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April 6th, 2015

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Happy Easter Monday everyone!  Spring showed up for one day this weekend!  Friday was gorgeous, nearly 12 degrees.  I got my first 10k run of the year in, took the kids for a long walk, got some actual sun… and had to scrape ice off the car the very next morning :(  More of the same in the forecast for the next couple of days, but next week should be nice!  Should!  Unless environment Canada is built on LIES.

So I generally really dislike the term “bitch slap”… but here it’s kind of appropriate?  The whole karma thing tends to come around here eventually and as she’s a pretty terrible “person” (but she’s working on it…) we’ll see how big a beat down karma can bring… is “My Name is Earl” on Netflix?  Got a sudden urge to watch that again :)

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  1. Dinosauregg

    Unexpected but perfect reaction by Madge XD

  2. rugibess

    The polars better not mess with the elephants for saving sara

  3. Shenny

    I could tell this was going to happen considering how Madge was in the second-to-last panel of the last page. And Gay isn’t really “so over it” considering how he was unwilling to help her at first.

  4. Shenny

    Also Lech is king of minimalist facial expressions on this page.

  5. rugibess

    this zoo has horrid keepers and security

  6. Sparrow9612

    @rugibess – Its a discount zoo. What do you expect?

  7. T-Shaw

    That’s what she gets for being mean.

  8. EatingFurniture

    @Shenny I don’t really think Gay’s all that mad. Lech and Prozac seem to be the only ones seriously affected. Prozac got tired of trying when he was only disrespected, and Lech is not one to take to that kind of thing easily. Nerd doesn’t care, Tanked seems comparatively oblivious, Crack has barely changed, Evil needed someone anyway to be a distraction, and we haven’t seen anyone else very much. But this isn’t to say that Lech and Prozac are the only ones affected by this. Death seemed pissed and we know Gimp and Nerd have their limits, although I don’t think Sara pushed them too far at all and trust they’d be forgiving enough. This also isn’t to say Sara didn’t have a very serious effect on the family, but I can’t really say she tore it apart. In fact, she may have pulled it closer together, bringing Lech and Gay back together (something me and Michael Sirius are hopeful about) and helping Evil grow closer to Nerd. Gay hasn’t seemed this much himself in a while and is clearly ecstatic about having someone to share his interests and most everyone else hasn’t shown any huge change, the only current exception being Prozac. It’s not too crazy to think that a lot more unexpected things will happen to our beloved (sometimes) bears. After all, Alison has had tons more time to think about what effects this will have on the bears. Probably about 6 weeks.

    “I had meant to carry the snow theme through into the next one and then I realized 6 pages in that I’d totally forgotten. ”

    You can still do it, and just assume that they had one day of good weather in between the bad, although I think the Discount Zoo is meant to be located in a southern USA state. I don’t think Mexican wrestling would be one TV in Canada, I mean hell we don’t even have it (that I know of but I’m not really a fan of it anyway so I wouldn’t know) in Tennessee. We have had odd weather here though. Serious storm in the last couple of days. There were some tornadoes and flooding, neither in the area I live and not a ton of flooding where there was some, but there was hail in some places… Anyway, you can still make snow suit bears, although you’re probably already working on the next arc, regarding how far ahead you seem to tend to be. But hey, last page seemed like it came to an acceptable stopping point, and this one could have the cliffhanger-ish ending, but it really is appreciated how you work so hard for us. You’re a great artist and storyteller, and I really thank you for that. Thank you so much for making my favorite webcomic.

  9. EatingFurniture

    I really went on a tangent there. 3 AM thought processes got me here, and I ain’t goin’ back!

  10. chase

    Oof… can we maybe berate her later after she’s not bleeding and bruised up? I think she already clearly got what she deserved.
    Though, to be fair, a slap really isn’t much…

  11. Vausch

    She didn’t apologise, but she did admit fault without excuse. That’s about the best you can expect from these guys, heheh.

    Ooo, do we get to hear one of Lech’s infamous apologies? Somehow I’m doubting “you’re a bitch, but I’m a dick, so we’re even” is going to cut it with Cara or Sara. Though we all know he can’t admit humility, even if he had to run screaming out of the room to Prozac because he can’t handle a partner that’s more dominating than his teddy bear XD

    @EatingFurniture Y’know, Prozac’s attitude in recent comics has had me rather worried about him. He’s usually the most outgoing and willing to try to work with other people regardless of how they act towards him and the others and quickly forgives some rather atrocious things, but he seems to be actively trying to avoid the girls after the first meeting. Kinda sad, really. Almost seems like his spirit got broken and he’s just waiting for them to leave so things can feel normal again.

