Page 116
September 7th, 2009

Page 116

I always found forests at night really creepy… even with a bonfire going and marshmallows to roast.  Speaking of, I can’t remember the last time I had smores :(

And Evil got some ear jewelry!

Today’s vote incentive is a sketch inspired by the FanExpo con we attended last weekend (what a blast by the way!  We heard there were some pretty crazy lines, and the closest Timmy’s kept closing early-the nerve!- but lots of fun was had by all!  I paid for it with back pain though.)


  1. Snow

    Aww. We’ve all had those days when you open up a McDonald’s burger box and nothing was in it. (True story).

  2. Unusual

    lol I guess he shoulda pounced on the squirrel instead. And I think Gay might be jealous that Evil got his ear pierced before he could.

  3. Katie

    He got the right ear pierced, too… ^_^

  4. Cookie Chris

    I remember the last smore I made… It was for a summer camp, but getting the fire going and handing out everything kinda burned me out to the point that I didn’t want to see chocolate and marshmallows ever again…. A smore would be nice right about now. :)

  5. machchunk

    So is he going to meet any normal sized bears?

  6. Jenna


    I hope he meets other bears and/or other forest creatures! Could be interesting. :D

  7. Nutter

    For a second there I thought Evil was going to eat the squirrel. Heh heh.

  8. String Petoun Ping

    I bet that if he lack of luck with the coolers and garbage cans he will quickly improve his skill at foraging and maybe hunting too. The question is how long before he manage to return to the zoo and after how many evil trickery?

  9. Minibit

    Timmy’s owns my soul (medium no-whip ice mocha…mmmm*drool*) but for closing early on the creator of Bear Nuts, I might just have to cold-shoulder them for a second before I go in next time xP

    *has been lurking* hai.

  10. potatohead12

    I wonder how evil will try to somehow return back to the zoo. Cant have bear nuts without evil ;)

  11. midnightlost

    only 1 thing comes to mind here: yogi, i dont think the ranger will like this…..

  12. Evil2.0

    Wait….it’s his right ear!!!! Someone needs to fix this.
    Ok that observations over…also wouldn’t that hurt him?

  13. Ana

    Question: you are making these comics comercially, but you have permission from Mcdonalds to draw their products? That´s why all the comics make parodies, since using that without permission is not autorized due copyrights.

    Is just an advice, not flame.

  14. Rawrimaducky

    Evil’s cute in the fourth panel. :P

  15. Kenichi340

    The poor guy won’t survive in the wild. He needs to come back to the zoo ASAP.

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  17. Somebody47

    More sinister than your average bear.

  18. Mark

    Ana, I think that bearnuts will (probably) be fine. The M on the box could turn out to stand for McBurgers or something. In any case, McDonalds probably won’t be bothered to sue a webcomic. It’d be bad publicity for them, painting them as some lawsuit-happy corporation.

    A bigger issue might be Prozac, who takes his name directly from one of the fine products of Eli Lilly and Company.

  19. Yai

    Ahh! Evil has a cartilage piercing, like me. :P I’m sad that he had to be taken out of the zoo, but we’ll see how it goes.

  20. Tyron E!

    Yes! Gay would be jealous! He got peirced on the right ear. Right?

  21. David (:

    jajaja evil got owned (:

  22. Shen Hibiki

    Loving the 3 and 4 frames XD

  23. pErSoN

    LOL once Evil comes back to the zoo Gay’s gonna be all over him XD

  24. Heart of Blades

    Poor little Evil. But it’s not like he was warned. Prozac warned him, Death warned him and now it’s happened. Even though ‘I think’ he deserves it, he can’t help feel bad for him.

  25. squidbob

    “Don’t worry folks, he won’t feel a thing” heard this a lot from TV nature shows. wonder if they really don’t feel a thing or lack the lawyers to file lawsuits about the non optional piercing? I did get a fish hook through my ear (right) once…probably should have kept it :)

  26. kaijufan43

    evil getting what he deserves.

  27. Sinister Twist

    I’m thinking that Evil may find himself having to do something he probably swore he’d never do again- acting like a circus performer in order to get food out of children & stupid adults. Hunger & desperation makes you do strange things…

  28. admin

    @ Snow: That’s unfortunate! I really like the McNuggets….
    @ Nutter: Now that would be too much work :)
    @ Minibit: I don’t drink coffee, but I love their muffins!
    @ Ana: It’s not the exact logo, plus the whole comic is a parody! I can erase it for the print edition if people think it’s really that big a deal but I’ve seen much more blatant product rips.
    @ squidbob: They always say that, but how do they know??? I think they should try tagging or gps chip implanting themselves first.

  29. Emily

    Aww, Evil!

  30. S.P

    In the ‘right’ ear to boot! Wow, what sorts of meyhem can Evil create today?

  31. PTM


  32. Maha Panta

    If you want to play it safe, make the “M” a “W”, the act of flipping it over is enough to make it a parody.

  33. Baseis

    Daww, poor evil. Hopefully he meets the good campers, and not those other “campers” x_x

    and you went to FE too? maybe I saw you there XD

  34. rubberbend

    Yup, the same before and after the drive-thru. I don’t know what I’m eating.
    Funny comic! Looking forward to next page…

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