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July 21st, 2014

Page 431

Pink bear rage!  Blue bear cower!  Other blue bear tries reason!  It’s ineffective.

Remember how I was talking about vomit the other day?  Guess what Sam did a couple of days ago??  Came out of bed around 2 am, said his neck hurt, then puked through the upstairs railing… floor, walls, decorative plant in pot, half the stairs, I think maybe my shoe… need more wipes.

Having fun with Who designs :)  I also hid another fairly prominent BBC star in there…

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Vote incentive:  a birthday pic for a little cutie :)


  1. J.

    You-know-what just got real. Run for your lives, guys! Those pheromones are gonna wreak havoc!

  2. abowden

    Oh dear… perhaps, after the initial ownage, they’ll wise up and wear respirators?

  3. Magasek

    She needs to be careful. If “Pro” hulks out or if Death touches her, she may just get more than she bargained for.

    And OMG!!! Dr. Who geeking out time!! I just spent an hour just staring at the tee working out just who everyone was. Awesome Prof. Song and 11 in his Fez, and 10 with his “gorgeous” hair!! By the way, am I correct that the lady reading on the headstone is Miss Sarah Jane Smith with the weeping angel (actually weeping) next to her? A tribute to the lovely Elisabeth Sladen who we lost too soon?

  4. dizzie

    i feel like death and prozac are perhaps too gentlemen-like to strike back at a female…and the others i doubt have much backbone. claws hurt! however methinks Evil and PMS have the best chance at keeping pinky bear in check. also are the girls gonna be permanent additions to the group or will they be a one time story like sloth was?

  5. cayman

    iv been meaning to ask are the bears speaking english like could the humans hear them and be like wow talking bears or are they speaking an animal language

  6. Constace

    I hope someone hits her. I’ve no belief in ‘a man can’t hit a woman’. If she strikes you strike. It’s a dog eats dog world. ;P

  7. Constace

    Btw, Lech seems to be teleporting like Doctor Who. He’s behind Gay, then behind Prozac, and then back behind Gay. :P

  8. SamuelAdamsH

    Wipes? Sounds like you need a wet/dry shop vac!

  9. Vausch

    Anybody else hearing Vicky’s voice from Fairly Oddparents coming out of Pink right now?

  10. Xixi

    I… I love her. :’D

  11. cayman

    also im new to this comic and its awesome suprising iv read through 6 years of awesome

  12. cayman sharp

    been meaning to ask do the bears speak english if a human heard them would they be like woah talking bears or do they just speak and animal language

  13. Delakando

    I think we just found Evil’s true love!

  14. Irma Vep

    oooh bio-warfare time. Would Gimps mask act as a gasmask? (or does he have a full gasmask for special going out occassions)

    Gay should be immune, death…well he’s death. would Gimp happily roll over? And “Pro” should be in check with his emotions or he going to hulk out and someone is going to get hurt (Gimp get the med box now)

  15. cayman sharp

    oops commented twice i thought it erased the first one

  16. chase

    Dude. She’s way outnumbered. But at the same time, I suppose she might think that if anyone of them hurts her, they’ll get shipped out. So she’s either really smart or really dumb. We’ll see.
    I love Evil getting ready to cut people though.

  17. chase

    Also, I like how purple bear is nowhere to be seen all of a sudden. She wasn’t kidding; maybe they should hide.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    Wow, this is looking pretty cool. Are those pheromones she’s putting out? That could make things interesting…

    Where IS Nerd? Everyone’s in sight but him.

  19. TBA

    If it isn’t the cast from Top Gear I don’t care.

  20. Demigoddess

    @Vausch Yep, thanks for that XD cannot be un-heard, but it works, at least.
    @chase Evil genius, perhaps?
    @SterlingRod Oh god. Pheremones. Thank you for pointing that out… now I’m scared for our bros.
    Fingers crossed for Prozac to hulk up before…things… happen. D:

  21. TaggertShare

    Well she is definitely an Alpha Female or Alpha Sow as she is a Bear. If she were a Dog she would certainly be a Bitch. Gives a whole new meaning to “Love Hurts”.

  22. Lara

    I think out of all of them Gimp may be best for Pink-bear? (I really want to tall her Kinky…)
    Purple-bear use Bitchslap!

  23. GodoBola

    man, I don’t know who is more freightening, the Pink bear or Evil 2.

