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March 23rd, 2015

Page 466

Getting in the middle of someone else’s irrational feud is daaaaaangerous.  Too bad she didn’t do a better job of making friends…   We’re past the first official day of spring now and it was -23 out yesterday with the windchill.  So… spring when?  At least March break is over :)  The kids were actually pretty good this week but Sunday was bad.  The colder weather kept them in for most of the week and I think they finally got a bit sick of each other.

Vote incentive: a line up of imaginary cryptos (why are there so many Big Foot chasing shows on tv??)

New shirt on Woot! Bears!  Un-care Bears!  Violence!  Stuffing!  But no blood though cause Woot’s squeamish about that :P

Despite the crap weather here, spring t-shirt sales are starting.  Design By Humans is 20% off till the end of the month.


  1. EatingFurniture

    Ono, you late! Is okay, I can be patient :)

  2. EatingFurniture

    But not for a long time.

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