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October 5th, 2009

Page 124

Death’s been having a field day lately with that finger thing… I wonder if he needs recharging at all…

On Saturday my awesome friends and family had a baby shower for us and I was totally in the dark, I can’t believe how well they got me :)  Thanks again to everyone, especially Aline and Eric for the hosting/decorating, Nicole for organizing games and chocolate covered goodness, and of course my mom, I mean Nana!  You guys are all amazing!!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the afternoon (thanks Denise!): I’m 38 weeks now and my understanding husband has been kind enough to gain weight along with me, just not as much of course.  But he still weighs more than me!!

Apparently the readership here swings slightly to more men (poll results are always interesting but that was unexpected) so today’s vote incentive is more girly sketches :)


  1. PTM

    He also wears a trench coat, top hat and monocle.

  2. RagingDragon

    Congrats on the bun in the oven! ^w^

  3. Katrisa

    Aww, love the comic! And now my head is going, “Are you having the baby yet? Are you having the baby yet? What about now? Nowww?” It’s so exciting!

  4. Kurobara

    If I had a bear, she’d be Goth Bear, and be related to Death (like, cousin or something). How else would you keep Lech from molesting her if she wasn’t related to someone who could kick his ass. And, despite the steriotype, she’d be a bit on the mischevious side and get along with Evil. (oh la la, possible love arc Alison-sama!) I’d like to see Evil end up with someone who loves him…like Death. XD Haha, that’d make a good yaoi couple, absolutely perfect…*fantasizes* Erm, sorry. I’m rambling a bit, aren’t I?

  5. Kitty_cat

    Your husband may be gaining weight with you, but you’re going to have an easier time of loosing the weight you gain XD Wow, i remember my 38th week… My lil baby is 8 weeks old now… I wish you luck and happyness <3

  6. D.Durand

    Carring for jerks is what make all other peoples suffer.

  7. Kitsunekage

    Ummm, I can’t seem to get to the polls to vote for you *tear* but you have it anyway…..:((

  8. Roderick

    Beastly rage and deadly powers…the world better be prepared.

  9. J.C.

    Panel 7: Death wanted Lech to shut up. I think this is an example of moments where Death actually likes using his powers.

    Plus, as everyone has said a million times, Death is AWESOME!! :D

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