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February 16th, 2015

Page 461

So freaking cold this weekend!  Today is a holiday and the kids and us have been stuck inside for three days… which means I keep baking (something to do with the kids and a warm oven).  Hopefully this cold snap ends quickly before I gain 5 pounds :(

Or go crazy: the boys are constantly squabbling and the dry air in here means half the time the twins hit each other, their nose starts bleeding.  And every sneeze is a kleenix emergency… so done with winter!

Poster prints available now from INPRNT:  there’s the Bear Nuts Fine Art series (which I hope to finish some day) and some of my favourite tee designs as well.

And… a ‘Supernatural’ themed apron design on Woot… because PIE!

Vote Incentive: younger version of last week’s Harry Potter gang (also available as a shirt from Neato).


  1. EatingFurniture

    The Polars! What were their names… Hank, Bitch, and Stephan?

  2. madeofstardust

    Yeah, Evil is a dick. That’s part of his charm :)

  3. T-Shaw

    She’s not afraid of the other ears. But she’s afraid of polars?

  4. NAZF

    @madeofstardust: lol XD

    By the way, are there any non-polars in this comic that don’t have a problem with ’em? I ask this in all seriousness. :/

  5. NAZF

    Also, @EatingFurniture: They do have names (I know the one with the sock-arm is named Steven, so you were close on one of them), but I’m too lazy to look it up now… :/

  6. EatingFurniture


  7. EatingFurniture

    Also, that arc had probably my favorite BN line, the one Prozac said about vicious shapes. That and the “Is that bear drunk? But he walks like Daddy…” ones. Sometimes I miss unusually cheerful Prozac, but it also catches my curiosity about his issue with the girls… Secrets might be a-comin’!

  8. Cam

    Not good with polars? I’m really curious about why she’s not good with them. Also curious how the polars will act towards a female bear.

  9. NAZF

    @EatingFurniture: Yeah, just found it (even though I said I was to lazy to look it up…go figure XD).

  10. Shenny

    In reality her pheromones wouldn’t work on a different species, and we’re assuming the polar bears in the comic are not ursus moronis. I figured Alison would’ve taken the liberty to make them work, but considering Sara’s anxiousness maybe they won’t. Can’t wait for next week’s!

  11. abowden

    I wonder how well she’ll do? if the pheromones work (they may not) she should be fine, but otherwise she may be in trouble.

  12. Nikary

    They’re getting along :D

  13. rugibess

    @Shenny what about vanity the panda

  14. chase

    I kinda think none of them are okay with polars? So I’m wondering why this seems odd for her to say?

  15. Jon B

    I like where this story’s going :)

    I feel your pain about bloody noses. I need to squirt saline up my nose every night or I have a Kleenex emergency (er, well, toilet paper emergency, but same drift :( ).

  16. Alister

    It’s alright girl, no one is really okay with polars.

  17. Galatea

    So, winter parent hack for you since I know with twins you have a lot. Hang up your wet laundry around the house to dry. It will help with the air quality.

  18. madeofstardust

    Am I the only one that wanted a Valentines Day incentive featuring Team Leacherous Evil ;)

  19. Michael Sirius

    I myself would have preferred Glechh

  20. tannim

    Containers of water next to the vents can help with the bloody noses. As somebody else posted before this, hanging wet towels over the vents will do the same thing. You’ll need to keep moistening them, though, as they dry out and washing them every couple of days or so.

  21. TaggertShare

    With this ARC may I say with Tongue in Cheek: Who knows, Sara. Once you try Polar you may never go back.

  22. Faiz

    Then use whatever you’re good at! You wanton pink harlot!

  23. SomeName

    There’s a very unpleasant rapey vibe happening here

  24. SilverMidnight

    Interested to see if the pheromones work. In real life we get this…

  25. Boris

    maybe her pheromones won’t work because she’s covered in fish._.

  26. EatingFurniture


  27. madeofstardust


  28. EatingFurniture

    @madeofstardust: So I see you’re waiting for the new page, too.

  29. Boris

    @eating furniture: wow so it’s the three of us waiting huh?

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