Page 118
September 14th, 2009

Page 118

Another of my favorite pages :)

I was surprised that a lot of people kind of guessed these two would meet up; I just didn’t think Sloth was all that memorable a character… and then I had people ask me at cons if he would be returning.  So yes is the answer, though I do hope the rodent army was a bit of a surprise.

Today’s vote incentive is another comic con inspired sketch (notice the lack of boob augmentation, pretty typical in my work, sorry guys!)


  1. £Ø§Ð

    …HEY!?… Are The Bright Orange Headbands a Spin off Of The Guosim Shrews?

  2. Convo

    I always thought Sloth died

  3. Kurobara

    Holy crap, Redwall Reference!!!

  4. Emily


  5. A_Person

    Diabetes bear.

  6. Anaiyah

    did not see that one coming

  7. reccaman

    i figured he would show up again not in that way though

  8. iomccoy

    More like…
    Evil Bear=Wrath
    Lech Bear= Lust
    Gay Bear=Pride
    Nerd Bear= Sloth
    Sloth Bear= Gluttony
    Death Bear= … I don’t know. When it comes to coffee later, either greed or envy would work. But, The Gnome, your idea works. I kind of like that idea. Yeah, I’ll have to go with that.
    Tanked Bear= … greed would work, but only for alcohol.
    Prozac Bear= Not really applicable.

  9. iomccoy

    Oh! Panda/ Ping Pong= Pride. Much, Much more than Gay.

  10. Thwaitesy

    Now that was something I was not expecting in the least.

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