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November 17th, 2014

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So innocent!

And thanks to the “kids” at BUPL for having me out!  I had fun and I hope I was informative (I also can’t believe I talked for 2 ish hours).  It also snowed here most of the day Sunday; I may have to give up my stubborn yearly habit of wearing sandals as long as possible :(

Vote Incentive: Silly food tee (because broccoli is a jerk.)

Requisite silly Doctor Who shirt now available on Woot! Because pretty much all my designs are silly… ‘Busy Little Dalek’ is keeping busy… and I sort of want to do some kind of ‘Happy Little Borg’ shirt, but I’m not sure what that would look like…


  1. EatingFurniture

    You had to know somehow, Nerd. So I guess he never really did discover porn with all his time online.

    Also, how have the girls not heard anything? And what’s going to happen with Gay that makes him worthy of being on the title card? And what did Death do after he stormed away furiously like he did when snapping out of hypnosis? Eh, he probably just took a walk, really.

  2. rugibess

    gotta love the second to last panel Tanked wants to see more and Evil is being a creep

  3. Blacky Blackerson

    Huh, so Nerd has never seen porn before. Interesting. Well I guess his innocence is R.I.P

  4. Magasek

    @rugibess, I think Evil is thinking about rabbits…as in, yum that sounds tasty.

    Alison, I laughed so hard at the Daleks that I woke up everyone in the house. Thank god they are all Doctor Who fans, too, or I would have been in deep defecate.

  5. Infabulous

    I am pretty sure Lech is not the best around to teach about girls and sex in general since he almost got mangled by one.

    Oh and thank you @rugibess, now I can’t look at panel 11 without imagining Evil being a total pervert instead of just hungry.

  6. chase

    Oh my jibs, Nerd, you’re way too adorable

  7. superchocoblue

    Hee hee.

  8. Michael Sirius

    @Magasek Then how do you explain him turning to face the fourth wall when he said that?

  9. james

    @Blacky Blackerson Nerd has seen porn before at the beginning of the Itch chapter

  10. superchocoblue

    Sex-Ed, Bear Nuts style.

  11. rugibess

    @james yeah but they usually dont show “everything” on those shows

  12. Irma Vep

    I love how they cover his eyes but he still cops a look see

  13. Glowworm

    Heh, Tanked has to have his eyes covered!

  14. TaggertShare

    Don’t be embarrassed Nerd. When I was 10 I had to explain to my 16 year old Male Cousin “that rooster isn’t beating up that Hen, that is how they make little chicks come out of eggs”. My Cousin darn near went in Shock. By the way my 6th Grade Class was the first in our School District’s History to have a Sex Ed Class. The Boys got to see a Filmstrip and got a little booklet.

    My Girlfriend was shocked when I showed her my booklet. She showed me three large illustrated pamphlets and said:”You Guys got ripped off. We got these and saw three movies. They showed us everything about you Boys!”

    I hope Nerd gets more than just a Pamphlet and one Film for Sex Ed.

  15. Michael Sirius

    I can’t believe Prozac just stood there and let it happen

  16. Magasek

    @Michael Sirius, Evil didn’t say that, Prozac said it as he was walking away.

  17. Sparrow9612

    I actually did my own little Dalek doodle a number of years back:

  18. superchocoblue

    Nerd took that brief lesson rather well. When I was a fifth grader, a kid in my class ran out crying after the Sex Ed teacher started talking about the female reproductive organ and showed the diagram of what it looked like on the inside. His mother pulled him out of the health class.

  19. Brian Hibbs

    This makes me wonder, how old are the bears in relation to one another? We know that Vanity is the baby of the group, but is Nerd the second youngest?

    I understand the idea that he could not know about women because of the general idea that nerds know nothing about women, but couldn’t it also be that he is relatively young and hasn’t had much of a chance to learn? That makes more sense to me.

  20. Infabulous

    @Brian Hibbs: I always thought of them all having the same age, except for Vanity. But what you said makes complete sense since Nerd is one of the smallest.

  21. FinestBucket

    oh man, unless the topic is completely dropped, i have NO idea what is going to happen next. well, there are a few things i HOPE happen next *wink

  22. Michael Sirius

    Forget all of this, where Gay?

  23. Drawxne

    Wow, Prozac being dismissive and snarky? That’s a bit unsettling…

  24. EatingFurniture

    @Infabulous With all of the origin stories so far, it seems like all the bears were born and raised away from each other, so that’d be a pretty crazy coincidence.

  25. brent

    omg poor nerd

  26. Michael Sirius

    It’s too bad the book of Crack won’t be ready on before Christmas, I really wanted to ask for the book of Crack this Christmas.

    By the way, where can your order the books of Tanked and Nerd?

  27. rugibess

    @Michael Sirius Books 3 tanked and 4 nerd have not been realised yet

  28. tigerbiten

    I hid my face during the Sex Ed movie about childbirth in class that day; I don’t recall anything else…mostly it was my aunt’s romance novels that tuned me in about the human body and its various uses. That and Discovery Channel, then eventually HBO/Cinema late night movies.

  29. Cam

    Poor Nerd, it’s ok, you live in an all man-bear cave. Not your fault that you don’t know about females. Though I’m kind of surprised Crack even knows more than Nerd, or seems to by his expressions in the last two panels. I would think he’d be too scared or germaphobic to go too deep into it.

  30. Infabulous

    @EatingFurniture: In page 380(, it shows Nerd along Crack and Prozac when they were young. They all look like the same age, even though Nerd looks a little smaller than Prozac…still even if they don’t have the exactly same age I always thought the difference would be minimal.

  31. james

    Evil is extremely cute when he is not being evil

  32. Faiz

    why do i find Evil very cute and sickeningly adorable when he gives that face before the last panel? very suggestive i’d say ^0^

  33. Faiz

    does Nerd’s reaction towards porn implies that he’s one late bloomer? just asking

  34. Bry

    Am I the only one that laughed way harder than I should have at this page? ._.? x3!!

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