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October 2nd, 2009

Page 123

So the downfall of Evil is pride, jealousy, a little naivety, and a nasty concussion.

So we’re into October now and the weather here has been mostly nice, which I’ve barely noticed thanks to my increasingly swollen cankles, random back pain, and stretch mark covered belly.  Some of you guys have been asking for updates (which is really sweet by the way!  Thanks for thinking of us!) so yeah, STILL pregnant, 38 weeks today in fact.  I can’t recall ever feeling so excited, nervous, overwhelmed, nauseous, and generally ill at ease over one event… and Jim feels fine.  I’m trying not complain TOO much, but this whole process is so incredibly lopsided… and the 4-6 year olds at work keep calling me fat.

Sam is due Oct 16th but we were warned to be ready any time 2 weeks on either side of that date… so I officially now live in fear!  :)

I mentioned before that coming from an animation background gave me lots (and lots, and lots) of practice time drawing, which is one of the best ways to get better.  A good exercise for improving consistency in your characters is to practice turn arounds (like today’s “deathly” vote incentive)  If anyone takes my advice and gives it a try, feel free to post a link in the comment section if you’d like advice or opinions, I’ll be glad to check them out… provided I don’t spontaneously go into labour :D


  1. Princess

    sloth must die

  2. S.P

    Aww, he’s going to feel that in the morning. :D

  3. BioRules

    You have to have him on the 17th! That’s my birthday!

  4. Randy B

    Just how many cubs does Sloth have in there? Or are all Bear Nuts male by definition?

  5. chaos enginner

    Sloth is a sick bastard and funny!! Sloth deserved to become the main character!!! or at least one antagonist… hehehe…;)

    Oh! Are you pregnant? WOW! Congratulations! Any luck and health for you and your baby!!!

  6. Crotalus


  7. twootwoot

    lol props to the 2nd to last panel

  8. Anaiyah

    Evil is so cute. Like a kitty with yarn…

  9. Kitsunekage

    As I read this, all of a sudden, Hallowed Be My Name, by Hammerfall, starts to play. And I sat there, enjoying the song, and the ending chorus fitted nicely into the comic. I’ll Type it here and let you figure out how.

    “As I stand on sea and shore,
    Stroms will rage and oceans roar.
    I raise my hammer, take my aim,

    For hallowed be my name.

    You can lie and crush my heart,
    steal my soul, tear me apart.
    Still there’s something you can not claim,
    it’s hallowed be my name.

    My name.”

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