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February 9th, 2015

Page 460

At least Evil is unfailingly honest… most of the time.

And just to end any speculation, that is definitely not baby Nerd and his mom on the previous page.  You may now speculate on who it actually is of course :)

Soooo tired of winter.  We got more snow most of the weekend.  I alternated scowling at my Facebook friend’s constantly updating family pics in Punta Cana, and shovelling.  My brother also noticed the fort we built for the boys made of big blocks of snow formed with the recycling bin, so he preceded to build a wall halfway across my driveway while I was at work, efficiently blocking garage access.  He said he’d come clear it away the next day, and didn’t.  Then they froze to the ground and got hard after the temperature dropped again.  Fun.

At least the Punta Cana crew will have a lovely arrival back in Canada!  I wonder if any of their neighbours plowed their drive way for them??

It’s new shirt sale Monday again :)  ‘Jurassic Parked’ and ‘Night Flight’ are available for one week in Shirt Woot’s ‘Cute Pop Cult’ side sale.  That’s a lot of blue…

Vote incentive: Feeling a little nostalgic about the ‘Harry Potter’ novels (they’re really old now!  But so am I!!)


  1. madeofstardust

    Oh shit. Things just got real.

  2. Boris

    Haaaaaaaah……she totally deserves it

  3. EatingFurniture

    I NEVER REALIZED. How will the girls deal with the Polars?

    Also, Evil is cute in panel 3.

  4. madeofstardust

    @eating: Evil is always cute :3

  5. rugibess

    Love where this is going

  6. NAZF

    …Yes, Evil is always cute; no exceptions.

    Also, the events in this arc is either going to be really good or really bad… maybe both. :)

    P.S., how could anyone mistake the bears on the last page as Nerd and his mom? The shades of purple are all different: (Link to page with Nerd and his mom; I should hope I don’t have to link back to the previous page… >.>)

  7. NAZF

    Oh, and also they have a different head an ear shape. :)

    …Is it bad that I notice all these little minor differences in character design? ^_^;

  8. Cam

    I’m very interested into how this will play out. And take it to her Evil! Muahahahah!

  9. E. Murphy

    Did Evil’s horns disappear in the last pane?

  10. Tomsuke

    That’s not Evil, that’s one of the polar bear’s ears.

  11. rugibess

    @E.Murphy no that is one of the polars

  12. EatingFurniture

    @NAZF; I’d say that’s actually pretty good.

  13. EatingFurniture

    Michael Sirius, we need a theory on who the girls’ brother is!

  14. zankou

    the girls brother looks like lech the most, either that or a random/new bear later
    i wanna say lech since the three of them have promiscuous themed personalitys..sorta

  15. Shenny

    What are the chances that the polars will surprise us by being completely cordial and polite to a female? *worries*

  16. Alister

    I love how blunt Evil is ooooh man.

  17. fluffnpuff

    The polar bears again…I wonder how they’re doing from the last encounter and will someone lose a limb again

  18. chase

    Shenny… I was just about to say the same thing! Maybe her little mind tricks can still work on the polars, OR it might turn out the polars are suckers for ladies anyway and she won’t need to.

    But I worry about why Evil needs a distraction; what’s he planning to do the polars that he needs to distract them?

  19. Michael Sirius

    If the girls brother was Lech then that would take us to something different entirely. Seeing as how Sara and Lech tried to have sex as soon as they got to the zoo. Plus brother bear’s eyes are too dark.
    Besides I’m hoping that Gay and Lech have a joint history, not as brothers but that they met even before they came to the zoo.
    As for who brother bear is, logic dictates that either one of the characters had a different fur color in their past, or — the more likely solution– brother bear isn’t one of the characters.
    Then again Alison did say to speculate. Maybe…

  20. Zermel

    He must know he’s doing more than enough to be on the receiving end on a lot more than just a cut throught approach. I am eager to see where this one is going. The last two panels don’t leave any appropriate thoughts of what might happen. :)

  21. Therew

    Get those two away from each other before they breed.

  22. Sterling Rodd

    Ahhh, I just got it before I came to the comments. She’s been dumped into the polar bear exhibit. At first I thought the white ear meant someone was transforming as a result of what Evil did. Then I guessed it. Soooo clever. :D

  23. EatingFurniture

    I’m thinking that Brother Bear was probably separated from his siblings for the breeding program, and will not be introduced.

  24. Godobola

    Oh man, is this really the story i’ve been waiting for? If so, I think I know what’s going to happen and it won’t be good.

  25. Bry

    oh boy…Evil what r planning now?

  26. Kiwi

    We all know where this is going. I personally believe Sara has a big advantage plus she is super manipulative

  27. Michael Sirius

    I’m thinking that to EatingFurniture

  28. TaggertShare

    Payback is a Bitch and an Evil Bear. I am starting to feel a bit sorry for Sara, perhaps because I used to Date some Rough and Tumble Girls. I’m not sure if that is a Polar’s ears, but this is getting interesting.

  29. The Flaming Git

    Ah ha..haha..ahahahahhh ahahAHAHAHAhahahaha

    Those poor polar bears.

  30. Chuck

    It actually takes about five minuets of inhaling for chloroform to knock someone out and they have to keep breathing it to remain unconscious. (TIL on reddit, not my personal experience)

  31. Tomsuke

    Why did he pour fish water on her like to mask her scent/ruin her pheromones? But then she fell in regular water.

  32. Donatsuu

    I rekon the brother could be Death pre-what ever the heck happened to him.

  33. Runswithlol

    I know I’m probably wrong, but for some reason I think that EVIL might be the brother. His appearance right after such a vivid dream sequence of abandonment/separation/fear was like, “whoooa, hidden text device???” and I can’t help but remember that he was taken away to the circus as a cub and that his fur was bleached, not naturally white.
    I’m probably WILDLY wrong, especially since his cheek fur and hair are shaped differently, but if Gay can style his hair, I’m pretty sure Evil can for shits and giggles too.

  34. Ulytie

    I think that the blueish bear on the last page is Letch as a kid

  35. Monet Norion

    Evil, most certainly, is the best character because of how he treats her, as I am not a fan of her.

  36. chase

    @Tomsuke: I think it was to make her smell like fish to attract something, probably the polars. Or maybe Evil just likes being a jerk.

  37. Faiz

    that twitching, I think I know where’s this going!

  38. abowden

    Those poor, poor polar bears.

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