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January 12th, 2015

Page 456

Pretty much since this comic started I’ve been meaning to get at least one themed arc up on time, i.e. a Christmas or Halloween themed story at the appropriate time of year.  Well best laid plans around here either don’t happen, or you’ll get a Christmas arc in July at this rate.  However, I’ve managed a somewhat seasonally on theme short winter arc, so that’s something.  Plus it’s fun drawing animals in toques :)

Seasonally themed vote incentive to boot!


  1. Shenny

    And the Snow Day arc is completed. Thank you Alison, it was wonderful. /nomoreneedstobesaidhere

  2. superchocoblue

    Lmao Vanity. I’m pretty sure we can guess who did that.

  3. rugibess

    That last panel was likely done by evil

  4. EatingFurniture

    Very simple page. Gimpy being cute, working peacefully outside with animals, then having his work destroyed. Plus Vanity being abused and Tanked with beer. Nothing special, but definitely adorable. A nice start to this arc.

  5. superchocoblue

    On another note, we don’t see enough of darling Gimp very often :D

  6. Nicole

    Boy, that second-to-last panel is Gimp as Grumpy Cat! Super cute comic, Alison! :)

  7. EatingFurniture

    @Rugibess; it could also be Lech and his rage or Gay and his hate for Vanity.

    Man, Gimpy is ADORABLE. He’s so happy :3 I just want to cuddle him.

  8. Pecan

    Wait, is Gimp’s mouth zipper open?
    Don’t see that often.

  9. Boris

    dat booty though

  10. gamehunter8

    @Boris : Dat ass !!!!!!!! c(-8;

  11. DozerTheDozerian

    Awww, such cuteness! It makes me melt! ^-^

  12. Lenc

    When you’re going out in the snow it’s always important to make sure you wear your scarf, gloves and assless speedo

  13. EatingFurniture

    @gamehunter8; even the squirrels are checkin’ it out!

    @DozerTheDozerian; Just like a snowman!

  14. Quant

    Mimimi ^^

  15. D.Durand

    Why being shocked by seeing Vanity like that ? I would have been the one who did it.

  16. NAZF

    Cute…until them last two panels… XD

    And, not to be redundant, but, yeah, this was most likely the handiwork of Evil or possibly Lech.

    …Not that I have a problem with in in the case of this particular panda… :P

    Also, the panel with the cardinals, extra cute! 。◕ω◕。

  17. James

    this arc is better than anything in the last two chapters

  18. Irma Vep

    I have always thought gimp was a darling and panel 8 confirms this whole heartedly.

  19. Rainey

    Yay Gimp! ^_^

  20. Alister

    Awww c’mon, that snowman didn’t deserve that!

  21. TaggertShare

    Wow! Gimp, the Birds, the Squirrels and some other Bear have a real talent in making Snow Bears! To paraphrase a song for Vanity: “You’re so Vain, you probably think this Arc is about you”.

  22. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    AWWWWWWWWW so cute Gimpy !!!!!!

  23. Glowworm

    We hardly get Gimp themed arcs. Besides Tanked and Evil, (of course) I like Gimp quite a bit due to his sweetness–the panel with him and the cardinals was adorable.

  24. Cam

    Yay! We haven’t seen much of Gimp lately.

  25. Faiz

    gosh, I like Gimpy’s scarf and hat for winter ^^

  26. EatingFurniture

    I just want to cuddle Gimp so much! I can’t wait to set him as my avatar (I set a new picture at the beginning of every arc but this one of Evil from the last panel is really good too).

  27. chase

    I just have to say that I always adore Gimpy’s pink eyes!

  28. superchocoblue

    @chase: I have to say Crack’s eyes are the most beautiful.

  29. EatingFurniture

    @superchocoblue; I really like how lively Death’s eyes are.

  30. superchocoblue

    @EatingFurniture: Yes! Even Evil has purdy ruby red eyes. Sara’s blue eye color is quite pretty too.

  31. rugibess

    @Superchocoblue The majority of the bears have blue eyes

  32. chase

    Yuhnnow what. They all actually have really pretty eyes.

  33. DJ2003

    Something about Gimp being adorable in the snow with the mask and shorts, it don’t fit right with me. Am I the only one that feels that way? Lol

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