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February 23rd, 2015

Page 462

Someone wondered last page about why Sara doesn’t like polar bears (I do read all the comments even if I usually forget/don’t have time/on occasion am waaay too lazy to respond so just know they are very much still appreciated!) and I have a few theories but feel free to come up with your own :)  Perhaps polar bears are just universally dicks and as Sara’s been to a few zoos, she’s likely been exposed to a few.  Perhaps more likely, her own acerbic personality always finds the worst in everyone and drives people away.  If everyone’s a jerk… perhaps the issue is you :)  I know a few people like that.

Still horribly cold here, probably made worse by the fact that the radio people keep moaning how normal highs for this time of year should be in the minus 3-5 degrees range.  Oh well, I make myself feel better by watching videos of people snowed in their houses.  Someday I want to visit the east coast of Canada, if they can find it in the giant snow bank just off Quebec.

Must ignore the smug BC people boasting their plus 10 degrees and going swimming :P

VOTE incentive: a silly idea and some experimentation in a different style…

New shirt Monday on Woot again: First off, a fun mini-series of DC vs Marvel kid’s clubhouses.  The DC shirt was winning through the morning of the debut day last week, but the Marvel version ended up in the lead (not surprised).  You can find the Marvel version HERE on the top twenty chart, and the DC version HERE in the Dooomcat back catalogue.

Plus Woot ran a tuxedo shirt derby and this came out: (available for one week in the side sale) Pika tux is HERE and the penguin tux is HERE.


  1. Boris


  2. madeofstardust

    Seems fair that the pheromones don’t work unless she’s in heat. It would be an unfair advantage over the guys if she could use them at will.

    …She could tap dance. That’s all I got. :)

  3. rugibess

    I wonder how often she goes into heat

  4. EatingFurniture

    This will be nice information for the bears. She’s like Prozac that way, I guess. They both have immense and unmatched power that can only be unlocked through rage. Although Prozac is definitely a lot angrier. The girls must be getting on his nerves. Maybe he needs a new shipment of mood enhancement?

  5. Alister

    Talk about the ultimate improv test!

  6. Vausch

    Am I a bad person for wanting Evil to suffer? I know his schtick is being a karma Houdini, but I think he gets away with too much.

    And as for Sara: I don’t think she’s done enough to justify being thrown to the polar bears. Seriously, post pheromone bomb she hasn’t done anything bad and even started getting along with Gay (at least through the nail polish). Evil has had 1 redemption for something he caused, and I don’t think it was enough. He’s still done far more to the others than he’s had happen to him.

  7. corvuscorone68

    aw cmon ppl this isn’t Evil punishing Sara, this is Evil going too far trying to get back at her or something, you may recall this is the guy who wanted to use ice cream scoops, or maybe they were melon scoops, on Vanity’s eyes

  8. chase

    Actually, guys, I don’t think Evil’s original plan was to get Sara in trouble here; I think he actually wanted to do something to the Polars by using Sara, but now it’s backfiring because he didn’t realize Sara can’t do the mind control thing at will.

  9. Kiwi

    Im pretty sure this can only go down two ways. Either Sara manages to swoon the Polar bears because she is a girl or two she is going to need to have lots of bandages.

  10. chase

    I hope it turns out she can sway the Polars into not hurting her; usually the bears get what they deserve pretty quickly after doing something mean, but Sara hasn’t done anything to deserve bad things right at this point in time. (I feel she already paid for her mind control thing) So I hope it somehow comes back around to bite Evil in the butt for trying to mess with the polars and using Sara to achieve his dastardly ends.

  11. GodoBola

    Well… The distraction seems to be working, but I didn’t think Evil would put Sara in so much trouble.

    @Vausch: If my theory is right, you’ll want evil to suffer twice as much.

  12. EatingFurniture

    Here come Butch and Hulk… If they treat females the same way Lech would, Sara may never be the same.

  13. Boris

    @eatingfurniture: I think that the polars are just gonna not care if she’s a girl and still try to beat her up like the rest of the bears.

  14. Urago

    So, I wonder who’s gonna save Sara if she actually gets attacked… I hope it’s Cara, somehow.

  15. Bry

    @ Vausch I don’t think Evil is trying to get back at Sara, I think this is more along the lines of screwing with the polars…and maybe doing a little experiment as well to see what Sara can do. I have no doubt Evil hopes Sara gets roughed up or something…but I still don’t think that’s the main part of his plan. Also, I understand where you’re coming from, Evil DOES get away with a lot of things, but you also have to keep in mind what he went through and what he grew up to be. it’s so bred into his nature, he doesn’t know anything else BUT being a jerk and pulling pranks. In a way, his fellow bears just gave up and just let him be bec he isn’t likely going to make a drastic change. The fact he admitted the bears were his family in the final arc with his eviler double, and he currently hasn’t caused as much trouble as he usually does shows he isn’t as bad as you make him out to be

  16. Ansil

    I’m sorry about your weather. I’m waiting for everything to go wacko. We’re having Spring in WA…4 months too early. I don’t know WHAT’S going to happen, now. Freeze killing all the plants? Heat wave, frying everything? An actual drought? They’ve said we’ve had one, but I’m from Nevada, and they don’t even KNOW what a drought is.

  17. EatingFurniture

    The weather hasn’t been bad, but maybe it’s worse than I thought. School has been out for 7 days in a row plus 2 weekends, and the snow only got up to about an inch, if that. Everything was frozen solid, though, and I’ve heard about potholes on a lot of major roads. Fortunately, they’re none of the roads I take.

  18. Vausch

    @Bry: I do admit he has gotten better since then and it does show character growth, which I like.

    But then he goes and straight up tells Sara that he drugged her and probably will do it again, goes to mess with the Polars, and given now he has Sara involved in it pretty much points it all back to him and the other bears, thus setting them up as targets for the Polars wrath.

    I don’t buy the bad childhood reasoning. I never have. It’s an excuse at best in this case since the others have also had traumatic childhoods and learned to work with it. Hell, Nerd lost his mum and feels like it’s his fault (Peter Parker as a bear, huh), Prozac was drugged since he was still breastfed, who knows what happened to Crack, Tanked is messed up on a cellular level due to some asshole monkeys.


    Twice as much? No. Proportionately? Yes. I’m talking like, if he gets back and Sara’s not there with him, bring down the wrath of Cara’s bipolar rage. We know it’s there.

  19. TaggertShare

    Of the Polars Steve has the most reason to hate Evil and the other Bears. Sara was not part of that. She just may have a another Weapon other than being in Heat. She needs to pour on a little Female Charm. A little Female
    Sweet Talk can affect Males. Maybe Hulk and Butch will beat each other up over her.

  20. Bry

    @Vausch To be fair, he wasn’t aware Sara could only use her, ahem, “ability” when she’s in heat. He only drugged her bec he was trying to avoid falling under her feminine spell again. I’m sure if he knew beforehand she couldn’t control it at will, he’d likely not have drugged her…either sneak up and tie her up, or trick her into following him to the polars. Evil may be an ass, but I can’t see him laying a hand, er, PAW on a female. By no means am I saying he’s a gentleman, dammit, I mean gentlebear…but he has standards. We saw in the evil double arc, he refuses to kill others let alone his “family”… so I’d like to think he’d never hurt a girl.

    As for the polars…well that speaks for itself. There has always been a rivalry between Evil and the polars, and, again, this is likely just an experiment to test Sara’s limits. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  21. EatingFurniture

    @TaggertShare; It’s Steven not Steve!

  22. EatingFurniture

    So who else is staying and waiting to be the first to see the new page?

  23. Treehugger

    Damn, evil really IS evil. XD

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