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December 27th, 2010

Page 237

No vote incentive today due to the holidays and my slowly stiffening right side.  On a positive note I got a t-shirt design printed at ShirtWoot :)  The theme was mid century modern design which has some great influences and was really fun to research.  Oh and I got to draw humans again instead of demented bears.

It’s a 6 color design on navy available in men’s and women’s sizes.  Woot makes shirts available as long as they’re still selling and then they’re gone for good so it’s a limited design in that sense.  The shirts coming out lately aren’t lasting that long as I imagine the holidays put a dent in a lot of people’s cash flow but it’s still really cool to get a design up on the site.  I’ve had a couple requests for prints of this as not everyone wears t-shirts (or t-shirts with half nekkid space womens on them) so I’ll try and get that option available through our INPRNT store in the future.

Now Nerdly has gotten himself into a fairly large and hairy predicament… hopefully he comes out of it feeling better than I do :P

I’ll show you guys a picture of our car next update; I’m not sure how in the world I walked away from that crash.




  2. Heart of Blades

    Oh no, poor nerd. How will our four eyed friend get out of this one? Stay tuned and find out!

  3. Suffix


  4. DoggyGal

    @Suffix: LOL dude!:D

    And I love the designs!:D Aww,no vote. Oh well. But I am sad for Nerd! What will happens!?!?

    Okay,I just have to point this out: Why is it that the polar bears are so big and buff in upper regions,yet their legs are so small? Seriously…

  5. Chris

    Seems like Nerd is in his element. Hopefully his collectible won’t get broken.

  6. rtlstien

    Run Nerd Run!

  7. Xaien

    I was pretty sure they were going to just crush the box right in front of Nerd and breat his heart in to tiny pieces, but I guess they let him off easy. Wait…a “Job”? Scratch that, this could get very ugly.

  8. Xaien

    Ack! Spelling!*Break his heart

  9. Smurg

    Nerd is so adorable when he’s terrified.

    …what kind of person does that make me?

  10. Kobrag

    Does this job involve buying soap? O_o

  11. budle89

    I vote for the rape… :lol:

  12. cheezedog

    Wierd… like many other viewers… I thought for sure they would destroy Nerd’s Shiny new box of dork by now… This is far, far, worse then we thought it be. Poor Nerd is about to do his best pig squeeling impression from the looks of it.

    BTW… no vote this week? :-(

  13. Schrödingers Katze

    Oh my Gosh. Poor Nerd. That will leave a Scar for sure.
    By the way, im a bit affraid of how many People vote for that our poor lil Fella gets raped by this three big Guys. *Face twitches*

  14. Unknow

    UGH… I think they will tell to rape nerd….

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    Ok thats it! that was one pair of glasses too many. I need to know where the heck he keeps getting new glasses
    (also again, where does Tanked keep getting beer?)

  16. admin

    Uh… it’s a little disturbing how many people went right to “rape”… :P lol, you guys are creeeeepy.
    @Doggygal: I like that juxtaposition
    @cheezedog: love the “shiny new box of dork” ! and yes sorry I didn’t get a vote incentive ready (it’s in my blog!)
    @Bosn: the wonders of credit cards! And Tanked’s main supply source will be explained soonish.

  17. Lody

    that’s the end of the strip!?
    I was expecting a bit more, wonder what message those mean polar bears want nerd to deliver…

  18. Batjustice

    they probably want him to get them a case of coca-cola

  19. zombie matt

    nerd why

  20. Shada

    Nerd! Run! Run like the wind!

  21. AntiDeborah

    Poor Nerd! Those Polar Bears are nothing but bullies.

  22. Nicole

    No! Not the shiny new box of dork!!! (cheezedog is brilliant)

    Oh, poor Nerd! He should never have gone anywhere near that exhibit! :(

    Alison, your Shirtwoot is fab!! :)

  23. TheGuyToTheLeft

    Oh no!! Not Nerd!! D:

    Death! Come use your magic tingly fingers and save him!!

    (btw whats up with all the rape things? o.e I don’t think this comics gonna go all yiffy on us any time soon…)

  24. Blacky Blackerson

    Time to play multiple choice. What will happen in the next chapter?
    A. Nerd will be transformed into a absolute jerk
    B. Rape (pray to god no)
    C. Nerd origin arc (expecting a book of Tank but this would suffice well too)
    D. Violent Nerd Rage pt. 2
    E. All of the above
    F. None of the above
    My vote is on C due to the fact on how it has looks and we have yet to get an origin this year yet. Give your answer and reasoning (this could be interesting)

  25. Anthony

    @Blacky Blackerson: I don’t know y, but my other self choose “B” right from the get-go. So……. I guess I’ll go with “C”.

  26. Kavukamari

    -waits for rape fanart of this page- we all know it’s gunna happen :V

    anyway I guess we’ll just see how it goes, poor nerd…

  27. Anthony

    @TheGuyToTheLeft: I know, we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

  28. coyoteBR

    I think the polars will use Nerd as an internal agent… causing (more) chaos between the bears and telling Butch, Hulk and Steven about their plans, so they can perform their jerkiness.

