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October 27th, 2014

Page 445

I was just thinking the other day that in the wake of all this Ebola awareness… the preponderance of bodily fluids in BN may be a bit over the top… and I should probably donate to Doctors Without Borders again.

And before anyone gets mad: yes this isn’t over, no Sara doesn’t get off this easily (though I wouldn’t imagine cleaning vomit chunks out of fur is all that easy), and even if Gay isn’t particularly motivated to seek vengeance, I imagine others will be more than happy to get some for him.  Just give karma some time :)  And I know not everyone bothers to read the blog post so I’m sure I will still get the occasional message of mild to extreme dissatisfaction.  Dissatisfy away :)

ShirtWoot’s video game derby honourable mention side sale is up!  That’s a mouthful, and it’s only on for one week: get ‘Retro’ and ‘Angry Tetris God’ now!

And in honour of Halloween, here’s some slightly more recognizable bears engaging in some slightly more horrific behaviour… or not, depends on your vomit between your toes threshold…


  1. EatingFurniture

    How dare she dis the bowties!

  2. Shenny

    So are they never going to be called PMS and Slutty by the others?

  3. Shenny

    Also I love Tanked’s face in the eighth panel xD

  4. rugibess

    Ha called it I knew that robe was gays

  5. NAZF

    …Gee, those last two panels seem so familiar… XD (

  6. Infabulous

    It’s pretty funny when it comes to clothing and fashion sense, Gay literally ignores everything else. And I would like to agree with Sara in “bowties are bad taste”, but after googling some images I saw that some are pretty cool.

    Also, is that Funshine in the vote incentive? Hahaha, great one.

  7. superchocoblue

    @NAZF: yeah, I totally agree XD

  8. 'Drew

    I wonder if there’s room in this merry comic for a bear to transfer in that is named “Karma”, with typical powers of retribution… ;-)

  9. Alister

    Hey, it could be worse. At least it’s not Tanked puking all over your feet, right?

  10. TaggertShare

    Looks like a happy ending for Cara and Tanked, and Gay too if he aimed that stream of Puke well. That is one “Hurrp” of a way to get some revenge.

  11. Eprinc

    Yes let the vengeance plots begin! mwouahahaha. Today’s vote incentive would make an awesome t-shirt!

  12. Wasted

    Tanked’s face on panel 8 is the funniest thing ever

  13. Michael Sirius

    Aah, happy ending…Somewhat.
    I do wonder what happens next.
    Perhaps the Origin of Crack?
    That is a really nice robe though

  14. rugibess

    I love how sara is challenging gays fashion sense

  15. superchocoblue

    Gay is seriously made of iron. Not surprising though, since he’s been in quite a few fist fights. And as for Sara, we’ll have to wait on the karma to come.
    I clearly remember Allison stating she was going to write some fluffy/cheesy arcs to make up for the recent drama.

    Thanks again Allison. You always make my Mondays bearable :)

  16. rugibess

    Oh superchocoblue you are so unbearivable

  17. corvuscorone68

    ahahaha that was karma that Gay barfed up, he couldn’t keep it in, it was desperate to get out, he karma’d all over Sara

  18. superchocoblue

    @rugibess: May I ask why?

  19. rugibess

    @superchocoblue oh sorry I thought you were making a pun, Im guessing I was mistaken

  20. Sparrow9612

    You’ve probably been asked this question, but are you planning on updating the bear bio with Sara and Cara’s?

  21. superchocoblue

    @rugibess: I’m so sorry! I was making a pun,haha. I was half asleep when I saw your post. I apologize, I didn’t understand it :(

  22. dizzie

    yeahhh…is the bear bio going to be updated? soonish? maybe? pwease? ^O^;

  23. T-Shaw

    That was gross

  24. rugibess

    The next chapter will be called “lazy afternoon acclimations” for those who dont check the bear nuts FB, and in case your wondering what acclimations mean: It means adjustments in a sense

  25. Chris

    Tank’s face in panel 8.. :3 On a side note I think I’d be a lot more upset with ‘skank’ after she turned all the other bears on, and viciously beat, me.

  26. Alex

    Origin of Gay please!!

  27. Infabulous

    @rugibess: I just saw that, it looks like a Gay chapter, I am so excited.

    @Alex: I can’t wait to see Gay’s origin too, but I am pretty sure we will get Crack’s first since this year’s chapters are supposed to be “The Book of Crack”.

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