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January 19th, 2015

Page 457

The twins started nursery school!  Only on Thursdays and only for two hours (by the time I get them dropped off, undressed, and into their indoor shoes I’ve already eaten up about 30 min of that precious time) and it’s going well so far.  I had duty day with them the first day so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I left them the second day… I barely got a good bye and had to chase them down for a hug.  I lost Evan to the lego table immediately, and Owen got mesmerized by the “cock” board.  I’m thinking next Sept’s first day of school should be a breeze then.

This week brings an odd confluence of Minion inspired designs available at the same time (and some Valentine’s inspired forbidden love :) )

‘Terminion’ up today only on RIPT apparel:

‘Forbidden Love’ is available this week from Shirt Woot’s True Love side sale:

And more Minion weirdness from Shirt Woot (Sam loves the shirt but has no idea of the reference of course… I’m really looking forward to eventually watching some classics with him: Indy, Star Wars, Labyrinth, the ONLY Ninja Turtles movies…)

Vote Incentive: alternate rough for the Predator Loves Alien shirt (running through a soft focus field of flowers of course)


  1. rugibess

    GIMP plus EVIL equals…….

  2. Boris

    number one vanity looks adorable in the second to the last panel and number two, I bet Gimp is probably gonna dunk Evil in the snowman they’re building

  3. EatingFurniture

    We know that for Evil to be so excited to build this, it’s not going to be a snowman…

    This is shaping up to be the cutest arc so far.

  4. Michael Sirius

    So we add that to the list of people who can get along with/tame Evil: Prozac (Pro-Hulk), Death (Death Touch), Lech (Lecherous Evil) Nerd (That one time after the two evils), and Gimp

  5. NAZF

    This just keeps getting more adorabke by the page. 。^ω^。
    Also, I agree with EatingFurniture; whatever they’re making, it gonna be something messed up.

  6. NAZF


    Whoops… >.>;

  7. Nicole

    Hm. I am intrigued.

  8. Shenny

    Instead of getting mad, Gimp takes what Evil wants (freedom to stretch his creativity) and gives him an outlet for it. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  9. EatingFurniture

    I wonder, did Nerd actually get the sex talk? (I know, a bit late to talk about this. That was the beginning of the last arc.) I don’t think there was enough time after Lech and the laptop. Who would/did do it and what they would do/did? Gimpy would probably show “techniques” he liked, Lech would simply pull up porn sites, and Gay could actually use Nerd’s ignorance to his advantage to come out to him.

  10. Someone

    I love how vanitys face is being pulled off in panel 5

  11. Vausch

    This is what I like about Gimp. If you mess with him, he’ll *eff* you up. But, he has a way of helping others whenever they seem to need it, even if it’s just an ear to listen to and help someone realise the conclusion on their own. Evil likes to be creative but uses improper outlets, so all he needs is a little encouragement in the right direction.

    I do love when a character can be rather complex without ever saying a single word.

  12. DozerTheDozerian

    I wonder what kind of snowman it’ll be… Snow devil? Or what? Who knows…

  13. Anon

    I wonder what the zoo visitors think about the gimp suited bear.

  14. Glowworm

    This is pretty darn adorable–Gimp is amazingly sweet.

  15. Erin

    Ok, I haven’t seen it yet, but when you say the only TMNT movies, you’re not counting the latest are you?

  16. Alister

    Not only is Gimp giving Evil some quality expression time, I can’t get over how cute Vanity looks in Gimp’s winter gear.

  17. TaggertShare

    Not only is Gimp a nice Bear, he also makes some good Hot Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, or whatever Vanity is holding. I can think of several things they could do with a Snowman, Snow Bear, whatever. Boy Bears will be Boy Bears!

  18. MustacheHam

    hmm…no I wonder what ‘creative thing’ these two fellas will come up with?

  19. superchocoblue

    Aw <3!!!!!!

  20. Rolo

    Aww, he gave Vanity his scarf and his cup of hot…stuff. Gimp is so sweet.

  21. Cam

    Aww little Vanity looks so cute being comforted after being traumatized and beaten. And though I enjoy Gimp and Evil getting along, I’m afraid of what is being created…

  22. LurksInCorners

    Evil and Gimp? Just with this one page I think I already ship it.

  23. Ben

    Frame 11 is priceless!

  24. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    aww so Kawaii Vanity and Evil!!!! <3

  25. Faiz

    ooh… what could happen next? I still remember about Evil messing with the Gimpy about this new page ^^

  26. madeofstardust

    superchocoblue here. testing new username and avatar

  27. rugibess

    madeofstardust be like ” This Isnt even my Final Form “

  28. madeofstardust

    @rugibess: Lol

  29. tyler

    awww vanity bear is so cute, I want to hug him

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