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February 2nd, 2015

Page 459

Otherwise known as the ‘Sara gets in over her head’ arc (rather literally, more than once).  There will be smugness on the horizon, and probably a bloody nose or two, and adorable triplets mercilessly ripped apart!  There was a mom in the high risk pregnancy ward having triplets around the same time I was having the twins.  Her’s were also totally natural (and she already had a 20 month old like I did).  And I thought my finding out I was having 2 ultrasound appt was bad enough…

And now for more childhood vomit stories because that’s how all my fun stories start now!  We’ve actually been rather lucky so far this winter to not have any major illnesses run rampant through the house.  Owen ruined that for us last week with a day of sneezing, runny nose issues, and a 3 am vomit all over himself and the bed (that they share, double mattress on the floor so I don’t have to worry about anyone rolling off the bed, or buy two toddler beds and then have to buy two more regular beds in a few years).  Generally the sharing the bed thing works just fine, until Owen throws up and Evan rolls in it.  Sooo, yeah.  I LOVE doing laundry at 3:30 in the morning.

So Woot ran a derby with the theme “Weird”… and this came out.  This was described by one of the other artists as Unstealthy taking some mushrooms and probably passed out while the competent ninjas did their thing.  I think that’s rather an insightful comment :)

Vote incentive: a (completely vomit free) depiction of breakfast love.


  1. Shenny

    An origin story. So Sara has separation anxiety?

  2. rugibess

    Third sibling?

  3. Shenny

    @rugibees A brother, judging by the lack of eyelashes. I’m interested to see where this goes.

  4. Boris

    Yeah, I guess you don’t really ever see where the brother goes since he wouldn’t be in their breeding program…

  5. EatingFurniture

    Damn… now I feel really bad for Sara. I can be paranoid in the same way a lot. Also, what was Evil planning?

    Also, new avatar for me again, I change it at the beginning of every arc. I really liked the last one I had, but I might use it again sometime.

  6. rugibess

    @EatingFurniture Yeah I doubt any of these bears had a “nice” Cubhood

  7. T-Shaw

    Wow. First time i’ve seen Sara’s story.

  8. Someone

    Dead fish!
    Wonderful touch!

  9. kate

    is it me or does the rest of Sara’s family look like Nerd and his mom?….

  10. GodoBola

    These nightmares, just like in my childhood with my uncle teasing me with horror stories just so he could wake me up by pulling me by both legs just to freak me out. “Beware of the hand monster!” Urgh!

  11. Mr.Nobody

    Oh wow!!! Nerd gots a family :D!!! Will he be the over protective brother? Or the the runt of the litter Baby brother? >:D

  12. Kath McGill

    Get a couple of pool noodles and put them under the sheets on ether side of the bed, the kids won’t roll out then. or do as I did, tell them the story of the monster under the bed, and they will stay in the center of the bed and not roll out.



  13. fluffnpuff a back story on the sisters and apparently a brother. Someone has issues too..

  14. chase

    @kate I was thinking the same thing! But I think Nerd’s fur color is a bit darker than that brother bear’s.

    Also, why is it both Nerd’s mother in his flashback and now Sara’s in her flashback, appear to be loads bigger than the other bears? I mean, is it just an illusion because they’re babies right now so of course she looks big? And that’s what all the bears look like right NOW since they’re all adults by this point, too? Guess I answered my own question. ._.

  15. rugibess

    @kate I also was thinking that but the Mothers have different colored eyes.

  16. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    @rugibess I think that the father would have an influence on the eye color as well. So, what about the father? Also nice twist to the arc, love it, as per usual.

  17. EatingFurniture

    @Chase; Maybe it’s a perspective thing, and the bears remember their parents as huge beasts since they were so small, but in reality their parents were only just as big as the Discount Zoo’s bears. Or maybe our beloved fuzzballs aren’t full grown.

  18. Urago

    D’awwww, Cara and Sara are so cute as cubs.

  19. madeofstardust

    What could dear Evil possibly want with Sara? The title is giving me a few ideas…

  20. MustacheHam

    hmm…that light purple cub & mum looks awfully familiar.

    BTW good idea with the bed, it’s half the work with cleaning/maintenance. Plus it does seem help when it comes to story time. ;)

  21. Urago

    And Sara is not wearing her skirt. O_O

  22. EatingFurniture

    I compared the colors. Sara’s mother’s fur is way brighter than Nerd’s mother, and Nerd’s fur is much more gray that Sara’s brother. Sara’s brother and Nerd’s mother have very similar fur colors, but brother bear’s is darker.

  23. Shenny

    Nerd’s ears are on the sides of his head instead of the top, and they’re perfect circles instead of ovals. Not the same bear.

  24. NovaCWolf

    Oh motherhood. My mom could probably tell some horror stories as well when I was young and sick. Just got to keep doing the best you can do. Great mothers are a honor in itself but it takes a lot. Another great page, no matter what evil does I can’t stop loving him.

  25. Frostedbutts

    I like how evil is wearing a protective mask to protect against the pheromones

  26. MagnuM

    Yes puke stories!
    When i was 10, me and my lil bro, then 7, slept in a double decker bed, i was on the top floor and he was the bottom floor.
    One night i felt sick and had to puke real quick, no time to climb down the bed, i lifted myself to the high edge of the bed and puked away, unfortunately for my lil bro, that night he was sleeping with his arm stretched out directly in my puke stream, and it recieved a direct hit, he then proceeded to wipe the puke that hit his hand on his face for god knows what reason, probably half asleep thinking it was water.
    We dont speak of it.

  27. Faiz

    No way! There’s 3 of those new ones? And I see, Evil’s taking any precautions necessary in here since Slutty’s a pheromone bomb!

  28. EatingFurniture

    Hey, might we get the Origin or Sara? Have we ever had a flashback that didn’t involve an origin story?

  29. corvuscorone68

    so um is Evil doing his interpretation of the ice bucket challenge?

  30. madeofstardust

    @corvus: lol

  31. Boris

    Guys, i don’t think that’s nerd in the flashback, he had a a gap in his teeth remember? Also the mom was a brighter purple and the color of his own fur is tad bit grayer then the brother in this comic.

  32. EatingFurniture

    Also, I don’t know if it’s been stated, but Sara’s sister in the flashback has the same fur color and head tuft as Cara, so it’s pretty much confirmed.

  33. TaggertShare

    Sara is actually kind of cute in that last Panel. I once had a horrible Nightmarish Episode while under Anesthesia. I hope he used Chloroform instead of Ether!

  34. Sarita

    Lech and Sara are siblings?!

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