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March 2nd, 2015

Page 463

Getting cozy on the couch!  Sort of :)  And today is supposed to get up to minus 3 degrees!  It’s finally warming up!  No take backs nature!!

Vote Incentive: crow sketches for a recent commission; I love drawing birds.  The mechanics of wings are fascinating (plus videos of crows using tools and mimicking humans are hilarious).

Neatoshop is having a March Madness sale: 20% off all tees from now until March 8th.  Everything in the Dooomcat shop is on sale!  Including ‘Smash Victor’ (I’d always bet on the one that can electrocute everyone else…)


  1. T-Shaw

    Ok. She’s a little worried.

  2. rugibess

    He does now

  3. rugibess

    lol tanked in the last panel

  4. abowden

    Yeah if evil had known, he probably wouldn’t have dumped her in there with fish on her. probably.

  5. Shenny

    Lech is still really bitter towards the girls, outright lying to Cara like that. And it looks like Gay is also in on Evil’s ploy, seeing how Lech turns to him in the last panel.

  6. Injy.

    Oh my god.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought Gay was resting his head on Lech’s lap? xD Sleep deprivation can be amazing sometimes. :P

  7. madeofstardust

    Aw man! Now to wait until next week!

  8. DozerTheDozerian

    You’re doing it right, Tanked, that masky-stuff is really yummy! :)

  9. EatingFurniture

    I guess Evil must have shared his plan with the others. I wonder if he told Prozac… Prozac seen to dislike the girls quite a bit, but I don’t know if the other bears are catching on.

    Also, Michael Sirius is going to LOVE this page.

  10. chase

    @shenny: That’s a good theory, but so far we’ve seen Gay likes the girls. I think both Lech and Gay seem very concerned, because if Evil decided to something mean to/with Cara, he wouldn’t know that until told. And it doesn’t seem too farfetched that everyone instantly worries about Evil if someone’s missing because he definitely has a history…

  11. Gabrielle

    Huh…Gay and Lech sure look comfy together,maybe few more inches to the left and is Gay involved with Evil somehow? I thought he figured out a way to get along with them with those mani-pedis from last time.

  12. TailaBlu

    I’m just itching for the moment Tara snaps and gives them all a piece of her mind if they actually did this to Sara. Sure, what she did was uncalled for, but not only did Tara help undo it, but she also is pretty nice to them all despite all their grudging..

  13. Alister

    Sounds like at least Lech and Gay knew what’s going on to some degree.

  14. Daka

    Am I the only one squeeing over how snuggly Lech and Gay look on the couch?

  15. Calmerheart

    I’m pretty sure everyone is “squeeing over how snuggly Lech and Gay look on the couch”.

  16. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture You’re absolutely right, I do love this page. I mean look at it. They’re just right there and the only thing separating Gay’s head from Lech’s lap is but a pillow. Then there’s the small fact that they’ve come so far that they aren’t antagonizing each other or anything like that, but are just calmly relaxed in each other’s presence. It’s beautiful

  17. Michael Sirius

    Thank you Alison

  18. Gallows

    I don’r think Lech and Gay knew. It’s an educated guess. Evil is missing, but that’s ok because he’s rough trade anyway. But then Sara turns up missing and Evil is the type to take care of his grudges personally and violently.

    Not that much of a stretch.

  19. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    The way she grabs her face, is now my life. * grabs face in one hand, smiles beneath * Oh and by the way, I also agree on the Gay laying his head in Lech’s lap, because it is so CUTE!

  20. Mazz

    You have the wrong image up for your vote incentive. D: I was hoping for birbs

  21. EatingFurniture

    @Michael Sirius; I’m sure she made this page just for you.

  22. Cam

    Seems Lech and Gay knew about Evil’s plans but cause of what Cara was like, were like, “Meh, good on her.” XD Seem a little concerned knowing she can’t always do it though, that’s sweet. Also adorable how Gay is practically laying on Lech’s lap. Kyaa~ And lol Tank and Vanity. ^^

  23. corvuscorone68

    i hope you learned a lesson here Vanity, wearing food on your face around Tanked is a bad idea if you want the food to stay there

  24. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture and I thank her for that

  25. Sterling Rodd

    Gay and Lech seem rather cozy. Muffins, anyone?

  26. admin

    @Michael Sirius: you’re welcome :D
    @Mazz: thanks for the catch! Fixed!
    @Sterling: yuuuum, I could go for some muffins!

  27. TaggertShare

    Geez Tanked, I can think of a lot of better ways to get your Veggies!

  28. EatingFurniture

    @TaggertShare; At least he’s eating healthier.

  29. Michael Sirius

    I’ve reread this page again and again because I just can’t get over the fact that they’re together.
    Also they look really good together, like their colors compliment each other and … I just can’t explain it but they look good together

  30. Faiz

    oh dear lord, am I seeing Lech n’ Gay being comfy to each other!? don’t tell me Lech REALLY likes Gay. also, he’s a metrosexual!

  31. Sterling Rodd

    @admin I think a lot of the fans could go for some muffins. :D

  32. Michael Sirius

    @Faiz Of course Lech likes Gay, haven’t you heard of that thing where if a boy likes someone, they’ll tease them? Of course they like each other, the tension is palpable

  33. Rychopath

    the shipping is REAL AS FUQ in these comments

    I mean… id love to entertain the idea that a bear other than gay is… yknow, not straight, because it would make my day but GOD DAMN you folks are thirsty :9 they just look bored here, like… theyre too bored/lazy to bicker like normal

    could be wrong but I’ll believe GECH when I see it (also dont ya think this aint the kinda comic that would have pairings or love interests in it? :B)

  34. Daka

    I mean sure it might not happen but Lech could totally be bisexual. On Gay’s end I’m pretty sure no gay guy would put his face inches from another guy’s crotch unless he was into him, pillow or not.

  35. Michael Sirius

    @Rychopath @Daka It’s not a question of whether or not Lech is bisexual, he did the monkey, Steve i think, and he was a guy so that’s not the question. Also the Glech pairing isn’t your traditional orthodox pairing, it’s subtle moments like this one that make up the pairing. You just gotta look. Besides, Gay and Lech are never too tired to fight each other (extreme circumstances non-withholding)

  36. EatingFurniture

    @Rychopath; I don’t really think anything will happen between them, and I don’t really think any pairs will become canon. It does seem that Alison likes dropping hints though, just for fun.

    @Daka; you seem to think that gay males are sex machines :P

  37. Daka

    I’m speaking purely from personal experience.

  38. EatingFurniture

    @Daka; What kind of personal experience, personal experience meeting gay people or personal experience being gay?

  39. YourWorstNightmare

    lol can’t get over the Glech hints in this panel XD I feel kinda bad but I have been shipping it since forever…

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