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December 13th, 2010

Page 233

Steven is my homage to Steven Colbert who as I understand it is quite fond of both bears (sort of, he sure talks about them a lot) and the naming of things after himself.  I usually find the Daily Show to be more interesting but Colbert can be absolutely hilarious sometimes.  I especially love the backhanded compliments he sneaks in about his favorite conservatives, and ‘The Word’.

Plus I believe today is the last day to vote for the little penguin on Threadless if you like him :)

Page 4: T VZ Pylon

I forgot about this since it’s been almost two months since his first birthday but my friend made this hat for Sambit and I wanted to show you guys because it is the coolest little handmade baby skull eating shark hat you’ll ever see (until she makes an even cooler one I’m sure, Sam’s uncle wants one too…)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Steven must be the odd one out.

    BTW, at first, I figured your kid was doing a Capamari (From Kirby Epic Yarn) impression.

  2. Noka

    OMG Best baby cap ever! <3

    Anyways about the comic.. this Stephen guy made me laugh even if he didn’t say anything funny. XD

  3. meh

    butch and hulk look the same steven however……thats a different story.
    i see some differences tho

  4. Fhang

    Steven sounds so horrifying that crack would run in fear of the very name, then again he’d run away reguardless

  5. maniacalmercury

    Awww Steven’s cute XD
    At least he’s easy to tell apart from the other two. Assuming the oblivious face is gonna be his thing X3

  6. 13yaroza

    More horrifying then mittens!

  7. FTS

    Well, I guess I like steven better than hulk and butch.

  8. Theodore

    Love all the polar guys

  9. Heart of Blades

    Steven! Instant fan favorite of the polar bears :D

  10. Korpollo

    That hat is the BEST hat and I want one. D:<

    Also, jerks though the polar bears may be, Steven is just plain adorable.

  11. rtlstien

    For some reason I instantly like Steven

  12. Wutdisdo

    Everyone loves steven because he’s a little derpy! He’s cuteeee

  13. Steven

    -skull eating shark hat plz-
    Lol I’M STEVEN! And that happened to me a couple days ago… I was at the mall with friends and they introduced themselves to a couple girls as Sketch and Ditto (their “cool” nicknames). Then I was like Hi I’m Steven.

  14. kitsunekage

    I don’t know why, but I just gave Steven (The bear) a russian accent…….A great big, harry russain that can bench-press twice his body wheight, but russain nonetheless.

  15. CatzCradle


  16. dakotabwolf

    I love Steven!

  17. coyoteBR

    Hulk, Butch and Steven. Hah, instantix classix

  18. Jeroen

    Right, they do look different, and large, and intimidating, and Steven scares me, he looks too normal.
    Nice hat (wouldn’t have said that a year ago) comic relief!

  19. Stalker

    Pixar or Disney should definitely make an animation movie of Bear Nuts. Well maybe not Disney, they’re too conservative :D

  20. Lody

    heh, Steven, he must be the “sensitive/wus” out of the three (or a wus by polar bear standards)
    and they do have their differences, hulk has roundish eyebrows and no teeth sticking out, butch has flat eyebrows and one tooth sticking out, and steven has no eyebrows and no teeth sticking out.

  21. Bosn_C_Otter

    Ok I scrolled down the page and I wasn’t ready for the incredible cuteness that is Sam. I feel like someone just dumped a cup of sugar in my mouth.

  22. Eyesonly

    cute boy.
    The bear with no eyebrows is Steven!

  23. BSQ

    Beware anyone with a generic name… especially Bob o-o
    also Beware more so if they are zombies .-.

  24. Glowworm

    The hat is awesome!
    Heh–Steven! I like their names!

  25. Clyve

    Ugggh, I was going to ask for the pattern to the hat, but then I looked closer and realized it was crochet, not knit. *facepalm* I really need to learn how to do that some time.

    Lovely comic, as usual.

  26. Cheryl

    …isn’t Stephen Colbert deathly afraid of bears? It’s the no. 1 on his ThreatDown list if I remember correctly
    if you named an eagle after him however….

    hehe Great comic as usual though. Love your art style :)

  27. fylisfe

    STEVEN! XD that’s epic! Stephen Colbert will be happy haha!

  28. Nicole

    HA! Lech actually looks cute in panel 5. :D

    Steven, you are teh best!

    And Sammy’s hat cannot be beat.

  29. Nicole

    Forgot to say…poor Tanked!!!

  30. Toraudewa

    Really out of nowhere Steven. XD I would have looked at him unblinking for a while because I would be too surprised. XD

  31. Jade Griffin

    Love the hat! Hulk, Steven, and Butch are turning out to be awesome:)

  32. Chich

    Craaaaap. I forgot to see page 3.

  33. iknewthat

    LOL wrong time to make name mistakesss


  34. dis astrum

    So where do I place MY order for a knit Head-Nomming-Shark Hat? I so want it!

    also, i love the new bears! My preference would be to not add in too many new characters. or at least not make them apart of the main cast. That said, you are the artist, you are the omniscient author (in regards to this strip) so it is your call. just want to make it clear.

    keep it up!

  35. eako

    love like always. butch and hulk still make me think of cave men. but Steven is super cute.

  36. Ana

    Funny that everyone is judging Steven by the cover. Who knows if he turns to be a jerk next page.

  37. Daniel

    First i thought … strange polar bear with beady eyes, but hey it’s Steven – the nice guy! Hopefully he doesn’t get any trouble with Prozac if he will forget his pills :)
    btw. I really like your comics … keep on drawing! Greetings from Germany ;)

  38. Nicole

    Gotta say, on their first appearance, they do all look the same.

    Or maybe I’m just stupid. :p

  39. Hoheh

    Pissedzac is like the only way not to be at a huge size disadvantage. And Prozac stops being anyone’s friend then.

  40. HaloMythbuster

    I’m pretty sure it’s Stephen Colbert; remember tha episode where he pronounced “DeSieve” as “Decieve” and the guy responded by pronouncing “Stephen Colbert” as “Steffen Coal-Bert”.

  41. Antonious

    Could you get your freind to post the pattern on here? ANd find out if its a knit or crocheted patteren if you could.

  42. TheTBBNo1

    Prozac: “Well! Mr. Butch, Mr. Hulk, and-..”
    Polar-bear: “Steven..”
    Prozac goes: “Right… O_o”
    God, I loved that one! xD

  43. admin

    @13yaroza: what do you have against mittens?
    @Wutdisdo: love the adjective “derpy” what does that mean exactly? :)
    @Steven: Who calls himself Ditto?? Hopefully there’s an interesting story behind that one…
    @Stalker: that would be cool…
    @Bosn: lol, as it was his birthday the next few pictures we took were covered in cake :)
    @Clyve: I can neither knit nor crochet so it’s all magic to me.
    @Cheryl: exactly!
    @iknewthat: :)
    @disastrum: who said they were part of the main cast? These guys are just more secondary fun.
    @Nicole: good cause I want them to look more or less interchangeable hence it’s hard to get their names right.
    @Antonious: If she wants to share it I’ll post a link, and I believe she crocheted it.

  44. Antonious

    Tell her that I’ll track her down and do the god father of all bear hugs until she gives up the pattern. And I’m mighty strong from wrestling 3 nieces and a nephew every day.

  45. hurgoll

    I think Steven should be the mad one as it looks like he was the one with a dye job. :)

  46. Kenichi340

    Hahah! I want these polar bears as permanent cast.

  47. kiyomichan

    That is the most AWESOME HAT EVER!!!!!!! :D

  48. Solario the Visored

    Steven is obviously the tough one. :3

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