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December 1st, 2014

Page 450

Apple cinnamon muffins (tops coated in sugar of course) are my favourite!  Now I want to go do some baking… Is Gay being the better “person” and letting it go?  Is he playing the long game with some nefarious and convoluted revenge plot?  He has been living with Evil for awhile…

What I assume is the last of the pre Christmas sales is on now at Design By Humans: 15% off all apparel AND free shipping until Dec 3rd I believe.  I don’t know what the order date deadline for pre Xmas delivery is but there should be more info on the site.  There’s a couple of NEW designs up as well (a pocket sized Pikachu and a darkly humorous sushi “chef” who is justifiably proud of his proprietary menu… I’m weird.)

Plus the annual Christmas vomits all over Shirt.Woot!  I have four shirts available now (nothing Xmasy about the broccoli shirt other than the colour scheme; I hate bacon and bacon hates me) and they’re almost all on green.  I still have to decorate my own tree, but I’ve drawn a lot of tree decorating lately.  There’s even mini Unstealthiest Ninja plushes available but it’s a blind box random sale (the other ones are cute too though, I may just have to order a few for the boys, if they let me…they don’t always ship everything non apparel to the desolate frozen land across the sea, Ontario.)

May your own tree decorating be casualty free.

And lastly, vote incentive: continuing my ‘green’ theme… more Arrow fan art!  Which you can also get as a tee on Neatorama.


  1. superchocoblue

    Oh Gay! You nearly gave me a heart attack!!!

  2. superchocoblue

    Oh, wait. He has been living with Evil….

  3. rugibess

    I love evil gay his face in the 4th panel is just… WOW

  4. Shenny

    Gay has no reason to be mean to Cara (love her face in panel 6), so whatever is in the muffins would not be harmful to her. Sara on the other hand…is there a bakeable substance that can cause a spontaneous hysterectomy? xD

  5. Mazz

    Hahahaha, I love it. “Fair enough”

  6. EatingFurniture

    None of them match!? THE HUMANITY

    I’m loving Gay in this arc! Messing with Cara (I think I remember who is who… rhyming names are hard!) and being the real man, going out there and talking to the girls. Lech would be jealous if he weren’t incredulous.

  7. chase

    It’s still so great how she knows she can’t argue with it. She done goofed and there isn’t a whole she can do but try to earn some friendship and trust points gradually down the line.

  8. Infabulous

    HaHa! Of course he wouldn’t forgive what she did to him! And the funniest part was everyone talking about how kind and mature gay was acting towards Sara on the previous page (including me). I guess living with someone who sets you on fire and paints you while you are asleep makes you a little revengeful on the inside.

    Still, it’s pretty admirable how he handles the situation, since everyone else is either spying on them or simply not caring about them.

  9. TaggertShare

    Way to go Gay. All is fair in Love, War, and Muffin Recipes.

  10. Alister

    Insult well said and harmless prank well executed, Gay!

  11. Bri

    I’m not sure if those muffins are poisoned / dangerous, seeing as they’re all eating the muffins, but I wouldn’t doubt that Gay has something else up his sleeve …

  12. Deangermouse

    nice to see Gay being snarky =)

  13. Urago

    Honestly, Cara tearing up is already getting old. Look at Panel 8. :/

  14. Michael Sirius

    Beautiful and well exectued, I’m so proud *sob* that’s why he’s my favorite. And that face on panel 9.
    Although, I’m surprised out Sara’s patience. I’m expecting her to snap really soon.

  15. Therew

    In all honesty, Gay is still being a real trooper about all of this. Though could at least one or two of them match? Just a little bit?

  16. FinestBucket

    actually perfect

  17. Erin

    I wish those Unstealthiest Ninja plushes weren’t in blind boxes :-(. (I’d buy one flat out if I knew it was in the box.)
    Also love the hot chocolate & marshmallow design the most :-).

  18. Shenny

    @Urago I can’t imagine how you’ll deal with her mood-swings personality if she’s already annoying you :/

  19. Cam

    Hahahha should’ve seen this coming, oh Gay.

  20. Urago

    @Shenny: Nevermind, then. Sorry.

  21. Timni

    You know that Gay can be vengeful!

  22. Kouroth

    I would have considered maybe buying something at but a popup requiring me to ‘join’ prevented me from viewing what was available so I left the page. You may want to talk with them about that. Its very off putting and annoying being forced to sign up before you’ve even decided you wanted to buy something.

  23. Bru

    “A Prada-less hell of full of synthetic fabrics and knock off accessories. And none of them match!”

    Aww, Gay. You’re MY hero. His priorities are still intact. And let’s not forget that he claimed that he wasn’t leaving the zoo since he still needed to expand his closet so he could fit his whole Prada collection in there :3 XD~~~~

  24. Chris


  25. rugibess

    @Chris Yes- The word used when you like something but just cant find the words to describe why….. So Yes may be one of the most fitting word to describe Bear Nuts

  26. EatingFurniture

    @rugibess “Bear Nuts. Yes.”

  27. Xuncu

    Well played, Gay. Well played.

  28. Lizeron

    I found out this comic yesterday. I’ve read it all! What a wonderful, amusing piece of art! Colorful, delightful and absolutely entertaining.

    But damnit, I am shipping Gay with Lech since the start! x[

  29. EatingFurniture

    @Lizeron Team Glech is the best ship.

  30. rugibess

    @Lizeron I am so envious of new readers who have hundreds of pages to read….. I miss that 8C

  31. EatingFurniture

    @rugibess You always can go back, you know ;)

  32. rugibess

    @EatingFurniture I have ….. 3 times…. but there is nothing likw the initial thrill.. it does however give you a chance to notice things you didn’t notice the 1st time

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