  12. EatingFurniture

    @Vausch I think he just misses his family.

  13. Boris

    If Sara ever wants to earn my forgiveness she’ll have to do something REALLY great and forgiving.

  14. Boris

    Also why the heck should Lech apologize? Sure he ran away from Sara, but she INJURED him! and then she made him fall in love with her with all that pheromone mumbo jumbo >:/

  15. TailaBlu

    I don’t know, maybe it was his refusal that triggered the whole mess. He asked for sex and he was gonna get it, but he left just because her style wasn’t what he anticipated. Not to say if you agree to sex you HAVE to do it, but running like she was a monster is a bit much.

    I would’ve just settled for telling her to leave me alone and go for someone who can handle it, like Gimp.

  16. Glowworm

    This is why I like Madge.

  17. Alister

    That slap was PERFECTLY executed. Absolutely beautiful, really.

  18. Nicole

    Jeez, she didn’t deserve that! The only one who might have reason to slap her has already forgiven her. Gay is the best.

  19. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture agreed agreed.

    I’m already over the whole Sara thing. Plus if Gay has gotten over it then it’s time to drop the grudge.

    I agree with EatingFurniture, Sara has brought them closer. So even if you can’t forgive her, it’s time to forget.

  20. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    @Shenny yes. xP

  21. YourWorstNightmare

    Gay was the MOST affected and he forgave her lol it seems no one else is quite ready yet, although we all know Madge is a great friend of Gay’s and so I think she did deserve to get her slap in, I mean she didn’t really hurt her much, but I think Sara has been punished enough, although I am not saying she deserves full trust and forgiveness YET. She will have to work hard to earn her place in the family

  22. rugibess

    @Sparrow9612 I get that but the animals always move around as they please, implying that they dont even have cameras, and after the incident where evil almost grabbed a kid and was caught there was no repricusions such as the zoo modifying the containment area so that animals cant grab kids….. and between all the other things that have happened it is a wonder as to why this zoo has not been shut down yet.

  23. Boris

    Dear gosh, Sara has started an argument in the comment box!

  24. Bry

    I think Sara got enough of a karmic beatdown for one day, don’t you think? You can scold her later, Madge.

  25. Faiz

    wow! that incident re: Sara’s “grand entranace” even reached the elephant friends. I just hope no misogyny will be seen here.

  26. TaggertShare

    Madge certainly stands beside her Friends. Hopefully Sara has learned having real Friends can be a plus. If she can only learn how to be a True Friend to some Bear. I am actually starting to like her, but I still prefer Cara.

  27. Vausch


    Why should Lech apologise? Remember what he said immediately after the hypnotism was released? “How about a threesome?”.

  28. Boris

    Okly Dokly then. I’m just really ticked off at Sara…BUT….I think she’s gotten enough of a beatin’ already.

  29. Vausch


    I know I really need to let this go but I really think people are being rather unfair to Sara. Of course I’m not saying that she’s deserving complete forgiveness without at least apologising to the others, but the bears have been subjected to far worse by their own, mostly by Evil, and yet he seems to get a free pass because he winds up making “amends” for things he personally causes. Sometimes he doesn’t even do that (see attempting to eat 2 children) and yet he gets forgiven. Heck, the one people like to say gives him complete redemption, letting himself be burned alive to save Nerd? You notice after the fact he didn’t apologise to the others and didn’t seem to see any consequence to his actions? Immediately after he gets back, he’s just asking like everybody should be acting like it never happened. He may have learned more since the others ostracised him (Nerd aside), but before that he still didn’t seem to see the consequences of his actions. Sara has at least been trying to get along with the others if only for Cara’s sake and hasn’t caused any trouble beyond her initial fiasco, not even so much as raising her voice at Nerd and Tanked when the latter fell into her lap and ruined their picnic.

    Then again unlike most who believe in Karma, I tend to view it as less “you deserve to suffer pain for doing a bad thing” and more “You should make amends if you do bad and learn from it, otherwise you may suffer consequences”.

  30. Boris


    Alrighty, I just think people people who are fans of the comic like Evil more because A lot of people like that devilish demon character ,and he was one of the original bears in the beginning. People aren’t going to warm up to Sara so quickly because number one, she’s a newly added character it’s going to take time to warm up on, and number two she basically hypnotized almost all the guys and acted very annoying on her first appearance with the fans………so this is why most people don’t like her no matter what’s going on, it’s just the flow of things, it doesn’t matter what’s fair…..

  31. Urago

    Look at Cara’s face when Madge trunk-slapped Sara.

  32. Trolldrool

    I could be wrong, but somehow I imagine getting slapped by an elephant’s trunk to be worse than being punched by a polar bear.

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