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November 3rd, 2014

Page 446

Happy late Halloween everyone!  Every year I think it would be great to get an actual Halloween themed arc done and up at the right time, but I never get organized well enough :(  Here’s a Halloweenish vote incentive instead.

Also on my to-do list: girl bear bios!  When I get a chance, I promise!

ShirtWoot’s latest side sale has ‘Killer Tea Time’ up this week!


  1. GodoBola

    It’s funny how Lech doesn’t waana get involved with the girls anymore, it’s like “f* this! I don’t wanna be beaten anymore”, and on the other hand Nerd wants to have a go on them. Well, as he’s not a total Douchebag so…
    By the way I thought Lech would be all beaten up like Gay was in this story, must be the power of Glech love and IV bag sharing XD (Just kidding)

  2. EatingFurniture

    I’ve never seen Crack so scared, and that’s saying something. Well, I have, during the evil twin story arc, but this is the second most scared I’ve ever seen Crack.

  3. Blacky Blackerson

    Heh, Nerd is actually into the girls it seems. At least one of them. Go for the purple one. You might get lucky. Wouldn’t it be something if Nerd lost his virginity before lech xD

  4. rugibess

    @Blacky Blackerson OMG that would be hysterical Nerd would never let Lech live that down

  5. NAZF

    @Blacky Blakerson @rugibess: I could’ve swore something was mentioned sometime back about Lech and one of the monkeys… :/

  6. Magasek

    @NAZF: Yeah, but does that count? If a highlander hies o’er to the sheep pasture, does that ruin ‘im for the lassies?

    I love Crack in this…the drool…OMG! can he get his hands any farther into his mouth? Awesome :D

  7. Infabulous

    hmm, seems like Lech have been healed from all his injuries, except the claws marks on the sides of his head, maybe it’s a permanent scar? Also I wonder if Nerd will be the only one to actually get along with the girls.

    On a side note, almost everything looks “normal” compared to a bear with horns and a satanic symbol on his belly.

    P.S.: Sorry, but is the vote incentive supposed to be the one with Sunshine and the zombies? I remember seeing that one last week.

  8. rugibess

    @infabulous yeah it takes time before the new vote incentive replaces the other

  9. rugibess

    @myaboveself Nevermind infabulous you were correct ,but the picture has been altered a bit

  10. chase

    I love the grumpy Gay in the title panel. He has every right to be grumptastic. Though I still feel as though he’d be the best bet for becoming friends/getting along with the girls.

  11. chase

    I’d also love to see an apology from Sara at some point! :[ (And an edit button for comments!)

  12. admin

    My bad! Totally forgot to switch the vote incentive, but it’s done now.
    And I left those cheek claw marks in as those were the deepest, and it hasn’t been that long since “The Intro That Went Bad”.

  13. TaggertShare

    When it come to Females don’t count Nerds out. Remember “Revenge of The Nerds”? I got some Revenge in High School on The Jocks, and I did get a Hot Date with a Girl as a result. GO FOR IT NERD!

  14. Alister

    Of course you aren’t spying on the Lech! You’re just secretly watching them from a very, very safe distance without them knowing it! Toootally not spying at all.

  15. Alister

    on them*

  16. Michael Sirius

    I’m sure once Gay finds out that the girls are no threat (not trying to steal his man), he’ll simmer down.
    He obviously felt threatened by them.

  17. Shenny

    @Michael I think it’s the opposite, Sara felt threatened by Gay because she couldn’t control him. Hence why she tossed him out.

  18. rugibess

    @Michael Sirius and Shenny Hey it may be both

  19. Blacky Blackerson

    Speaking of Gay, remember when Vanity used to be his new enemy/rival? Wonder when that dropped. Oh well, Sara will fill that void xD.

    Also, if Nerd does get laid, he should have a boosted ego and become a temporary asshole just to fit.

  20. Dire

    Everyone’s reactions to Nerd in panel 8 are great, but Lech really steals this page for me for that deadpan stare. Also: It’s nice to see even Crack getting to hang out with team Lecherous Evil now. It may just be a coincidence, but I’m going to interpret his presence here as Evil being more accepting of him after A Crack in the Shell.

  21. Infabulous

    @Dire: Or he is just there along with Nerd, because in case they get caught, both are the slowest ones.

    The vote incentive is so sweet, but I can’t look at it without imagining Evil beating Nerd with that lightsaber. Just look at his smile. Also I would love to see in the future some special themed chapters, like Halloween and Christmas (specially Christmas).

  22. superchocoblue

    Oh come one boys, they won’t bite. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  23. EatingFurniture

    @superchocoblue You don’t know that.

  24. Michael Sirius

    @superchocoblue Of course they will, silly. Lech has the scars to prove it. But man, Gay looks unhappy. What’s wrong now?

  25. Sterlibg Rodd

    @Blacky: I don’t get the impression virginity has been an aspect of Lech’s character for a very long time. :)

    I’m missing something. I’m not sure why everyone’s so creeped out by Nerd remarking that the girls smell nice…

  26. Michael Sirius

    @Sterlibg Rodd You remember the last arc, right? The’re probably traumatized and for Nerd to still show interest is weird. I mean even Lech is turned off

  27. EatingFurniture

    @Michael Sirius Well, Gay did just have his entire family get focused on something only he can not relate with, making him the ultimate misfit in the situation, and then have almost his entire family hypnotized into slaving away for a female in probably less than an hour, then got brutally mauled by them, then abandoned in the hot heat on asphalt, forcing him to be saved by someone he’s not familiar with and an alcoholic family member, then have his fashion sense in neckwear mocked, and STILL have his brethren obsess over the newcomers, so I’d say his grumpiness is excusable.

  28. NAZF

    @Magasek: Considering most, if not all the animals in this comic are sentient, I would think so, but that’s just me…

    Basically, I consider it akin to whenever a human and an alien has ‘relations’ in sci-fi media (just, with no possibility of kids).

  29. Sterling Rodd

    @Michael: well, I suppose. It’s just that in my experience, guys will put up with a lot for the chance to run that race and break the tape. :)

    “Sterlibg”? Aw, for $@!%/#& sake. That’s what I get for doing comments on my phone… :P

  30. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture Touche, you’re right. I’d be pretty grumpy too. I get it now. Thank you

  31. EatingFurniture

    @Sterlibg Rodd I’m totally gonna call you Sterlibg from now on :3

  32. rugibess

    @EatingFurniture Agreed he will now be reffered to by one and all as Sterlibg

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