  24. Medievalkite

    Eep lol I’m hoping that determined look means Death is gonna zap her. Might be the only one who can stop her

  25. Erin

    They’re so tiny in the image …Sherlock?

  26. Boodle

    I figure that the fumes will accomplish one of two things:

    1) That it will knock her out. If this is the case, it’s likely that PMS could be wielding them since she’s aware of what Slut is capable of doing and doesn’t want to leave just yet.

    2) It will lure her away. I can’t help but think that this will be Nerd coming out wearing a scent that he thinks will make Slut more likely to come on to him. After all, he saw it work with Letch and Slut, right? Of course if successful, it could result in him being very, very sorry. But then if it doesn’t work and it’s actually the worst scent ever (cue SexPanther scene from Anchorman), it could work in driving her off.

    I’d say that she would be perfect for Gimp when she’s in heat, but the whole thing about BDSM is that both partners care about each other and Heat-Slut doesn’t seem like she’d listen to a safe word.

  27. Rainey

    That last panel…holyshitrun! XD

  28. Wasted

    Death looks like he’s gonna zap the slut outta her :)

  29. Tyrone

    I forgot the name of the pink she-bear,she appears to be a tad bit dominant!
    Leach don’t want noneofthat! Lol!
    I thought leach would be a bit kinky and go for something like that?
    At least until he found out that getting shredded up during foreplay ,isn’t his ideal of a guud tyme!
    Move over praying mantises and black widow lovers! It’s about bear luv!
    I’m sure Prozac wouldn’t hit a little girl bear that has a “few rules of her own”?
    Will this event end up on the “ID” (Investigation discovery channel)?

    Don’t mean to sound sick and twisted,but your description of what happened with your son…… is is just as funny as your comic!
    Isn’t it any wonder that this comic became a great success!
    I hope your son is feeling and doing better!
    Plus no more unforeseeable events like this one!

  30. T-Shaw

    Looks like she’s about to blow on all the other bears.

  31. ponyhome

    Don’t make Prozak angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

  32. Cam

    Oh dear, those look like pheromones…I still think Nerd is gonna have a little air-time himself cause he still hasn’t appeared. I wonder if he’ll end up with miss lips there or at least soothe that savage beast.

    Btw I heard a joke on the radio today that reminded me of this comic.
    “Apparently a polar bear at a zoo is suffering from depression, the keepers are moving it to a new zoo in order to save its life. To get an example of how depressed this bear is, instead of fish, the visitors are now asked to throw Prozac.”

  33. NAZF

    …If those are pheromones, I hope they’re not her’s, otherwise the boys are effed. :/

  34. Dinosauregg

    I love how all the guys are looking at her now that she’s threatened Prozac… DEFEND YOUR LEADER GUYS! I assume the next one will have some action :3

  35. Sparrow

    @Vausch – Oddly, I actually heard her as speaking in an angry Misty (from Pokemon) voice.

  36. Roslyn

    Something tells me that Gay just might save the day this time.

  37. Aephius

    I gotta be honest man, this is one of the things I was afraid of, and it’s way before the ladybears ever showed up. the comic seems to be getting way more dramatic and way less light hearted

  38. Sterling Rodd

    Hey Alison just saw your reply from the previous strip. Well pooh… and here I was, thinking our boy was off with the moody one, becoming a man. In, y’know, an ursine sorta way. ;)

  39. Gabrielle

    daaammmm..Pinky’s about to go on a rampage.

    I’m hoping PMS is the smart one of the two and knows how to handle her when she’s uhm..needy
    Also,I’m loving everyone’s looks in the bottom corner panel,especially Death’s and Evil’s

  40. Whitnay

    Suddenly PMS doesn’t seem so crazy…

  41. Nicole

    Hoo boy. The lads better bolt.

  42. Huh?

    Crazy statistic:
    40% of domestic violence victims are male.

  43. AbsoluteSero

    Oooooh boy. Yeah, threatening Prozac probably isn’t a good idea judging from the third-to-last panel. Don’t see Cracked being any help, but the rest look pretty ready to jump her if that claw goes too far. (And not ‘jump’ in the way she wants, hurr hurr.) :)

    I wouldn’t have thought of the pheromones idea, not that it wouldn’t stir the pot even more. Even if Lech got away now, this’ll surely come back around sooner or later. Girls stereotypically are renowned for remembering these sorts of things, right? XD

  44. li`l guesser

    I bet, Gay will save`em all=)

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