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September 25th, 2009

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Those jelly cake roll things were my favorite!  I don’t remember if they had a name like Twinkies or Jos-Luis did, but I haven’t seen them in stores in a long time.  For the better I guess, there was probably nothing remotely edible in them.  And that squirrel army is just enabling him, jeez!

Today’s vote incentive is some more promo art: Nerd!


  1. Kaos

    I see.. and is it just me.. or is he getting fatter yet more he talks? xD

  2. Heart of Blades

    All hail Sloth, King of the forest! :D

  3. EddyGirl <—– Little Debbie Swiss Rolls with Strawberry Jelly.

  4. David (:

    hahahaha xDD i think we might have a revolution here haha nice (:

  5. Bx.C

    my mother and grandmother used to make jelly-rolls all the time…. it was always fun watching them try to actually roll the cake… usually took two people for it to roll good

  6. DominicanKing614

    umm … doesnt Evil and Sloth know each other already ? … they seem to be like they we’re just introduced to each other or something … hmm … maybe its all in my head lol ….

  7. cheezedog

    Why do I think of ‘Apcolypes Now’ just looking at that!?

  8. Elchemist

    Might be the obese pile of goo ordering around a bunch of mindless folks in headbands miles from civilization, but i thought the same thing, nice touch :) third panel i can almost see Brando in his expression.

  9. ...

    Wow, a whole grape for Evil, Sloth sure is generous. XP

  10. re_azel

    Reminds me of Island of Doctor Moreau – especially the one with Marlon Brando :-)
    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  11. A_Rabbit

    “Apocalypse Now” without a doubt, now evil will have to kill Sloth and radio in for the B-52’s
    dat dat dat dat Da dat dat dat dat Da dat dat dat dat Da Da Da…

  12. Heather


    What are the odds evil might try to seem like he will inject some democracy into the forest- have an election, become ‘president’… and then take over as a dictator?

  13. Paul

    If it helps, in the UK we call those jelly cake roll things “swiss rolls”. We have tons of the things. :P Behold, Google provides!

  14. Jason

    When the food runs lows he eats them! I just know it.

  15. patti

    the jelly rolls i know of are strawberry shortcake rolls.

    and i can’t wait for evil’s reaction when his friends rescue him :)

  16. PTM

    How does the food run low in our societies? Machines and industrial robots are getting new products made and sent to the market in trucks at speeds science prieviously did not think possible. Their is no shortage of food, thus there may be no shortage of the wealth of gluttony Sloth bear indures

  17. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    @PTM: And yet…somehow…kids in Africa are still starving.
    In general: Whenever I look at Sloth, I think of Garfield.
    I don’t understand how Sloth considers Evil to be his friend…maybe because they’re both outcasts of the Zoo?
    And why doesn’t Sloth have the ear jewlery that Evil does?

  18. Chaos Enginer

    Sloth Bear still alive!!!! Amazing!!! XD

  19. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    BTW…will there be an “The Origin of Sloth” chapter?

  20. Xu-kitty

    Does Sloth recognise Evil? WOULD they recongnise eachother?

  21. Smee

    Haha my friend buys those jelly things!! I think they’re like.. Strawberry Shortcake rolls. That tramp Little Debbie makes them I think… Love your comic! :D

  22. Kaiiz

    yeah, why doesn’t Sloth have a nifty tag? Did he eat it? And I noticed his tummy scar grew.

  23. machchunk

    Sloth has a Weegee face in the second panel. FEEEEEAR

  24. Yai

    Sloth is soo cute! I tend to like fat animals. And I love how he said ‘Be gone.’ :D

  25. Hailey

    Who is sloth? I have read bear nuts all the way through and have no idea who he is can someone tell me?

  26. Rahnee

    methinks Sloth needs to have an arguement with his echo…

  27. Silverblob5

    When the food gets low….the King of the Forest demands sacrifice! Or possibly pie, whichever comes first.

  28. Kurobara

    Wow, you see a bit of short-sighted wisdom on Sloth’s part. But what WILL he do when the food gets low? I doubt he can get Evil to trap stuff for him.

  29. Evil2.0

    I have a feeling ..that wherever Evil goes..mutiny will ensue

  30. admin

    I admit you guys are hilarious, I didn’t think anyone would actually make Brando associations!
    @ Bx.C: Home made jelly rolls? That sounds so much better then the shrink wrapped kind!
    @ PTM: We have frequent food shortages. If the weather doesn’t co-operate there are crop shortages and sky rocketing prices all the time. Just last summer I think it was, I walked into a McDonald’s and they had signs everywhere stating that due to various hurricanes causing tomato shortages, their burgers would be tomato-less for the time being.
    @ Who I am…: Sloth was always a secondary character, I’m not sure there’ll ever be an origin for him (it would probably be many scenes of binge eating, kind of gross and not very entertaining :)
    @ Kaiiz (ane everyone else that asked): I’m not sure why Sloth would bother keeping a zoo ear tag, Evil likely won’t.
    @ Hailey: Read chapter 2, it was a short cameo.

  31. Rawrimaducky

    I envy you Sloth. X(

  32. Kiggy

    Ph34r my M4d Archel0gical Sk1llz!

  33. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    @ the links in Kiggy’s post: Wow, this series has come a long way hasn’t it?

  34. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    @Kiggy: Don’t you meen “pH34r /\/\’/ /\/\4D 4r(|-|430L091(4L $|<1LL$!”?

  35. Kiggy

    I only studied the first semester of L33t 101 before I dropped out XD

  36. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    That’s why there are L337 speak generators.

  37. Almo

    Jelly Rolls is one of the options in Cooking Mama 2! ;) I love how all the little squirrels have sweat bands. It some how makes them look like they’re working harder than they are. I should try that at work…

  38. Rahnee

    I wonder…are Gay and Sloth brothers or something? Their colors are so similiar.

  39. Evil2.0

    is that a look of awe or a look of why didn’t I think of that, on Evils face?

  40. Kitsunekage

    0.0 Wow……Evil acually has a good point.

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