Page 234
December 17th, 2010

Page 234

I actually finished this arc before I went back and did the last one with Evil shaving and marking on Vanity. ¬†I thought the whole Vanity intro needed just a little bit more to round out his ‘acceptance’ and that it wasn’t in Evil’s nature to let things go so easily. ¬†Otherwise I would have kept him shaved a bit longer because that was really fun to draw…I predict some shaved Vanity vote incentives in the near future.

And poor Tanked, that polar’s stealing from an idiot :(

Page 5: T VZ Pylon


  1. EJAK5199

    Yeah seriously? Why didn’t death weigh in?

  2. Mvilu Uatusun

    Sorry, Mr. Polar Bear, you may be the biggest carnivore on earth but you don’t, DON’T, want to muck around with a hippo.

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