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November 24th, 2014

Page 449

Gay enjoys offering the rare olive branch, or perhaps he’s just playing the long game… Sara is a study of how many ways can I draw “incredulous”.  Which reminds me of a comic gig I had a long time ago where some of the editor’s revisions included phrases like “Can you make her look more confident/terrified?”  I like to think I’m pretty handy with expressions and emoting… but I just didn’t know what to do with that.

Fun Xmas ideas:  We recently repainted the kid’s playroom and I got my free sample wall decal from Neatorama (because they’re really cool and they love to give their artists free samples so we like them more… bribes!  Bribes!)  and it looks awesome!  It’s also way bigger than I expected; it’s about 24 inches across and it took us awhile to put up because we suck and kept getting bubbles (it peels off and resticks easily though).  The thing is huge, and laser cut, and in three pieces (I’m lucky the guy at the store put the screen protector on my phone for me :)

Anyway, if you’re looking for fun decor ideas for kid’s rooms (or any room), pretty much the whole Neato catalogue can be printed on these (or stickers if you want something smaller).  I’m also available for commissions if you want something custom/unique for your kid’s/etc room.

Black Friday is upon us again soon so I’ve got lots of sales to tell you guys about: starting with Teepublic as they’re doing a FREE T-SHIRT giveaway to celebrate.  Hit up the relevant Bear Nuts FB post here for the details (like/share/comment to enter).  The contest will run for the week and then we’ll announce TWO winners on Friday!

Also!  Screen printed version of ‘BEST FRIENDS FOREVER’ is up today only at Qwertee, which is a great UK based site so good shipping rates for that half of the globe :)

And finally, vote incentive: the sugary clique and the lonely lettuce (sounds like a really weird children’s book.


  1. rugibess

    last panel sara is confused

  2. EatingFurniture

    Ah, okay. So that’s what Gay and the girls are doing. This is probably set a bit in the past, so the events from the last few pages are happening while this happens, but if not it probably will make little difference.

    Man, I always feel so awkward staying up to catch these updates immediately, because that makes me usually the one to make the first comment, and the vote incentive isn’t updated until a few minutes after this is posted, and I have so much to say but I don’t want to prevent anyone else from commenting their observations because it’d just seem redundant.

  3. Shenny

    Gay is the biggest man of the bears. Still sporting a black eye, he joins the girls and brings muffins. I just hope he doesn’t pull an Evil and has the muffins poisoned. I’m guessing they’ll have a good tete-a-tete next week.

  4. corvuscorone68

    @EatingFurniture no the previous panels only featured the 2 girls on the blanket, Gay joined after the pr0n revelations

  5. chase

    The maturity here. Gay, you’re the best.

  6. EatingFurniture

    @corvuscorone68 I was thinking that the girls were eating and being spied on, then the porn revelations occurred while Gay came over, but I see that neither Sara nor Cara are eating sandwiches, and the plate only has crumbs, while on page 446, the girls each have sandwiches and 2 more on their plate, so this must be happening after the porn, unless this is the girls’ first meal in 5 days and they could eat an elephant in one bite in desperate need to satisfy their stomachs. So I was wrong, but not in the same way you explained.

    @chase Yeah, didn’t think Gay had this maturity, but I guess he just knows to be cautious. He didn’t respond this well last time someone new joined the family, to say the least..

  7. Michael Sirius

    And there he is, the man of the hour

  8. chase

    @EatingFurniture: Yeah. This is a peace-offering, and a way of showing he forgives Sara, believing she might actually come around; what she did doesn’t seem like it was a personality thing, but something bred into her by the repeated feelings of rejection from being booted out of so many zoos and maybe turned her heart a little hard. A little kindness can go a long way.
    Whereas Vanity’s just a brat and that IS his personality, here to stay. Heh.

  9. TaggertShare

    I love the look Cara gave Sara. Perhaps the best way to a Female Bear’s Heart is through her Tummy. Sexual preferences should have no Bearing on friendships. In College my of my Female friends was a Lesbian. Her Girl Friend always despised me though. In fact that Girl got in trouble for making threats to Male Students. Kudos to Cara and Gay.

  10. Infabulous

    It’s so nice to see the characters mature and develop through the archs. I remember Evil being a pure force of… Evil, but since “In Which Someone Dies!” he took a huge step foward. I personally love the way Gay acts towards Vanity, but I guess this is a different situation like chase said.

  11. Soroc

    FYI….The Qwertee site is disfunctional and the “BFF” shirt is not listed. Even when the “BFF” shirt is shown in a banner on the Qwertee site, it leads to a different style on their shirt-of-the-day page. (Have tried different O/S and different browsers, but no luck.)

  12. YetAnoutherBrian

    Talking about the difficult editor reminded me of a story I heard over the weekend. The version I heard on NPR was slightly different then this but the essence is the same.

  13. superchocoblue

    ⁄(⁄ ⁄ˊૢ⁄ ⌑ ⁄ˋૢ⁄ ⁄)⁄ Oh Gay…

  14. Cam

    Awww Gay. This made me so happy. I wasn’t sure of the girls becoming part of the main group but now I really hope they will.

  15. Urago

    @Cam: Me too. Cara became my favorite bear.

  16. Sterling Rodd

    @Urago: no way. Twilight Sparkle.

    Oh wait no I mean Nerd! Wrong band of colourful animals there. :D

  17. dizzie

    With all the “WHAT IS GOING ON” shouting he was doing during the whole sara drama i feel like he doesnt remember much of what happened or what she did. And i doubt the other bears would fill him in on the details on the matter. soooo id why he’s not as cautious as he should be. or maybe he just can relate better to females?

  18. EatingFurniture

    @dizzie It could be a combination of the two. It’s very likely that he gets along well with females though, him being gay and all.

  19. Timni

    aww is sister jealous?

  20. EatingFurniture

    @Timni which sister?

  21. superchocoblue

    @Timni: No. I interpret Sara’s face as having the “Why are you being so nice?” look. She did cause him a lot of pain. I could be wrong, though.

  22. Chris

    Gay is much more forgiving than I would be.

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