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September 11th, 2009

Page 117

I won’t go camping unless there are public washrooms with showers… and preferably a water slide too. ¬†I’m about as spoiled as Evil. ¬†Seriously, I think I’ve been camping once and the place had all those amenities plus a little store where you could buy candy and other junk, talk about roughing it :)

Today’s vote incentive is more promo art: Crack!


  1. Jim

    You think that’s bad? My friend has a “campsite” with power and water hookups for his RV. The RV has a satellite dish.

  2. Dr.O

    Something tells me the squirrels are going to kick Evil’s butt.

  3. A_Rabbit

    no no, there going to be his minions Evil needs minions.

  4. Kamino Neko

    Mmm. Pop Tarts and Pepsi. The squirrels have taste.

  5. Rungard

    Couldn’t stop lauthing when I saw Evils face in the second panel of the last row. :D
    A great page, as always. I hope you will continue drawing BN for a long, long time. :)

  6. Imp Oster

    Catch those squirrils! Evil. You can have Squirril Sub Sandwiches… And pepsi x3 With Strawberry poptart dessert…

    Why… aside from service thats better than the zoo offered! XD

  7. poco

    Bet he’s jonesing for some fish heads now! XD

  8. Syrth

    Ninja rodents!!!!!!!

  9. Akko

    Why are the 2 squirrels and the chipmunk wearing headbands? lol
    Loving the comic mate, keep it up! :D

  10. Anonymoose

    But where are they taking all that crud? If they were just hoarding it, it would be boring. I bet they’re offerings!

  11. Oddiccus

    Poor evil…

    but why do I have the feeling he is going to meet Sloth Bear????
    Am I the only one who remembers him?

  12. Bosn C Otter

    I wonder if RJ is working the same campground?

  13. Dryope

    I bet they are taking food to gluttony bear

  14. Rawrimaducky

    Oooh! So close

  15. Silverblob5

    Hrm, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say both Anonymoose and Oddiccus are right. Sloth is here, and being worshipped as some sort of bacchanalian god. Just because it fits his idiom.

  16. Lax

    Bet those squirrels are delivering the food to Fat Bear

  17. Q

    I vote for taking the food from the squirrels and snatching a child to cook from the tents.

  18. Tinna

    Sloth Bear is getting the food of course. Look at the matching colored headbands they are Sloth’s colors.

  19. Silverblob5

    You’re right, didn’t notice the colors.

  20. Evil2.0

    Wait…I seem to remember Evil rtrapping small animals in the zoo ( hence the squirrel looking skeleton), why can’t he do that here and eat them?

    Also those are excersize squirrels ( Ehibit A- headbands) MORE MEAT!

  21. machchunk


  22. dffdtgutr

    Um… I don’t get it. because this isn’t the “origin” of evil.

  23. Kitsunekage

    Holy, Crap! I hiked the Chilkoot two summers ago, and a random bear came and tore throu the cooking area! it may have been Evil!

    For those of you who don’t know, the Chilkoot Trail is part of the Yukon’s History. During the Kolondike Gold Rush, many miners came frist to Skagway, Alaska by boat, hike throu the woods and marsh around there into the nothren tip of the Rockie Mountains, throu deadly terrain, up an almost 90 degree cliff (For lack of a better term) across an empty valley filled with rocks, build ayour own boat, and sail down to Whitehorse or Dawson City before they can even think about staking a claim. The Chillkoot trail is only the most difficult part of that whole sequence that runs throu Kluany National Park. The Park is also a wildlife preserve, so there are a lot of bears. There is no electricity, and you have to boil your water before you can cook with it. And you have use a tent for 90% of the hike. And I hiked that. So did a ninty year old couple from Sweden. It was fun, and I want to Do it again.

  24. Kitsunekage

    Crap, that was long……

  25. sneakers

    I love the headbands on the animals.

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