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March 16th, 2015

Page 465

Cara’s getting a crash course in how to deal with her new living situation… it’s not all home baking and nail polish parties :)

Spring popped up momentarily!  I got my first outdoor run of the season in, and then more freezing rain and snow, with some plain old regular rain thrown in for good measure.  Do I bother shovelling the driveway today, or just hope it warms up enough over the next couple of days to melt the snow for me :(

Think warm spring thoughts with Death (available as a poster at INPRNT)

Vote incentive: more looking forward to warmer weather, because ice cream!


  1. Shenny

    I gave Gay and Lech too little credit. I hope they care enough to help Cara help Sara. Or at least get Prozac.

    Evil is awfully protective of his cereal box.

    Huh, I think this is one of the few times we’ve seen Evil from behind. His ears look like they’re naturally turned around in panel five, like he was born with devil horn-shaped ears. This begs the question, was Evil destined to be evil, as opposed to a product of his abuse in the circus?

  2. madeofstardust

    That box looks awfully familiar. Didn’t Nerd carry one around in an earlier arc?

  3. T-Shaw

    Yeah it does look familiar.

  4. D4rt

    yeah Nerd did have a box like that….pretty sure it end up with the polars through. Caused the whole are loss bit remember.

  5. Neekz

    Yanno what? I imagine Evil’s voice to be like Calvin. (Does anyone remember toe Calvin and Hobbes cartoon?)

  6. rugibess

    cant wait to see where this is going

  7. Nikary

    Hey, is that Nerd’s stuff? Did Evil retrieve that from the polars?

  8. EatingFurniture

    Loving this panel, it’s really a good demonstration of the bears’ personalities and situations. Evil’s cheerfully malevolent, Sara’s confused with the new home, and Lech’s overall… frustration? Not anger, but kind of frustration? Basically if Death and Prozac became one. Deathzac shipping anyone?

    As always, love all the faces. This time, the particular ones I want to point out are all of Lech’s and Sara’s in the last panel.

  9. Gallows

    I knew Gay and Lech merely made an educated guess. It was kind of obvious.

  10. Vausch

    My hopes Evil gets a massive karmic retribution are high. In fact, honestly, I think all Sara has to do is just be honest with the polars. “Evil drugged me and is using me for a distraction. I think he did something to your stuff”.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I know the polars are just jerks to everybody, but Evil’s just asking for it in this case and he’s unapologetically put Sara in danger in the process. Yes I know, Sara’s not exactly innocent to the others either, but aside from Gay’s beating nobody really suffered anything that serious in it all. Gay’s taken about as bad from his one-on-one with Letch.

  11. Michael Sirius

    @Vausch but Sara also possessed Evil without his permission, and he’s definitely not letting that go.

    On another note, yay more Gay and Lech screen time, even if they aren’t together I still get a kick out of they’re joined screen time.

  12. Bry

    omg did Evil just retrieve what I think he retreived? :D we’re gonna see a very happy Nerd in 3, 2… x3

  13. Bry

    @ Vausch but Evil didn’t do anything bad this time (excluding throwing Sara into the lion’s den so to speak). it seems like he retreived Nerd’s action figure from a couple arcs back

  14. Alister

    Maybe Evil is using what may be Nerd’s stolen figure as leverage? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited to do something NICE for anyone before without knowing he’ll get something pretty awesome in return. He’s looking at that box in the first panel like a kid who got a knew phone at Christmas.

    Also it looks like Cara has just realized that she’s probably never met anyone quite as psychopathic as Evil before. Don’t worry girl, you aren’t alone. I don’t think any of the other bears have ever gotten entirely used to Evil’s antics.

  15. Jon B

    Great comic and great vote incentive :)

  16. glowworm

    Evil’s facial expressions–particularly that last panel are fantastic. Also, Cara is so adorable.

  17. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    All of them are so adorable! <3

  18. Michael Sirius

    I’d like to focus on how Gay and Lech had matching expressions

  19. abowden

    The look on her face. I forgot that not everyone is used to Evil’s, well… evil.

  20. man in black

    Way to be vague but give it all away Evil

  21. EatingFurniture

    Evil’s not stupid. He knows he’s not fooling anyone. It’s pretty likely he’s just joking around right now.

  22. Faiz

    a chloroform? that explains why sara’s unconscious.

  23. Trolldrool

    Getting harassed by Evil is pretty much a rite of initiation in this pen, isn’t it?

  24. madeofstardust

    @trolldrool: LMAO

  25. TaggertShare

    Evil would make a great U.S. Congressman. He talks the talk.

  26. Urago

    Worst part: Cara doesn’t even know how dangerous the polars are yet.

  27. EatingFurniture

    These two pages from Monday Funday Leads to Violence show that Evil’s box looks exactly like Nerd’s. Returning the favor from In Which Someone Dies? We did learn that Evil cares about his family, but I don’t think he’d be doing something like this without some kind of reward… He’s also killed two birds with one stone, because he’s definitely not letting someone show up and then hypnotize him and his family (except Gay and Tanked). He’s getting revenge with using her as the distraction.

    P.S. I wonder what the Polars will call Sara.

  28. Shpee

    @EatingFurniture So he basically got revenge twice while managing to squeeze out a good deed.

    Whats even more alluding is the fact that in this week’s comic, he was easily confronted by the others. Meaning, he not only wanted to be caught, but he also planned what’s about to happen next. While having his good deed act as a proxy in case this goes south.

    Evil is a genius. Or I’m a shoddy conspiracy theorist. :/

  29. Bry

    @ Shpee he also couldve purposely got himself spotted so Cara and the others could find Sara…i mean, he openly admitted to drugging Sara and dumping her into the polar tank. so, in a way, he got payback for her “hypnotizing” him but also got back Nerd’s action figure and indirectly helped Sara from the polars’ wrath

  30. Shenny

    Everyone commenting will be crushed when it turns out Evil is just getting Nerd’s DVD in order to watch it and dangle it under Nerd’s nose :P

  31. Michael Sirius

    It’s been proven that Evil doesn’t mind hanging out with Nerd or watching his things. Maybe he’s just going to watch them and doesn’t want anyone to know. You know, his rep and all. He’s probably going to see Nerd right now.

  32. Boris

    Take a look at the pink rhino on Gay in the seventh panel.

  33. YourWorstNightmare

    OMG!!! Evil was using Sara as a distraction so he could get Nerds stuff back!?!?!?!?!?! Awwwwwwww….not sure what kind of evil will be behind that lol, but I think that is all he wanted because when they asked him he told them were she was, he wouldn’t have if his only objective had been to hurt her.

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