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December 20th, 2010

Page 235

Because some of you will wonder where in the world Prozac was keeping that clipboard… I don’t know.  Or we could say it’s a physical manifestation of his driving need to organize all those around him tinged with a touch of OCD and made corporeal by his extreme analness. Or he has really big fur pockets (he does carry around a pharmacy after all.)  Tanked without beer is a sad, sad creature and as I’m currently writing the Tanked-loses-his-beer arc I have to say it will be very fun to draw and I’m quite looking forward to it. Tanked is generally the most fun thanks to his range of expressions.  Evil is more limiting for example (his “range” generally being angry to rage with the occasional psychotic) and Crack has like two modes.  And OH NO, team Lecherous Evil has been thwarted!  Probably no good can come of this!!

I was asked to design the hotel key cards for the Further Confusion con in San Jose this coming Jan 13-17.  The theme was Australia so they were pretty fun to do.  If you’re going to the con and you snag a Bear Nuts card I’d love to see them in use!  I’d also love to go to California as I imagine it’s warmer than here… Hey con staff!  I’d be all over you guys if I didn’t have a 13 month to look after (and you sent me a free plane ticket :)  Anyway, here are some of the sketches that didn’t get used (I’ll show you the finished ones after the con as they’re supposed to be a surprise).


  1. Fan of Evil

    I agree with Evil you always leave room for vengence. But either Nerd has an idea or more geek things came in. Hoping for a plan of vengence. Besides Evil will more than likely do it himself

  2. Kralion

    They made Tanked cry? THE BASTARDS!

  3. Ryan

    He has pockets…. in a way. Like when they went to go get evil bear and gay got stabbed in the butt with shuraken. he had bandaids in his pockets. So lets say he has really big pockets that he cut with his fur…. Or the suppository method. XD

  4. Bex

    First coment.
    Love it all.

  5. 78uh

    Lol panel 8 makes Prozac look uber awesome

  6. Heart of Blades

    Oh Prozac, he silly naive pill popper. :D

  7. Sora A.K.

    Hee hee, great page for Prozac.

    “I’m not comfortable with vicious shapes of any kind”
    “I’ve finished next month’s schedule already and there’s no room for vengeance”

    I’m envious of your ability to both draw and write wonderfully!

  8. TekServer

    The origins of the clipboard (and Prozac’s pharmacy) are simple: Prozac has access to Hammer Space!


  9. kitsunekage

    Oh no! Nerd, look out! You’re walking into a Ham-Bush!

    @ TekServer He keeps it under the lid to Tanks Cooler, which has access to Hammer Space.

  10. FTS

    Of course evil always has room for vengance…also I clicked the further confusion link and it gave me a page about a Furries convention. After a long hour of tedious research of the subject, one question came to my mind. Your not one of those people who wears one of those suits that look like mascot uniforms, are you Allison?

  11. kitsunekage

    @ FTS Dude, Furries don’t just have to be a “Mascot uniform” type of thing. A Furry could be as simple as a cat-ears head band and some make-up whiskers! In fact, in manga and anime, you’ll see just about every character as a furry at some piont. My “avitar” with my group of friends in the art world is an angelic kitsune.

    Doesn’t mean I dress up as one, thu….

  12. coyoteBR

    Ok, now I’m convinced: there is such a thing as “too much of a chill pill”. You are the wrong species to be the next Dalai Lama, or Dalai Llama, for what matter, Prozac. On this particular subject, let Lech be the leader.

  13. Lody

    i was wrong when i said taking tanked beer was mean.
    its absolutely cruel, poor tanked is crying now.

    and lol @ the aussie bears, though we are kinda catching up with america so sloth shouldve been part of that sketch :P (in case you didn’t guess, I live in Australia)

  14. Mr.Pockets

    well it seems prozac is also a master at using “hammerspace”. too bad he doesn’t use it to store a few good blunt instrements to deal with jerks like these polar bears.

  15. Minibit

    “I always leave room for vengeance”

    T SHIRT.


  16. Ratapoil

    Haha Tanked at panel 3 is hilarious!

