Page 230
December 3rd, 2010

Page 230

To everyone bemoaning the lack of Death: he’s supposed to be the anti-social lone wolf of the pack (or a wolf pack of one perhaps) so he’s really not going to show up all the time… but wait a couple of pages in this case (it’s a three on three).  So anyone else got a problem with the dress code for professional volleyball players?  I’d want a bit more coverage if I’m diving in sand all the time.  Plus do the outfits cause a bit of segregation when it comes to picking a team?  What if you have a woman who’s really good but has some cellulite?

VERSUS! Round 2: Pg 1 Tanked vs. the Pylon in which that dastardly pylon does win the day… poor Tankers.  I think I forgot to mention that I’ll probably make most of these duels to the death (or at least really messed up) since some of you were quick to say you didn’t actually vote to kill Tanked :)  Sorry for not making that clear.


  1. Face Of Evil

    FINALLY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Gay just doesn’t listen, does he?

  3. PadawanSerry

    I used to serve just like Gay. Poorly, I still do in fact.

  4. iknewthat

    Gay? … even GIMP is annoyed. howzabout cutting them short so you don’t have problems in the first place? -_-;;;

  5. FTS

    LECHEROUS EVIL. I love it, also just for that comment I want to beat gays head in.

  6. Arterus S. Icewolf

    Am I the only one who thinks gays inspiration in this page is David Hasselhoff?

  7. likeacupcake

    Just a thought (brought on by Gay’s shorts); so do the bears walk around naked all the time? Nudist bears… no wonder they have a lecher in the pack.

  8. silverfang16

    He broke a nail, volleyball is so cruel.

  9. viper

    no good can come from team lecherous evil being born on this day……

  10. Heart of Blades

    As much as I love Death, I am glad he rarely shows up, it fits his personality and makes it such a treat when we get even a glance of him!

    Hehe, Gimpy is not very caring about the broken nail, he only helps with real injuries

  11. Kamino Neko

    Re the vote incentive…heh…Blue. Sometimes I forget you’re Canadian…then something like that happens.

  12. Sora A.K.


    The fact that Death’s appearances are more rare than the other bears’ is part of what makes them so enjoyable! I don’t mind.

    Aw man, I didn’t get any picture when I voted… The internet is not my friend today.

  13. Tara

    Aww, Gay looks so cute in that outfit!

  14. D.Z.

    As a (male) beach volleyball player myself, believe me, you don’t want to be wearing much. First of all, it’s hot as hell. Second, the less you’re wearing, the more flexibility you have. Third, sand gets in your clothing if you’re wearing any. And fourth, you often want to dive right in the ocean as soon as you’re done. I’m not denying that there’s a sex-appeal element, especially for the women. I’m just saying that some practicality comes into it as well.

    … besides, Misty and Kerri are so. damn. hot. :p

    Nice work with Evil’s serving pose; very realistic. Don’t suppose you could throw us a jump-serve, or a spike? :-)

  15. Scribbles

    I would totally join Team Lecherous Evil :3

    Gay looks so proud of himself in the 6th frame

  16. Lody

    lol that IS one devious pylon, it made tanked’s beer spill out onto the ground.
    obviously gonna be an epic battle.

    though I voted for tanked to win. poor tanked… let down by the majority of voters.

  17. Lody

    lol forgot about gay’s comment “stupid misogynist caveman”
    once I looked up misogynist it made me laugh, as he makes no attempt to clarify the fact that he is a male.

  18. Topazert

    Tanked looked pissed off in the vs. comic hehehe.

  19. DoggyGal

    I don’t know why,but something about Tanked being pissed about spilled beer is so cute!:D
    And I guess it seems like Evil and Lech are p-ast the Ping-Pong gourge phase!^_^

  20. Arkturium

    I was kind of hoping Gay would be unbelievably amazing at volleyball because then it would turn into something similar to that scene in Top Gun. Only with rainbow bears.

  21. gokol

    Lecherous Evil!
    OMG They named after me! XD
    I love it!

  22. MasqueradeMadness

    I just wanted to ask a question.
    Do you need an account on DMF in order to buy stuff?

