Page 458
January 26th, 2015

Page 458

A short but sweet (?) Gimp arc.  I had meant to carry the snow theme through into the next one and then I realized 6 pages in that I’d totally forgotten.  I wanted to draw bears in snow suits :(  Vote incentives then!  Vanity would probably look pretty cute in a one piece.

Shirt news:

‘First Day’ is available till the 27th from ShirtWoot.  Might be the mom in me but it really felt kind of maternal the way Rosetta dropped off the Philae lander (and it’s probably the irrational in me that chose to ascribe human emotions to space craft/robots/whatever the proper term is).

‘Smash Brawl’ is available Jan 27th from RIPT apparel, because I love cute and violence!

And Design By Humans is having a free shipping sale on now!  Use the coupon code DOOOMCAT01FSS0201, it’s good until Feb 1st.

Vote incentive: Dear, sweet Tanked… what a treasure.


  1. EatingFurniture

    Nerd definitely knows a well made model when he sees one. Good work, Evil and Gimpy!

  2. superchocoblue

    Aw come on Pro, smile! Btw, Evil looks super cute in panel one :3

  3. madeofstardust

    Dang it! Wrong username!

  4. rugibess

    loves Prozac expression….. Wonder what is going to happen in the next arc

  5. feartheswans

    YAY! Yay for the Abominal Snowzac!!!!!!!!

  6. EatingFurniture

    @superchocoblue & madeofstardust; Hey, look at that! You both have the same profile picture! :P

  7. Shenny

    inb4 all the readers flashback to Calvin and Hobbes.

  8. Boris

    REALLY FUNNY!!! XD and just have to say Vanity is the cutest thing in the world.
    P.S. Shenny your right Calvin and Hobbes all the way

  9. Quant

    WOW, so realistic!)

  10. Nikary

    Prozac’s not amuzed :D

  11. D.Durand

    Ah ah, Nerd cracked me up, here. It’s true he knows when a model is well done.

  12. DozerTheDozerian

    Ah, perfect! ^-^

  13. goopunk

    Someone’s been reading Calvinnand Hobbes ;)

  14. Glowworm

    I always wanted to make a Calvin and Hobbes-esque snowman.
    That was an adorable comic arc.

  15. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    AW Evil, Why are you so adorable :3?

  16. Chris

    Typical. Lose your temper a few times and you never live it down.

  17. Urago

    By the way, I wonder if Evil will play pranks on Cara and Sara, too? I mean, he’s evil, I don’t think he’s going to give them special treatment simply cause they’re female.

  18. Alister

    That’s some serious Calvin and Hobbes stuff right there!

    Also, Prozac’s angry eyebrow game is strong as hell.

  19. Cyzzle

    My first comment here :3
    Was that third panel intended to be a sneezing-panda-baby reference? I guess so. Too cute!
    I love this webcomic. It’s actually the first and (until now) only webcomic i was ever interested in. I found it roughly 4 month ago or so, and now i’m addicted.

  20. BrobyDDark

    Is it just me, or is Evil a bit less of a douche after his arc?

  21. Rainey

    Pffft; no respect for Prozac. XD

  22. Meh

    NEXT ARC! GIMP TAKES OFF HIS MASK! *Epic music in background*

  23. Trolldrool

    I love that Gimp is actually able to make Evil do something that doesn’t end up with someone getting hurt, and still be satisfied with the end result.

  24. NovaCWolf

    Very, very nicely done. Evil is everything amazing to me.

  25. madeofstardust

    @EatingFurniture: it’s me, I just used the wrong username lol
    @BrobyDDark: yeah, he’s smiling a lot more. Prozac is smiling less.

  26. EatingFurniture

    @madeofstardust; I saw your post a couple days ago, I was just joking :D

    @Meh; Does anyone put it on? ;)

  27. Cam

    Come on, Prozac, it’s good. And you can be crazy when you get big. He’s been a bit of a sourpuss lately, eh?

  28. Faiz

    Whoah! I didn’t see this one coming but expecting the unexpected is really worthwhile *chuckles*. And for Prozac, I think he’s going to kill not just Evil, but also Gimpy (good luck coming out alive).

  29. Michael Sirius

    @Faiz, not Gimpy. There’s an unspoken rule, never target Death or Gimpy. Something about never targeting your medic

  30. Stomme poes

    +1 for the Killer Monster Snow Goons

  31. TaggertShare

    Wow, a true work of Art by Evil and Gimp. For all his Faults Evil does have a Creative Side. I guess they need to make a big Snow Pill for their Prozac Snow Bear.

  32. EatingFurniture

    You can still make bears in snowsuits even if they won’t be in the next arc. Which, by the way, is apparently a Sara arc, for anyone who doesn’t check out the Facebook page (like myself, I don’t know why I checked it this time.)

  33. irispassion

    Humm, I see a lot of frowned face on Prozac lately. This can’t end well.

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