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December 24th, 2010

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone applicable!

I know I started my xmas off with a bang!  Of crunching metal and car debris that is!  Anyone linked to the Bear Nuts Facebook page has already heard me complaining about the “woman” who zoomed through a red light and nearly broadsided us while Sambit was in the back and everything (this happened Wednesday morning).  She actually slammed into the rear of the driver’s side (me driving) at approx 80 kph (sorry US persons I can’t do the mile conversion in my befuddled head) as I was turning left.  This spun us 180 into the traffic on the other side where the driver’s side (again me! yay!) bumped into a third car.  My light was green as I started the turn and turned yellow half way through so her red was an OLD red.  She was in the left of a two lane road and there were cars stopped in the right side waiting so I don’t know how she missed all that and plowed right into us.  She came over to see if we were all right as other people were helping me out of the car and when she saw Jim holding a crying Sam she got really upset.  She admitted it was all her fault and that she was “looking down for something.”  The worst part is that I don’t remember a thing!  I’ve lost like 30 minutes even though I was apparently awake and walking under my own power the whole time, I was just completely unresponsive.

I remember driving down the road, barely a minute from my house, and then I was sitting in an ambulance with Sam crying and Jim holding my hand.  I asked him what happened and he explained and then I blinked and asked him what happened again.  Apparently it took 4 retellings to really sink in.  It’s very unnerving to just lose time like that.  I’d understand if I was knocked unconscious or something but that wasn’t the case.

Anyway, 6 hours in the hospital and everyone’s fine, just really stiff and sore and I’ve had a migraine all day.  The little guy had a tiny cut on his cheek and is completely back to himself.  We’d actually been a bit worried about constipation issues as he’d hardly pooed in the last two days but he did a diaper busting number two this morning and managed to get his hand in it before I could stop him so he’s apparently fine.  Did I mention the migraine??

Oh and my little blue Mazda 3 is corpsified :(  The side airbags all deployed, the frame is bent in, and the windows are gone but we’re all fine and I’m very thankful for my well built car and Sam’s car seat.  I’m going to get pictures when we go to rescue whatever’s still intact in the trunk as I never saw the damage (or I did but blocked it out apparently).  And good luck to us getting insurance claims all figured out over the xmas break!

Oh and I forgot to mention we were on our way to the airport to meet my baby bro’s plane coming in from a nearly 8 month tour in Afghanistan.  His plane was early and my parents were late and we ended up in the hospital so poor Fejj was left standing around while all the other guys hugged their families!  He ended up coming to see us in the ER instead :)

So hopefully you all have a better holiday than us!  I already got a concussion for Christmas, can’t wait to see what’s next…

Oh and Nerd… well it’s going to get ugly…

What mischief could Evil be up to I wonder?


  1. poco

    Ohh…. Sounds awful. I’m glad you all escaped without serious injury.

    Also, Poor Nerd! Please don’t beat up on my favorite bear too badly. =(

  2. Xaien

    Man, what a way to start the holidays. Glad to hear that all limbs are accounted for.

    Anyways, I was suprised to get a Bear Nuts Vol.1 and Vol.2 for christmas! But what suprised me more was how big the books actually were, and how scary Prozac’s face is on volume one. I may have nightmares for the next couple of nights!

  3. Adekii

    Holy carp! Well, it is good to know that you are both OK following that… reminds me of the time a lady slammed into the back of my truck (this was like 10 years ago) when I was stopped at a red light. She was appearantly looking for change for Tim Hortons when she slammed into the back of my vehicle… or at least, that’s what she told the RCMP officer. She’d actually blown past him on the causeway leading up to the lights I was stopped at, so he actually witnessed the accident. I still remember him asking her “Do you know how fast you were going?” “No, I don’t remember” “Well, you passed me.”

    Again, Good to hear you’re ok!

  4. Saiyza

    But….it’s the final item in his collection………….

  5. goofylady5692

    i’m super glad you and the fam are ok (probably for purely selfish reasons because i would be devastated if anything happened to my favorite webcomic)…but no, really. i’m glad you guys are ok and that you eventually got to have family together time, even if it was in the ER.
    now i’m all scared for poor nerd though.

  6. White Dragon

    I’m glad that you and your family are okay, and Happy Holidays.

  7. Anirandom

    well I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks, ended up spending the day puking my guts out at home instead of going to see family. but nothing got totaled

  8. itssnowing

    Awww, poor nerd :c

  9. Necrocidal Hippie

    Damn, that shit sucks. I hope you feel better, and that insurance covers the damages!

  10. Blacky Blackerson

    Lets see…two buff guys surrounds a helpless nerd with a action figure while the other tells him they can’t let him go yet.

    That usually equals rape but seeing its Alison Acton, I give her more creditability than that. Beside, some fan will most likely draw that on Rule 34 in the future anyhow.

  11. Hoheh

    Did nothing scream, “IT’S A TRAP!” in his head?

  12. Emily

    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling in a new year !

  13. Solario the Visored

    (@ Ms. Acton) My grandma had a similar incident on Thanksgiving this year: She hadn’t had anything to drink, but she fell down and had to be helped into her chair, worrying everybody. Then, later she reported that she couldn’t remember the incident at all, which was also very unsettling. It hasn’t happened since, but I can understand how that must have made the people close to you feel, especially after being in an accident! :(

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