  23. D.Durand

    The face of Gay in the sixth panel worth a lot :-)

  24. D.Durand

    Just read the “VERSUS! Round 2: Pg 1” and i don’t like it. Come on : Tanked ANGRY ?! I want to read bears stories, not science-fiction…

  25. Angela

    Evil + Lech on the same team? This does not bode well for anyone else….;)

  26. Alicia

    Man this is neat so far! I have a question: The VS comics you have now, like the Ninja Evil VS Pirate Evil, will they be in Volume 3 next year?

  27. Glowworm

    Funny thing is my brother recently has joined a volleyball team for athletes in special ed–well this is his second year. I think he’s improving. Gay looks adorable!

  28. the matt

    Lol love the team name lol poor gay and yeah Friday updates

  29. Nicole

    Gay is so cute in Panel 6. :D

    @D.Durand: I had the opposite reaction. When I saw the spilled beer, I was like, “Oh Sh*t! Tanked is going to rip that thing apart!” So his reaction was perfect, imho.

  30. Sunsetfalls

    Okay, Gay’s face in panel 8 totally reminds me of David Caruso from CSI: Miami, I’m not sure why. Also, Tanked drinks Blue?

  31. Ana

    Lol, is funny to see Evil socialize kinda decently for a chance!
    BTW, Gay is named Gay for being a sissy and pussy or also for……preference for dicks? XD

  32. Wolfen

    This page reminds me of the volleyball scene in Top Gun.

    I dont have a problem with the mens volleyball attire… then again I am the one that is watching the eye candy from the sidelines. hehehehe.

  33. admin

    @PadawanSerry: I can’t serve either (I played soccer)
    @viper: it is a dark day indeed :)
    @DZ: thanks for the player perspective, but I imagine you’ve never dived into sand with boobs… plus why can’t the women wear shorts too? Even really little ones? Is the tiny bikini thing actually a rule or just an unspoken uniform? I would be so self-conscious wearing something like that while people are watching me jump around. Oh and I don’t think these bears are athletic enough to perform any more complicated maneuvers :)
    @Arkturium: I am quite a fan of that Top Gun scene… then Val got fat and Tom got crazy :(
    @MasqueradeMadness: um, I’m not sure about an account. I think you can just go put things in your cart and fill in your billing and shipping info when you’re done.
    @Alicia: Actually I’m thinking once there’s enough of them I’ll probably put them in their own book, I can keep it black and white and it’ll be significantly cheaper to produce. If I add them all to vol 3 that book will get really heavy and cost a lot more to ship.
    @Glowworm: that’s cool! I hope your brother is having a blast… I find vb too hard myself.
    @Sunsetfalls: Tanked drinks everything.
    @Ana: Gay is named for the state of feeling gay (happy) in the old sense of the word… with a big side of gay in the new sense. Nerd is the pussy :)
    @Wolfen: I agree, my problem is what the women are wearing. You have to be really fit to pull that off!

  34. Shada

    Ah! I was wondering why Crack and Tanked were on the same team.

    And I’m just feeling curious, @admin, do you ever get tired and or annoyed with all the Death/Gimp demands you get?

    This is one of my favorite pages! I love it! This comic always seems to make my day better :3

  35. kaijufan33

    I loved the expression on Gimp’s face!

  36. 1up20x6

    Poor Tanked in the VS comic. It’s made all the worse knowing he’ll inevitably lose the fight.

    On a lighter note, Gay. Is. ADORABLE!

  37. badbear

    wouldnt he have broken a claw im just sayin
    on the other hand is evil making friends WITH LECH

  38. Energybunny

    Love this page! Last panel fills you with anticipation -Super smash!
    BTW – Women have a strict dress code in volleball. They must wear bikini and there is a maximum (if you can call it that) witdh at the side of the bottom bit, I think it something like 2-3 inches depending on country and league.

  39. changeling

    …has lech always been that fuzzy?

  40. AncientWolf

    Um…what happened to the bottom of the image? The last row is missing…have actually found several pages where the bottom part is missing…like it didn’t fully get uploaded or something.

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