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December 6th, 2010

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So here’s the genesis for the new guys: I drew a little polar bear for Whiff of Joy’s Christmas stamp release and then all I wanted to draw was more polar bears and then they turned into assholes.  I sometimes get asked about my thought process for the characters in this comic and more often than not that’s how it goes: and then they became assholes (especially Evil).

Not Ella though, she’ll stay cute, and probably spoiled rotten by Uncle Gay.  Oh and Dead the squirrel from the Fancy Tanked arc, he was actually a really nice guy.

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  1. FIRST!

    Please tell me these a holes arnt the new bears? guess i have to wait till friday

  2. Kiggy

    aw, shi—-

  3. Noka

    Oooooh boy…

  4. Kralion

    Polar Team VS Lecherous Team?
    Damn! I demand Time to go foawrd to Friday! and with a damned good reason!

  5. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Anyone who wants to see a polar bear versus Pro-hulk showdown, say “I!”

  6. changeling

    forget the ball, Crack. Where’d your helmet go?

  7. Hoheh

    Evil sure sucks at lying. Also, huge bears. Three of them.

  8. rtlstien

    Aww she’s so cute… wait a girl bear!? This is madness! Who ever heard of a female bear in Bearnuts!? There’s going to be chaos…
    But seriously she’s very cute, and I’m curious as to how she’ll get along with the other bears (my one concern is Lech. Surprised it’s not Evil I’m worried about?)

  9. rtlstien

    And concerning the three Polar Bear jerks I just have one thing to say… “Hi there, this is Death, why don’t you shake hands with him…
    Get them Death!
    I’m sure Evil will want to help out, but you can get rid of them so much faster and with less of a mess

  10. wererat


  11. iknewthat

    @Soundwave: aye!

    I’m not surprised that polar bears are such a frigid sort…
    *is smacked*

  12. FTS

    Hmm. Not quite expected. However, it has intrigued my interest. Lets just see how this plays out shall we?

  13. Lody

    looks like the tables are about to turn for team lecherous evil.
    and also why are there even polar bears on the beach? I only just realised that that is a bit odd.

  14. Zukibat

    polar bears are only douchebags cus of global warming

  15. Steven

    Man I hope Prozac’s out of pills.

  16. likeacupcake

    The Yeti/Polar bear’s got them by the ball.

  17. Jeroen

    Evil just is… with a name like that, what can you expect (and he’s still cool)
    And polar bears… well… …bunch of sealclubbing layabouts…

  18. Ana

    Even Death joined the “vacation”….whoa…

  19. Anime fan

    ruh roh

  20. apstorm

    A few others have also noticed the disappearing helmet of Crack. And the little polar bear is cute, though I do wonder if a few people think her name is Ella, now, instead of remembering that Ella is the baby elephant… (and that the bears have been named for defining characteristics- like Vanity being Ping-Pong’s appropriate name). No sign that the little polar bear will be a new character, though I suppose anything is possible.

  21. Glowworm

    The Polar bears are dicks–awesome! Let’s see–the one on the left is now Jackass, the one on the right is now Bastard and the one in the middle can be Douchbag.

  22. the matt

    Ok thats just not nice lolo

  23. Nicole

    Love Crack’s helmet!! :D Gotta give him credit for even being in the game. :)

    Man, those are big polar bears…look how small the volleyball is in their hands. Zoinks!

    Oh, Lord…the cuteness of the baby polar bear…*head explodes*

  24. Kill2Survive

    Death has appeared…
    it’s about to get nasty

  25. Crudnick

    hm…… where did Cracked’s helmet go?

  26. DoggyGal

    HA!:D First sign of recognition to the stamp on Nerd’s belly,courtesy of Evil! Plus,has anyway ever noticed that lately, Prozac has become more of a downer in a way that it seems like he doesn’t wanna be leader of the pack anymore,but he just is? Why is that,I wonder…

  27. Sperkle

    That totally was a dive. I saw it. <..>

  28. 1up20x6

    Come on, Tanked! Show that pylon who’s the boss!

    Also, Gimp is patching up Gay’s “sports injury”. XD

  29. Kenichi340

    I’m liking the polar bears already.

  30. Kavukamari

    Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to let Crack in the game?

    anyway polar bears aren’t really that mean in real life are they? D:

  31. wulf

    lol gimp is doing gay’s nails in the background! soooooooo cute! i wish i were gay… the bear… i’m already gay the normal way lol

  32. silverfang16

    These can’t be the new ones, they have no symbol.

  33. Wolfen

    Polar bears… the jerky jocks of the animal kingdom?

  34. Byna

    I live in Alaska, Barrow to be exact. We have polar bears… guess what, they tend to be total a-holes… hehehe
    Love Love Love that you have them in here now!

  35. Khyran Storm

    Ahh, its no surprise Evil would bean Lech. Afterall, evil is, ultimately, self defeating. But hey, why not tag Nerd, too, huh? :P

    Who would figure that beach bullys but turn out to be polar bears. Didn’t see that one coming. I think everyone’s gonna wish they’d brought pads and a helmet like Crack, once the day is out.

  36. Fenryr

    nice work keep going i am not addicted XD
    make evil killl !!!!

  37. Anonymoose

    Sooooooo….. what your saying is….. that character that eventually became Evil was originally a nice bear?….

    … I wanna see

  38. Nicole

    Kavukamari, polar bears are still bears. Predators for whom we are on the menu.

  39. Anthony

    Crack, calm down! it’s justa vollyballl game. it aint nessasary 2 hav all dat gear on ya!
    That’s like me wearing a football outfit just so I could play bowling.

    -sees jockish polar bears-

    (Uhh… neva mind! forget what I just said. Ya need more than just a bike helmet 4 dis!)

  40. Hoheh

    @ Anyonymoose: Pay better attention or read past strips. Evil becoming evil is also why he hates kids. Somewhat justified. Those kids sucked.

  41. eako

    the polar bears make me think of cave men.

  42. Nephbear

    hmmm, why do i see Hulked Prozac+Death, surrounded by large white lumps of polar bear by the end of this sequence?

  43. Corey Morabito

    I can’t wait to see If I am right about the new bears. Are they S _ _ _ _ _ Bear and P _ _ Bear? :3 And I cant wait to see if they are male or female. Kinda got me confused on that part.

  44. kitsunekage

    *skids thru door way* I’m back! *Slams into wall* Owwwww @_@

    God, It’s been a while…… I agree with rtlstien. Death, go over there and introduce yer self!
    and, uh, Nerd, that was an interesting tactic, Blocking the ball with your Face…..

    @ Iknewthat Playing with the engrish language was MY job! Only I can have such goodly grammer. Damnit!

  45. Nicole

    You know, just because Death’s death touch can stun one of our bears doesn’t mean he could take down a polar bear. Our dear Death just might have his limits.

    Tho…I would totally put my money on Pro-Hulk if he decided to make an appearance.

  46. Solario the Visored

    Aw, Crack looks so cute in his vollyball pads! :3

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