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November 10th, 2014

Page 447

Possible other things Nerd spends all his online time doing: binge watching obscure sci-fi shows, facilitating credit card fraud, indulging his secret Kirk/Spock slash fic habits.  He may also need to expand his current knowledge base… and with three boys, I’m happy to leave all “The Talks” to Jim :)  As long as he gets in there before my brothers.  I’m not sure there’s any coming back from the malicious misinformation of a sex talk with your uncles… OMG I am not looking forward to the teenage years.

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  1. EatingFurniture

    Lecherous Evil teasing an adorable and ignorant Nerd, as they often do. You’d think he’d do some research once he learned that the females were coming.

  2. Shenny

    I’m kinda worried about Prozac’s apathy towards the girls. Usually he would be the first to want them to stay because “they are bears,” but he seems to be making an exception for them. I guess everyone has their tolerance limits.

  3. rugibess

    Oh lech you bring a special kind of humor

  4. irispassion

    Aw, poor Nerd. That’s actually kinda cute.

  5. ToxicZangoose

    Woohoo! I finally have caught up with Bearnuts~ This is my first time seeing an update to the comic, and my first time posting. So in a sense, I am a new reader (started reading the comic about a week ago? Give or take), but have gone through every page up to this point. It’s generally nice to have another comic I can follow on a weekly basis, although I will miss having a large amount of backlogs of pages to read through…

    But enough of my rambling. Poor Nerd just doesn’t seem to get it… he really should take some time out of his busy internet life to do a little research on the opposite gender. Prozac’s response does worry me a bit though, unless this is just another “I’m getting more and more tired of putting up with everyone’s bullsh-” kind of response.

  6. Infabulous

    @Shenny: I wouldn’t call it apathy, he just realizes that it’s better for everyone if they give the girls a time to spend “alone” or at least a time without Lech near them.

    It’s funnny that even though Crack showed some shocked reaction on panel 4 (but it’s probably due his phobia of everything, even the word explosion), his face on panel 11 shows that even him knows better than Nerd about girls.

  7. Infabulous

    @Shenny: Forget my previous comment, I just saw the “I’m sure they’ll be gone soon.” I also always thought of him being the one that would try to make up for what happened last arch and bring everyone together.

  8. Michael Sirius

    Alison, do you still have your old vote incentives? You should put them up so new readers can see them as well.

  9. rugibess

    @Michael Sirius the old BN vote incentives can be found in the BN facebook page

  10. mehdi

    But I still think … they would explode.

  11. superchocoblue

    Yes, Nerd. Females explode once in a while.

  12. Michael Sirius

    Some not all

  13. TaggertShare

    Well Nerd, the more a Male tries to learn about (and understand) Females, the less He Knows. And yes some do explode, approximately once a month.

  14. D.Durand

    I never though of that. For all i know, they might be exploding stuff, yes.
    I going to look suspiciously at my young neighbours, just in case.

  15. Alister

    I can just see the gears turning in Nerd’s head now.

    “Female used Self-Destruct! It’s super effective!”

  16. Psycho

    OMFG Nerd, even Crack is calling you out in panel five…

  17. superchocoblue

    @Michael Siruis: Yes. Some, not all females.

  18. Faiz

    Lech: You’re always on the internet! What are you doing?!

    Just a hunch but it’s what Lech does when ‘net surfing and when alone, looks like we now know what he means! Hey! I ain’t that perv but I think it’s that way.

  19. Faiz

    was Nerd LARPing when he is alone? just asking!

  20. EatingFurniture

    @Faiz Yeah, I’m not sure how someone can be online for so long and not discover some nice nude pics. Not to mention his expression in the last panel.

  21. Michael Sirius

    @superchocoblue no I was actually talking to @rugibess but haha yes. But no, not all the vote incentives are only the Facebook page

  22. rugibess

    @Michael Sirius Yeah i noticed that not all lf the vote incentives are not there as well. I believe allison updates that and will eventually upload the more recent vote inncentives

  23. Sterling Rodd

    Nerd’s inexperienced? But I seem to remember him holding hands with an otter girl. I must have dreamed it. :)

  24. Infabulous

    @Sterlib Rodd: Did she explode?

  25. Sterling Rodd

    @Infagulous: I think they were drinking wine so yeah probably a little later in private. :)

  26. Lily

    My first reaction to Lech’s and Nerd’s interaction:

    The internet is for porn, the internet is for porn! Why you think the net was born? Porn, porn, porn!

    Clearly Nerd has never delved into that part of the internet. XD

  27. EatingFurniture

    @Lily he’s found it, he just didn’t understand it.

    @Sterlibg Rodd So where might that otter holding hand thing be, anyway?

  28. Alex

    The only reason I am holding back from going crazy about making a animated show on this would be the voice actors XD I really dwell who sounds like what, but sometimes you can really hear it

  29. EatingFurniture

    @Alex You could just make the dialogue be in captions. Alison is most likely way too busy, though, so it’d probably have to be a fan project.

  30. superchocoblue

    @Alex: A fan dub of the comic would be cool, no?

  31. Sterling Rodd

    @EatingFurniture: As I recall, it was a vote incentive some time ago.

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