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December 10th, 2010

Page 232

I love watching polar bears underwater; they look lumbering and awkward on land but very much in their element in the water.  Sam has a bunch of rubber tub toys and the polar bear seems to be his favorite.  It might be the high contrast of the white body and the little black nose though perhaps his vision is past that early development stage by now, I’ll have to look that up… but the toy set came with a hippo and an elephant and a seal and they’re all the same size.  How is my kid going to learn proper size ratios in the animal kingdom??  Plus said seal is hot pink.

I’ve got another t-shirt design up for voting on Threadless so if you have an account please let me know what you think.  It’s a cute and kid-friendly penguin (at least until the polar bear gets him) as I’ve been doodling lots of tee designs that skew more towards stuff I’d love to buy for my kid.  Actually I’d wear that one too :)

Page 3: T VZ Pylon

And a merry first Christmas and welcome to tiny TJNB!


  1. iknewthat

    … TJNB..??????

  2. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Yep, it’s probably Evil.

  3. changeling

    soon there will be a grizzly bear in the polar bear exhibit…. :D

    Which makes me wonder… what kind of bears are the BN gang supposed to be? [aside from vanity]

    Grizzley bears? black bears? …care bears? xD

  4. Heart of Blades

    @changeling: They’re discount zoo bears! :D

    Those polar bears look tuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on steroids *nodnod*

  5. tiki carol

    They need their own logos on their bellies.

  6. kitsunekage

    @tiki carol What would use as their symbol?! They’re all assholes!

    and we have another steller example of Evil doing something that is biting everyone in the ass…….. an the other hand, J., B., and D. most likey deserved the dye-shower….. (J.,B.,and D. is from Glowworm’s post on the previous page.)

  7. Lax

    Where’s Death?

  8. rezazel

    OMG, poor Tanked, beware the rebounding pylon of doom!

  9. coyoteBR

    @ changeling: look at the archive. On the first pages, they are identified as “ursus moronis” :D. Probably by the same scientists responsible for naming Roadrunners adn Coyotes

  10. changeling

    @coyoteBR: Thats the reason i ask. It would be awesome of there really was a “Moron Bear” 8D

  11. DoggyGal

    I should’ve known…

  12. Ana

    Oh dear, triple polar bears! They are so assholes that even have no distinctive look between them, lol

  13. Tonka

    “Though it may have something to do with Evil”. What a great line! And it always has something to do with Evil.

  14. Kavukamari

    I think death should have little cameos in the backgrounds of random pages :o

    also naw it couldnt POOOOOSIBLY be evil that ticked off the polar bears… no way at all that THAAAAAT could be the problem :V

  15. Nicole

    Heh! Love Nerd’s zonked-out eyes. :D

    The pylon made Tanked cry! :( I can’t stand it when Tanked cries. And now the pylon is going to pwn him.

    I feel like a schmo for voting for the pylon. I shall now hide my head in shame.

  16. Glowworm

    Wow–that one polar bear ate those birds! Love the “And scaring small children.”bit. That’s what you get when you buy discount polar bears. THey must have had a traumatic past.

  17. BingoBull

    Hmm. Apparently polar bears have 5 fingers, as oppose to all our other little bear friends. :)

  18. D.Durand

    Why Gay need that orange-brown hair dye ? He’s yellow.

  19. Kenichi340

    Oh Evil, you’re always making life difficult for the other bears.

  20. reccaman

    oh no the pylon comitted alcohol abuse which some drinkers have to have happen no wonder tanked is ticked off

  21. reccaman

    oops i meant hate to have happen

  22. Hoheh

    And Evil makes things worse. He really doesn’t pre-plan much, does he?

  23. Corey Morabito

    I love the buttshot in the second to last panel x3

  24. poco

    Aww… poor Tanked. That made me tear up a little.

  25. dis astrum

    I would think their symbol would look like

    (*) or )*(


  26. kitsunekage

    @D.Durand remember how Gay wanted to tan earlier (This would be around the same time Prozac found out his pills were out)…….

  27. rtlstien

    Why am I not surprised that Evil had something to do with this… oh wait, because it’s Evil.

  28. wulf

    aww poor gay although he did have a hard time getting the hair dye to work anyway lol

  29. RB42

    Panel 5 & 6 are now rule 34’d! :D

  30. Kelly Fischer

    I work at a toy store, and although I don’t know any toys that offer comparable and correct sizes for animals, :P I do always recommend Schleich ( ). They’re these awesome anatomically correct figurines, and from what I’ve heard from parents, near indestructible.

  31. FTS

    Sorry im late. Also TNJB? P.S Look out man those pylons are like boomerangs. P.P.S Who else here is slightly reminded of homer simpson by tanked?

  32. Bainick

    Could the hot pink seal toy be an albino version?

  33. Fylisfe

    xD okay I know they’re assholes and stuff, i but love the polar bears xD that Panel 7 made laugh so hard xD

  34. Lori

    hahaha i already love the polar bears =)

  35. Hoheh

    Where’s Tanked?

  36. Zoe

    Learning proper scale of animals… um. That’s a really funny thing, coming from someone who writes a comic strip that takes place in a *zoo*, which would be the most obvious place to teach a child about the scale of animals.

  37. Vulpixgirl

    *gasp* That’s it! It’s GOT to be Evil’s fault!!! Thhere’s no other logical explanation!!! SOMEONE SCOOP HIS EYEBALLS OUT!!!!! >:D

  38. Mvilu Uatusun

    Oh, no! Not Evil! He’s a sweet, kind, loving, (snrk), wonderful . . . (ROFLMAO) I can’t go on; even I can’t believe I’m saying that.

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