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September 18th, 2009

Page 119

My midnight blue nail polish phase was pretty short… I was also very messy so it didn’t stay on long. ┬áThen I dumped a bottle of remover on my bed spread once and it stunk for days; and so ended my girly streak.

Today’s vote incentive is some more promo art: mini group shot.


  1. Kristen

    Panel 9 is by far my favorite, and I would so buy a plushie of the dooom kitty. That kitty rocks.

  2. Heart of Blades

    Awww, they miss Evil but don’t know it yet, lol.

  3. machchunk

    Where’s the option for “Man, I feel like a woman!” ?

  4. Wolfen

    Aaawwww…. I love that doom kitty plushie too, I would so buy one!

    And I do think they miss evil.

  5. midnightlost

    plushie!!!! must have… :D

  6. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Whoah…Crack Bear is smiling.

  7. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    And he doesn’t have those veins in his eyes for the whole page…That’s gotta be a new record.

  8. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Hey…I just realized, where’s Gimp Bear? Haven’t seen him since page 92.

  9. JakeTheLastNinja

    I love the plushie of the dooom kitty! :D

    “Who I am” is right, where Gimp bear hiding? O_o

  10. ...

    God, I love Nerd’s expression in the last panel.

  11. Kenichi340

    They miss Evil. Let’s see how long it’ll take for them to realize and admit it.

    Gay Bear made me laugh, and Crack looks cute with that doom kitty plushie.

  12. David (:

    I bet the group will search & bring Evil back =P <3

  13. poco

    Poor Nerd. Crack looks adorable though.

  14. Sinister Twist

    Heh, nature hates a vacuum, so I’m guessing that eventually someone (probably Lech) will step in to temporarily fill Evil’s shoes until someone finally admits that they need to get him back.

  15. Madian

    I lov the plushie !!!!!!!

  16. Saud

    I think we’re all in agreement, Doom Kitty plushies are needed and the bears need Evil back

  17. Anx

    Crack as a plushie Dooom Cat! that is awesome

  18. G-ret

    Uh oh, looks like without evil they’ll be pranking eachother!

  19. Draconi

    if letch becomes evil. who will become letch?

  20. Renan

    No one should miss evil

  21. Evil2.0

    Cool, will plushes ever be available to the public?

  22. pickles

    i would soo buy that and all other plushies in this series

  23. Connor


  24. Snowgods

    I Hate it when I un out of comic. Well I’ll add the feed,. Good going Allison

  25. Puffles

    I think we’ve discovered the cure for Crack’s paranoia…BEHOLD THE HEALING POWER OF DOOM CAT PLUSHIES!!!!

  26. Kurobara

    Wow, it looked like Evil held some sort of balance for hte group. Without his criminal insanity, hte rest of them will go crazy. I wonder if one of them will try to burn down the zoo and grow little horns. =/

  27. Lazar Beams

    Where did the cat come from? I don’t recall seeing it in previous panels.

  28. admin

    I’d love a Dooom plush too, and one of each bear, but plushes are pretty expensive to produce so it may be a little while before we could afford to do that.
    @ Who I Am… : stuffed toys have a bit of a calming effect on Crack.
    @ Snowgods: Thanks!
    @ Lazar Beams: Crack had a larger version in his room.

  29. PTM

    No reason…Lol. Good going Lech, filling in for a now…absent…Evil Bear. He’d be proud, and then agry at you for doing it before him.

  30. S.P

    Aww, I love the way Gay paints his toenails. And Crack’s smiling, too cute!

  31. Kris

    Awww how sweet they miss Evil! lol

  32. Nastee

    We need another Crack arc! :) I demand it!
    Well OK, i beg for it.

  33. hehe

    I say that Lech and Gay finally go at it, and Lech and Gay come out of the closet.

  34. Leak

    @Admin: you mean stuffed toys crack[sic] him up? :D

    np: CLP – Putcha Handz Up ft. Rayzaflo (Supercontinental)

  35. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    The only bear I’ve ever seen with toe/finger nails is Prozac when he’s on the rage-ahol.

  36. G

    A whole new page with just about no action whatsoever.

  37. Cyxrus

    Nerd in the last panel is just… amazing… I would so buy plushies of any of the bears :D

  38. Solario the Visored

    Aw, it’s just not the same. Evil ALWAYS had a reason! …Sure, they were horrible, terrible, abominable reasons, but REASONS!! D’:

    Also, nice to see Crack not so tweaked out in that last panel.

  39. Shada

    Wow! Crack seems so relaxed! What a sight to see x3

  40. JS

    Can anybody tell me what the point of putting cotton balls between your toes when your paint your nails is?

    And how “in the closet” can Gay be if he’s doing this right in front of a bunch of other male bears? :)

  41. EJAK5199

    Yay Cracked smiled again! :)

  42. EJAK5199


  43. J.C.

    And Crack smiles without a vein in his eyes. :D

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