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March 9th, 2015

Page 464

Sara needs a new schtick and fast; the polars seem to be immune to her “charms”.  Hopefully this doesn’t need to be said but I’ll do it anyway: no, I’m not condoning/promoting/inciting violence against woman (she’s not a woman for one), and Sara’s a jerk and totally had this coming.

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  1. Shenny

    Steven seems unfazed about eating fishbones.

  2. Delakando

    Such an interesting scene. To think that they would even allow her to talk first before they eventually kill her.

  3. abowden

    I wonder if they will believe her? maybe if she mentions she was supposed to be a distraction?

  4. rugibess

    The polars do not like the other bears….. to an extreme

  5. Cam

    I’m not all that fond of Sara, but I hope they believe her. I mean, it’s Evil, it’s hard to think they wouldn’t believe her. Unless they do and she forms a plan to get back at him together….I can see that happening. XD

  6. chase

    If the next thing out of her mouth isn’t something like “I woke up here covered in fish and Evil said he drugged me and I don’t know what’s going on!” then I don’t see how she’s getting out of there peacefully or without the other bears coming to her rescue.

    Or heck, maybe the polars believe her, and then when the others show up for the rescue, they basically make it all worse.

    I think her best defense right now: start crying. A lot.

  7. Sterling Rodd

    The polars better remember who they’re dealing with… it’s always “a game” till somebody loses another arm. :)

  8. Alister

    Pull a page from your sister’s book, Sara, and turn those waterworks on full blast.

  9. kiwi

    Sara spread the waterworks. Act like you don’t know what’s happening.

  10. AnonV3

    In all situations, be honest. Instead of pulling that kissy-kissy *ahem* BS, all she had to do as say ‘Evil.’

    Even now, be honest. ‘It was Evil, he drugged me and dumped me here’ would work a lot better than being weepy.

  11. Urago

    I know Sara is a jerk, but still… it’s the freaking polars. I’m not complaining about this arc, by the way, Alison. I’m just expressing my opinion.

  12. Abigail

    LOL!! She tried to flirt her way out of it C:

    What great characters these are ^^

  13. Michael Sirius

    Ah, a double entendre. He not only smelled the bear but her personality as well

  14. Shenny

    Wait a minute…

    Did Evil…anal glands……

  15. Shpee

    Yup, she’s my favourite.

  16. Sterling Rodd

    I think everybody’s right. Telling them that Evil dumped her there and making it plain that anything they do to her turns them into his puppets is apt to put a sour taste in their mouths for whatever they might consider. Then again, they might not care…

  17. madeofstardust

    “I can smell Evil all over you.” That is called chloroform, sir. Yes, it is also very evil :D.

  18. MustacheHam

    Oh Steve, you’re one who isn’t a picky eater.

    lol, great strip this week. :)

  19. Urago

    Sara looks naked without her skirt on, though. :/

  20. Bluedramon

    I think I can see where this is going to go. My prediction:

    Prozac comes in, goes Super Hulk, beats up the bears, and then Sara is impressed and tries to hook up with him.

  21. Faiz

    Looks like the polar bear knew it who’s really behind already ;0)

  22. Anon

    Seduction fail. This will be interesting.

  23. TaggertShare

    I guess Bad Boys don’t like Bad Girls. Come on Sara, just use your wits. That is how this “little Guy” used to survive being bullied by the big Guys.

  24. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    @Bluedramon Your making me think, and I feel that way as well. Sara looks so cute in panel 6. aw v.v

  25. Caveman

    Whene is the next one coming out i am so addicted

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