  29. Nicole

    I’m with coyoteBR.

    I’m also with TheGuyToTheLeft…what’s with all this rape stuff? Jeez, that’s just wrong, people. Rape is never funny.

    I will wait hopefully for Violent Nerd Rage + Caffeinated Death + Off The Meds Prozac + Team Lecherous Evil, to take these polars down. Though I wouldn’t mind also seeing whatever ass whooping Gimp is capable of.

  30. Saiyza

    Ahh! The box should be handled with the utmost care…….I mean, Nerd; NO!

  31. Gg

    I can never resist posting this when someone says “rape is never funny”:

    Sorry. I’ll go back to lurking now.

  32. Kenichi340

    I’m getting the feeling the polar bears found out about Evil’s pranks and they’re going to use Nerd to get to him. Just a feeling.

  33. TheGuyToTheLeft


    1. Caffeinated Death would instantly destroy all the Polar bears at once!

    2. Was the “Rape is never funny” thing a quote from VG Cats?

    3. Violent Nerd Rage would be fun to relive.. Found a good scene of it to:

    4. Wouldn’t Prozac (off meds) be like, as big as the Polar Bears in the first place? xD


  34. Nicole

    @TheGuyToTheLeft: I have no idea. I just don’t find rape funny.

    And, after reviewing the caffienated Death episode, I agree. He could do a lot of polar damage. And right now, I’m all for that.

  35. Nicole

    Oh! And, yes, ProHulk would be big. But I’m not sure he would be quite as big as the polars.

  36. Blacky Blackerson

    You know, Nerd deals with BS from Lech and Evil and now he has [somewhat likable] jerk polar bears forcing him into doing something probably douchy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went mentally insane by the end of the series.
    Can’t wait for the females to come (and I do know who they both are). Hopefully by the end of the Book of [insert character name here]. Maybe Nerd will get a girlfriend since he’s the only stable (not perverted or gay) in the whole group.
    Oh, and how the hell is TwoKinds higher rated than this (or any comic on TWC for that matter). All it is is a anime clique with furry animals possing in sexual positio..I just answered my own question didn’t I?

  37. Shadyprincess55

    Wow I can’t believe how very little comments there are that are asking how you are >:(
    Thats kind of sad. I for one would like to know exactly what kind of injuries you received in your car crash, and i can’t wait to get a look at that car of yours. Its amazing what we can walk away from huh? Well im staying tuned for that update and for the next page of Bear Nuts!
    Your style and expressions are lovely BTW :D

  38. Hoheh

    Didn’t end well, but ended with far less brutalized Nerd than expected.

  39. kitsunekage

    It’s always the unassuming and meek ones that make the perfect mole…… Although, I seriously hope that the polars only want revenge on Evil.

    @Nicole PorHulk has one thing that makes him stronger than the polars, even if he is shorter in that state: Bezerker Rage. There was a reason Viking Bezerkers were rightly feared by the Romans…..
    I also disprove of rape, however, if used as a device to further the polt in a book/comic/movie/etc. and used in context with the genre, I don’t mind it all the much. (ex/ Disaprove if: real-life, “little-kiddie”, or used for the sake of being used. Don’t mind if: Horror, mystory noir, or used once a century.)

  40. kitsunekage

    @ Blacky Blackerson I don’t know, but El Goonish Shive still beats out BN, and only because EGS has been running for over five years now.

  41. Feryl

    Poor Nerd. I hope Evil (my secret hero) comes up with his vengeance soon!

    I hope despite the accident & issues afterward that you’ve managed to have a happy holiday.

  42. Dave

    I saw that at Woot and loved it right off the bat1 You designed that shirt? Yay! I love it!

  43. Blacky Blackerson

    I know it’s belated (and Shady has a point), but miracles do happen. As a Christian, I believe we all have a purpose on this earth and that you walking out of that crash was just a sign that it wasn’t you’re time yet (so good job on staying on God’s good side :D)
    Here’s another plausible theory; the 3 bears could use Nerds tech-sauvy skills to corrupt the system in order to make everyones life miserable. Either way it goes, Nerd will have a hard time and Vanity will experience his first true adventure in the Bear Nuts crew.
    BTW, when will Sloth make his fiendish reapearance. I think he should be the main antagonist along with the 3 douches.

  44. Nicole

    @Shady: please don’t jump to conclusions. Alison posted about her accident last week on the BN Facebook and on the previous comic. If you want to see the outpouring of concern you’re looking for, please take a look at the previous comic. We care a lot about Alison.

  45. poco

    Aww… poor Nerd. He looks so scared…

  46. lexigeek

    I had no idea you’d designed that shirt when I bought it! I *love* it, and can’t wait to get it!

  47. Ryan

    D: Poor nerd. damn you polar bears! Your lucky I am not in the comic! (Then this comic would be a lot more violent than it is. xD)

  48. blackbevil

    poor nerd. how could the thos assholes.

  49. Thwaitesy

    Well at least they didn’t open the Box. That would no doubt be absolute torture to Nerd.

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