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July 14th, 2014

Page 430

There’s so much vomiting in this comic, and my house.  I think it comes with the territory of having three kids (and two stupid cats), and sometimes Evan just eats too fast and throws up on the table where the rest of us are eating too.  So… my apologies if you are also eating at the moment.

Teehunter interview avec moi about shirt designing!  If you look closely you’ll see a pic of me “hard at work” :)

Vote incentive:  I have a lot of fun with original bear commissions.


  1. T-Shaw

    MY GOSH! Lech is such a baby.

  2. chocoblue

    Happy Monday all!! And yeesh , Lech really needs some medical intervention :/

  3. 13thmaiden

    Hm…if she’s that violent, maybe Gimp would be a better choice for her? *snicker*

  4. NAZF

    Lol, Yes, you’re so hard at work… jk XD

    Probably every artist knows that feeling, and I’m pretty sure you do work your hardest on the comic/your art. On that note, I’d like to point out you forgot Evil’s horns.

    And as for the vomiting, as long as I don’t have to touch it, I’m fine… not that I wanna smell or taste (if itls coming out of me) it… :/

    …That’s tmi, isn’t it? ._.;

  5. NAZF

    *if it is

    I hate virtual keyboards… -_-;

  6. Salisria

    If there is a silver lining to this for Gay, it’s that since he doesn’t wear shoes, they weren’t just ruined. On the other hand, he might have preferred that to be the case.

  7. Magasek

    Ah, children and vomit, that takes me back…unfortunately not as far as I’d like. My oldest is 19, my youngest 9, but my last experience was only a few months ago when my 15 yo called “Daddy?” in the middle of the night and I lost a few hours sleep scrubbing the carpeting.

    My son would vomit if there was food on the table he didn’t like. He didn’t have to eat any of it, didn’t even have to have it on his plate, if it was in sight…well as Alison says, “Hork! Splatter!” Some of the funniest memories I have are of him sitting at the table eating lunch with his younger sister. He hated cheese and, of course, she ate cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. So all through lunch he’d sit facing away from the table so he didn’t have to look at “the cheese” (which was cut into tiny cubes and hidden under the bread smashed into the peanut butter anyway, but he knew it was there and couldn’t bear to look at it).

    Sorry, Alison. I hope you weren’t hoping to hear that they outgrow it. :)

  8. abowden

    Huh, I guess he actually DOES have standards, grievous bodily harm is what it takes for him to NOT have sex with something.

  9. tyramisu

    I just love the expressions on Gimp and Death, an almost workman type look.

    D: Here, I’ll hold it open for you.
    G:Yeah, ok, thanks. I have the sponge and the antibacterial.
    applies it
    G: What a baby.
    D: it didn’t hurt that bad, you big baby.
    G: I am sooo not cleaning that up.
    D: What the hell have you been eating lately?

    Great expressions, :D

  10. Cam

    I knew the pink one would be bad as soon as I saw her. But…Nerd is missing….I have a bad feeling Nerd’s going to be her next target, either that or Gay. And apparently S&M is where Lech draws the line. I wonder if Gimp will try her out. ;)

  11. Cam

    Btw, when are we going to learn their names? It’s starting to bug me, I really want to know. XD

  12. mt14

    So they *are* animals, after all :). I was starting to be afraid…

  13. Vausch

    I’d have to say in terms of pairings: The feisty one is definitely more Gimp’s style and the moody one is honestly somewhat fit for Gay, even if it’s just as a friend. I mean think about it; Gay understands women better than most of the bears (surprisingly) and is able to form strong friendships and understand emotions best. They’d get along well since he could easily help her cope.

  14. admin

    @NAZF: Ooops! I totally missed those horns! Nice catch :)
    @Magasek: I figured as much, judging from my “adult” brothers who seem to enjoy the bi-weekly beer binge induced vomiting session… that never really goes away :(

  15. Sterling Rodd

    Oh, this was a fun page. :) I’m disappointed in Lech… I thought rough was his style. Guess it’s back to the monkeys for him. :) But if that one girl’s in heat, well… wasn’t that kind of the idea? I suppose the bears are a little more romantic about these things than the guys running the zoo.

    That’s a great vote incentive design! Are you going to colour it? It would make a really charming T-shirt, I think.

    Alison! You’re not just missing Evil’s horns… you’re missing Nerd! :O

    @Magasek: Wait a minute… cheese AND peanut butter? In the same sandwich? Oh, God, make room there, Lech… HORK—

  16. Urago

    Just as long as Slutty stays away from Vanity… Vanity is a cub, after all.

  17. Salisria

    @Sterling Rodd I know someone who ate peanut butter, pimento cheese, and bologna sandwiches.

  18. Lara

    Gah… right into the fountain! Thanks Lech…

  19. Demigoddess

    Either PMS can get a hold of herself quickly, or ‘dem swings’ are off the charts, god help us, not even doctors have an idea bad. But wouldn’t she start crying once she knew ‘it was happening again, off to the crates’?
    Why do I get the feeling this is going to be like Prozac without his pills… Pink tearing through the habitat, (or sashaying) while everyone hides behind rocks? Will she try to lure them out?
    OH OH another name idea that is probably stupid: Temptress?

  20. Fel

    Rape isn’t funny.

  21. chocoblue

    I hope Nerd is alright though, since he’s not here. Miss pink better stay away from Evil and Death ;)

  22. Drake-Lord

    Love some of those t-shirt designs Alison.

    I already own the Nightmare King t-shirt myself.
    Keep up the good work.

    We all enjoy it.

  23. TaggertShare

    Don’t be too hard on Lech. I was looking at one of the Animal Husbandry (breeding) guides I got in College. In a side chapter it included some wild animals, including Bears. Sometimes a Female Bear in Estrous (Heat) will get fearful (Males are often bigger, especially if it is a young Female). She will then swat the Male. Males seldom retaliate. They just bide their time until they get a chance to Mate with her. So Lech or one of the other boys just might bide their time and get her yet.

    On a side note: I just love “little Ms. Purple” and her expressions. She so reminds me of a girl I knew at UMPI. Except the Bear ain’t quite chubby enough.

  24. D.Durand

    On Gay’s feet ! Good thinking, Lech.

    By the way, didn’t Prozac want somebody able to cope with HIS moodS ? Well, he has somebody that probably don’t even notice them, now.

  25. Urago

    Wait… I just remembered that each bear has a room marked by their emblem.

    (Example: Crack’s room has a syringe on the door)

    When will the two female bears have their own rooms too?

  26. ariane

    Heh – I’ve got quite a number of those shirts!

    Pretty instant karma for Gay with his comment to Lech!

  27. admin

    @Sterling: I’m not on purpose shunning Nerd or anything, but I realize here (and the next pages) I just totally forgot him.
    @Salisria: gross
    @Fel: no, it isn’t, and I didn’t go there. Physical abuse generally isn’t funny either… but I go there all the time.
    @Drake-Lord: :) thanks!
    @Taggert: right! I watched some videos on bears… tender it ain’t.
    @ariane: :D

  28. Cayman Sharp

    Just realised tankeds blue neck thing was an untied tie….wow

  29. DHJones

    Hey Alison you should make a cast page because it’s going to be hard for the new readers to know who’s who in the web-comic o-o

  30. Nuneara

    The cast is shown in Bear Bios in the header.

  31. Coo Coo Ca Chu

    @DHJones : isn’t that what the Bear’s Bio page is for?

  32. anonymouscomment

    @DHJones: She has one its called Bear Bios

  33. Faiz

    just what happened to lech? i don’t get the part where he puked i mean did he eat something or he smelled something nauseating or a bit sick?

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