  17. DoggyGal

    Oh shiz, I thought Prozac was about to go Hulk on everyone in panel 2!:D

  18. Nicole

    “I’ve finished next month’s schedule and there’s no room for vengeance.”


    Can’t wait to see what happens! And I love Death being all blase about everything.

  19. WilsonW

    I say, hide Prozac’s meds and lock him in a room with them. Problem solved.

  20. Lylascandy14

    i say they should kick some polar bear butt!!!!! evil and lech can take one (hulk) keep prozac away from his meds and he can take one and then the rest can attack steven

  21. Fylisfe

    X3 I loved Prozac’s smile in panel 9 and Evil in panel 10 :3

    Gosh, its ridiculous how much i love this webcomic x3 i really really love it and you remind me why with every new upate allison! so thank you so much for sharing with us these awesome bears! I love ya!! :3

  22. Baughbe

    If they hit Nerd and destroy the wrong thing, something too close to his nerdy heart…
    Have you ever seen a nerd in cold-blooded rage? Where they have become so angry they loop totally around to ice? That’s when their full faculties come to bear, with NO restraints. And I do mean NO restraints. Seen it. NOT Pretty. But truly awesome.

  23. Kisara

    Lol @ panel 6. “I’m not comfortable with vicious shapes of any kind.”
    And panel 10, very very true. Always leave room for vengeance. :P Lol, and I love how Death was included in this panel. Does this mean he approves of Evil’s theory?? XD

    @ WilsonW – Lol, yup. That would definitely solve the problem. :D

  24. Ben

    Tanked in frame three, along with Gay’s semi-confused “there, there” reaction makes this strip. I laughed for a good thirty seconds after reading it. :)

  25. Jessica

    But Evil’s probably thinking of using the ice cream scoop again.

  26. Kip

    Evil, you can be predictable at times.
    How exactly you go about with your vengeful plans, well, that’s where the unpredictability comes in.

  27. pazuzu

    u people should watch caresbears and u would know what hammerspace is and what they can do with it love the comic but u do know what the zoo laws about bears right if not it say for every 4 male bears there has to be 1 female add by the look of it ur zoo is do 2 females or the bears habitat will be close by that law i hate when law is not on ur side

  28. Hoheh

    Why hasn’t Evil voodoo’d or skinned THEM yet?

  29. D.Durand

    Bad more, Prozac. Letting aggression unpunished always attract more more agression. Ask some History book from Nerd.

  30. Sedge

    OMG you do the BEST expressions… I LOL just looking at them. :-D Congrats on the FC thing, I will definitely pick one up when I’m there!

  31. BearNutsAddict

    Hahaha I love Gay’s hair in the 6th panel. :D I hope whatever dorky toy Nerd ordered will somehow help the bears kick the pbears’ asses! :OOOOWhoooo!

  32. meh

    Poor tanked T.T :( i dont blame him crying over beer although id cry over soda

  33. linkoflegend

    so would i meh so would i

  34. Sperkle

    Couldn’t Death do something about them? But I do feel sorry for Tanked

  35. Nicole

    @kitsunekage: You’re right about Death being able to stun one polar…but we’d have to get him hopped up on caffeine first. Do we really want to go there? ;)

  36. Kisara

    @ Nicole, yes. Yes we do. :D Death Bear pwns in caffiene mode. I would indeed feel kinda bad though, afterwards. Caffiene mode must put a lot of stress on him both physically and mentally.

  37. Hoheh

    And then things got worse.

  38. kitsunekage

    @ Kisara “Caffine mode”….. Lets see, Death+caffine=Caffine mode, Prozac+no meds=Prohulk mode, Nerd+anger+hate=Nerdrage Mode……. Notice a trend here?

  39. UltimaNamir

    @ kitsunekage I wonder what Evil’s mode would be :D I think it would be epic!

  40. Necrocidal Hippie

    @ UltimaNamir

    Evil’s mode is permanently activated. Its called evil. :P

  41. JS

    I think “No Room for Vengeance” would be a great name for a book. :D

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