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March 30th, 2015

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Women of the (zoo) world unite!  Ella’s getting bigger :)  Sara’s getting concussed.  I do a lot of anti-bullying seminars with the kids at the dojo where we talk about empathy and putting your self in someone else’s shoes, and then I thought about the polars: they’re just jerks.  Steven at least would probably be oblivious, and Butch is a follower, so Hulk just bosses everyone around.  He’s the kid who laughs at you when you trip in the yard and skin your knee.

Today, Evan informed me that bananas can’t talk because they don’t have eyes.  We also buzzed all their hair and my bathroom is covered in soft little kid fuzz.  Evan was agreeable, Sam was semi co-operative, and Owen made the best aggrieved faces the whole time.

New shirt Monday again on Woot:  Break Time around the water tower.

I read that lab grown beef is getting more and more cost effective to produce… I’m definitely curious to see where that leads.  I get that cattle are incredible polluters/resource hoovers so the environmental benefits could be extreme, but what about health?  Will a pound of petri meat have less fat than the traditional version?  Can they grow heart healthy burgers?  Between that and Tesla’s self driving car (and the flying car?) by this summer thing, I’m really curious to see what the next few decades bring… before we blow ourselves up of course.  Anyway, vote incentive:  this burger says hi.


  1. madeofstardust

    Go Ella go!!

  2. Goma2003

    Never saw that coming. lol

  3. rugibess

    Steven slow hiiiiiissssssss

  4. Cam

    I was not expecting that. But yay! I love the elephants! Go Elephants!

  5. EatingFurniture

    I’ve never seen Steven so angry. I mean, he’s still just hissing and backing away, but, hmm.

    Also to anyone wondering, yes that’s Madge, Edward is rather gray and Madge is much lighter and seems slightly purple. P.S. dark gray + purple = light purple? Genetics!

  6. EatingFurniture

    Oh and also note this isn’t the end. Unless Alison forgot.

  7. Xilex90

    Gay to the rescue! I still wonder what Evil is up to though…this can’t be the only thing he wanted to do.

    yay for baby elephants!

  8. abowden

    Unless you have gall bladder problems, you should be far more worried about sugar than fat. I too look forward to lab grown meat. Does anyone else wonder how grateful she’ll be to gay and the elephants? If she’ll show some humility?

  9. EatingFurniture

    @Abowden I think Sara’s already rather comfortable with Gay. I mean, he did give her nice nail polish, after all. She probably hates Evil most for this, then Lech for rejecting her (honestly it’s mostly his fault), and Tanked and Crack kind of disgusted her. Prozac had a nice introduction but Sara didn’t like him trying to set down ground rules (although Cara seemed to enjoy talking to him) and Nerd flirted with her, which she seemed to like. Vanity was rude, Death and Gimp didn’t really do anything, and Cara is her sister.

  10. Vausch

    @Eating Furniture: My guess is that Ella is given a lighter version of Madge’s colour scheme as a show of youth. Lighter colours tend to have that impression.

    Also thank you, someone else sees Sara as more than a one-note character.

    Hahaaa, love it! Now the polars have a second reason to avoid the other bears!

  11. DozerTheDozerian

    I like that hissing escape! Just perfect!

  12. Bry

    lol i had a feeling Gay was gonna call upon his elephant friends. and, yes, Gay, Ella was very fierce…you go girl!

  13. MagnuM

    Nice rescue!
    Im looking forward to more interactions between te girl bears and the guys they havent met yet like Death, Gimp, Cracked.. Hope we’ll see more of that :)

  14. Alister

    Nothing like a good old fashioned polar beat-down to get the week off to a good start!

  15. Glowworm

    Yes! I love that Madge and Ella came to the rescue. Also, Ella was amazing.

  16. James

    Well I did not see this coming!

  17. Shenny

    Wasn’t expecting the elephants since Madge refused to get involved the last time the polars and the bears were at odds. Still a pleasant surprise!

  18. YourWorstNightmare

    Total Elephant Smack Down!!! lol I have to admit I didn’t see it coming. Anyone see the irony in the fact Gay is the one saving her and seems to be the nicest to her after what she did to him? Love it XD also Steven lol hiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    Sorry for the double post but I must point out Gay’s wonderful insult “Shove it ho beast!”

  20. Nicole

    Huzzah for Gay and the elephants! :D

  21. Faiz

    HIIISSSS?! really polars? i was expecting it to be a snarl or a growl.

  22. Faiz

    @EatingFurniture, let’s just call that color tone washed purple, shall we B-) ?

  23. Faiz

    am I the only one who noticed Gay flashing a ‘dirty finger’ for the 1st time?

  24. EatingFurniture

    @Faiz that can’t be the first time… is it?

  25. chase

    @ Faiz: We’ve definitely seen other bears flip the bird, but not sure if ever it was Gay.

    And yeow. I hope they brought Gimpy to patch up poor Pinky there.

  26. Someone

    Steven has wonderful backing away skills :D

    Also Allison I recently re-read everything and I must say
    That your art skills have much improved!

  27. Ice Raven

    Nifty ;)

  28. Bry

    i just realized something: how the hell did the elephants get in the polar exhibit within gaining the polars attention? wouldn’t they have heard a splash if they landed in the water or a thud as they climbed in (since elephants can’t jump), or something?

  29. Bry

    * without

  30. Bry

    * polars’
    my god my typing is atrocious today!

  31. EatingFurniture

    @Bry through the magic of the Bear Nuts Stare.

  32. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture that brings up an interesting point. Why isn’t there a bear nuts stare?

  33. chase

    @Bry: I think they were far too occupied with beating the crap out of a much smaller creature than themselves, 3-on-1, and even prepared to kill her it looks like.
    Err, went off on a tangent there.
    They were distracted, is what I meant to say.

  34. Caveman

    I love This comic so much keep up the good work alison

  35. TaggertShare

    I guess Steve knows when it is best to retreat. The Bear/Elephant Alliance is more reliable than NATO. I hope Sara has learned her lesson. Next time use your Pheromones on the true bad Boys, it seems just as effective as a Bear Stare. However I do like Bad Girls (was once married to one) so I hope Sara recovers to take on The Polars in a rematch.

    As for a Bear Stare there is also a Scare Stare, where their Eyes Glow Orange!

  36. EatingFurniture

    @TaggertShare Reminds me of Death’s stare!

  37. Boris

    Seriously…no matter how hard they try, I do not like Sara, She’ll have to do something REAL great in order for me to start liking her…

  38. EatingFurniture

    Everyone is so cruel to her D:

  39. Boris


  40. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    Did gay really just call the polars ho beasts? XD

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