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September 21st, 2009

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Just how many Gay voodoo dolls did Evil make???

Today’s vote incentive is an older commission sketch I did that may just be the first bit of Star Wars related art I’ve ever drawn… at least that I can remember.


  1. Safalo

    Gaaaw, Tanked is adorable there!

    But I do wonder, when they’ll bring him back, how the zoo keepers won’t notice! Until they decide to hide the guy from sight… Or repaint him!

    And maybe Sloth will be brought back, unless he prefers to stay with the squirrel army!

  2. Pothos2004

    Hehe, The Voodoo dolls.. they must be breeding! Can’t wait to see how Evil is faring.

  3. ...

    Lol, I love how Tanked misses Evil despite all the stuff Evil did to him.

  4. machchunk

    If you ever try making an animated series, I know someone with the perfect Nerd voice.

  5. CeruleanSin

    Awahhhh, poor babeh! Tanked looks so SAAAAD! **Cry**

  6. Unusual

    I think we’re all suffering from Gimpy withdrawal by this point, but none the less, your comic makes Monday mornings happy for the first time in history.

  7. CyberCorn Entropic

    Looks like Nerd and Gay think there are some family members who deserve the bum’s rush. :P Perhaps Tanked has Stockholm Syndrome. :P Does this mean they don’t consider Sloth part of the family? :o

    In any case, that’s nice shading done on panels 3 and 4. You’ve made it look subtly like Tanked is about to cry.

  8. Ana

    Poor Nerd, Gay and Crack….they seems to not have the right to express their opinions loudly, XD

  9. Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)

    heh, When they get to Evil, Evil was so hungry he probably ate Sloth and claimed the chipmunks as his own minions to carry out his nefarious plans.

  10. Saddust

    Not sure they will get Evil back to the zoo… Maybe they will leave to catch up with Evil…

  11. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Did they ever try to get Sloth back?

  12. poco

    I’m not sure everyone’s on board with Prozac’s plan.

  13. Skittles

    Here’s betting Sloth Bear’s coming back with Evil… or maybe one of those unreleased bears that are scheduled to come… ; )

  14. David (:

    hahahaha i knew it! xDDD :3! <3 tanked on panel 4 :B

  15. Skittles

    AND TANKED IS SO CUTE!!!! You need to make a plush of him in the fourth panel.

  16. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Ten bucks says that Lech has a whole stash of Gay voodoo dolls.

  17. PTM

    Tanked…U can do it…

  18. Tonka

    This will NOT end well. It will be funny, but it won’t end well.

  19. LesPaulGuy

    just watch, Evil won’t want to come back for one reason or another

  20. Gothfish

    Tank does look sad. Alls I want to know is, that stuffed doom cat that Crack is holding is precious. Ummm, where can I get one? :D

  21. Lucky

    Alcohol make unbelievable things with you ;w;/
    Tanked rulz o/

  22. £Ø§Ð

    (in voice of stitch) Ohanah, Is, Family. Nerds Reaction…Priceless.

  23. Rawrimaducky

    whats wrong with a little camping :P

  24. Evil2.0

    @ Safalo- If you had you’re own squerrely wratfull army, would you go anywhere?

    Hmm… why do I have a bad feeling about the little family meeting up in the woods?

  25. Evil2.0

    PS. Jus how many Gay voodoo dolls does someone need? ( I think one or 2 is fine unless u compulsively lose things)

  26. Yai

    My eyes watered. Family is family. <3 I loved it.

  27. Bosn C Otter

    Its honestly kind of nice to see tanked show some kind of emotion. Most of his scenes are him falling down hammered.

  28. Kurobara

    Absolute genious with having Tanked be the one to bring up “bring Evil back” with the voodoo doll and little, two year old puppy face. Well, he’s so drunk most of the time, of course he’s gonna be the one with the mentality of a toddler.

  29. Heather

    Aw, I like tanked here! And Prozac, my favourite.

    And gay, lol, poor him.

    Wonder if death will join them on their adventure :D

  30. Goofy_Charli

    Yay! They’re gonna save Evil! Such lovely friends they are. Tanked is so cute. ^///^

  31. Aspen

    Is there any chance of getting Gay voodoo doll plushies in the store?

  32. Kitsunekage

    And Who said Tanked never showed any intelligence once in a while?…

  33. Solario the Visored

    Heh, I think maybe Tanked was just trying to give Prozac the stuffed bear to eat! He’s just sharing his food! :3

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