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September 28th, 2009

Page 122

I made the mistake once of getting one of those big movie bags of Skittles at a theatre once (for something crazy like $8 or whatever).  Without realizing it, I ate the whole bag pretty much by myself by the time movie finished.  I don’t recall how many times I threw up that night.

Today’s vote incentive is an old sketch I found of random bearish characters from way before BN started… in case anyone asks, none of these are upcoming characters!!… but pirate bear could be fun in a deluded way…


  1. Heart of Blades

    *gasp* He’s a madbear I tell you! A madbear!

  2. Pacha Runa

    awesome truly awesome

  3. Kurobara

    I can see Evil in the next panel being all “Oh…my…god…YOU’RE A GENIOUS! 8D”

  4. Silverblob5

    When you get down to it, though, isn’t this how all politicians use the ‘rods of their offices’?

  5. Rampage_Starfire


    @Kurobara: I had the exact same thought, but add on a “Why the hell didn’t I think of that?”


  6. Esther

    Aww love for the ninjabear, I’d love to see him and Deathbear hangin’ out :)

  7. spindlethin

    Are these cousins of the squirrels over at The Bunny System? :)

  8. The Gnome

    Am I the only one seeing the Apocalypse Now reference?

  9. Kris

    Hahaha lol that page was a bit surprising. I think Evil is a little perplexed with this new bear. Haha but that was totally rockin to see him get that squirrel.

  10. Carin Ykk

    Hahah I lol’d<3

  11. Q

    That. Was. Epic. I had a feeling “rods of your office” meant some sort of brutality.

  12. Gato Vira-Lata

    Sei que ninguem tá entendendo nada do que estou escrevendo, é que sou do contra e não vou escrever em ingles hihihi. Em quero aproveitar e dizer que adoooooro BEAR NUTS!

    P.S. isso não é espanhol, é portugues! “dã!”

  13. Kaiiz

    Haha, death to the squirrels<3
    I’m liking Sloth more and more each day

  14. LOD

    love it!! I knew they’d meet up!!!!

  15. BioFun

    OMG! he killed the squirrel! …. at least he is going to good use.

  16. VampirateMace

    I know you said you weren’t going to use them, but they’re pretty awesome. I particularly like how Ninja and Sumo so diffrent from the bear nuts cast… Pirate bear, of course is awesome… and the only one to wear that much clothing, other than Gay, who would totally be checking him out… We were promised some girl bears at one point… that will be sweet, wonder if you’ll go counterpart, or opposites, or just make them their own.

  17. Sarita

    If I were a squirrel, I would rebel. Cooking your fellow man without question is just not worth it.

  18. squidbob

    hmmm….gotta try that out. may be useful on other species……now what bait do i use on the girlfriend?

  19. Bosn C Otter

    I hope the rest of the Squirrels kick his ass. For some reason Sloth Bear reminds me of Rush Limbaugh.

  20. Born Rocker

    That was freakin funny man. But what scares me was Evil’s reaction. I think even he was freaked out by that.

  21. Born Rocker

    If ppl remember, Sloth bear was introduced way early in the series. This is just the first time we’ve seen one of the bears interact with him.

  22. Smellman

    COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC TIME!! Whio here’s played Halo ODST?

  23. Meee

    OMG!!! I Feel So Bad For Evill!! :'( Hes My Favourite!!!!!! </3

  24. Dr.O

    I think sloth and evil are going to be good friends.

  25. kogasumaru

    This is the comic I first caught up on. I’ve been following updates ever since this one. I’m re-reading now.

  26. Elkian

    Evil is overawed

  27. looc64

    Soth’s eyes don’t get all big and dilated like the other bears… huh

  28. J.C.

    Whenever I have eaten M&M’s at a movie theater, I always get a stomachache. Never found out why, but I don’t eat M&M’s often now.

  29. sneakers

    Geez, Sloth is kind of evil himself.

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