a Monday Funday, I’d be off by myself, too. Ah, the bliss of the quiet.

  20. D.Durand

    Evil AND Lech against Crack & Nerd ? Alison is a cute name, but what a bloody sould hidden behind…

  21. Dameon

    Man I just know somthing going to go wrong!!!!! =)

  22. Tocho

    Polar Bears. Very epic :P

  23. Anthony

    Well Alice, I hope u get some rest. After all, U put alot of effort into all these BN pages.
    I haven’t done any of my posts cuz i was hooked on one of those “online rpgs” that kids r into these days.
    (Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online)

    -shakes his head a lil’ 2 prevent himself from gettin sidetracked-

    Anyway, I honestly didn’t know that u had a son named Sam. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the words @ da bottom of the web page. (I went back 2 1 of da previous pages and saw what Sam looked like. I lie 2 u not, dat kid looks so adorible. I waz wonderin if theirs lik an audio recording of Sam’s 1st words?)

  24. Kookaburra8su

    BN Volleyball and it’s Bullies versus Wimps! Been there done that! WIMPS WON!!!

    Learning new physical skills knowing that, save from the ball (as Nerd is kind enough to demonstrate), your anatomy will be safe from direct physical contact by the other team, very encouraging. Top that by deftly trouncing their bully asses!!! HOO ARGH!!! Try it yourself bully boy, IN YOUR FACE… AGAIN!!! hahaha… The total lack of control as they lost their tempers and took it out on each other, halarious!

    (I still remember the scores, 3 sets, come from behind 25-21, never headed 25-15, and, total domination 25-4)
    Yep, I still like volleyball.

  25. Bosn_C_Otter

    I personally like the all male cast. If you brought in only one female it would seem too much like the Smurfs. (Prozac – Papa smurf, Crack – worried smurf, Nerd – Brainy smurf…etc) So keep up the great work. Your one of the favorate parts of my morning routine.

  26. beaufleur

    Are those TIRE TRACKS on the poor rhino??? LOVE this one … and love your comic period!! ^^ Mucho fun!

  27. Mrred

    I’m just wondering why there are never female bears.
    Teehee, the fighting over her would be cute, and the baby cuter.
    Except if it was the baby of one of the odd bears.

  28. Lody

    Shouldn’t the archive page be updated?
    cos there’s no link for chapter 23 and 24.

  29. wulf

    lol i love all the bears! i think gay and gimp would be nice together

  30. Jade Griffin

    Heh heh:) Love the new bears coming up! Also, sorry about the child woes. I’ve been real lucky with my lil’ girl. Oh, and love the comic! Yer on my favorites list of our webcomic!

  31. Moon

    It makes a bit of sense that there are no female bears. The Zoo probably only purchases males.

  32. BobisOnlyBob

    Eh, Death kinda does his own thing. Prozac probably went and checked if he was in the mood to come out, and got a summary head-shake. They’re used to it, it’s not a major snub.

  33. Sperkle

    This is a great comic. I cant believe that I just found it today.

  34. ArkaniusXII

    Lech and Evil vs Nerd and Crack?

    Take a wild guess who’s going to win.

  35. NobodyYouKnow

    just found this comic recently and read through the archives an OMG SO AWESOME!!!!

    (gay and gimp=winsauce)

  36. chrisleech

    you should make at least one female bear as well she could be either Sexy Bear or Bitch Bear

  37. Lane

    Is it just me or are crack’s ears on backwards?

  38. jwysw

    Please tell me that’s Ella raiding the cooler. She’s so awesome! I kind of want to see her in a burglar outfit or something.

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