Page 432
July 28th, 2014

Page 432

I apologize again for totally forgetting to put Nerd in the last few pages.  Unfortunately he’s not off planning some daring rescue… not today at least :)

I’ve spent the last few days being less productive than usual and getting caught up on Comic Con news/panels.  It’s pretty distracting, and every year it seems like there’s more going on than before.  The Arrow season three trailer is intense!  And they’ve only shot like 2 episodes so far??  I was never a big Wonder Woman fan but that still looks great; her “armour” covers more than I expected.  2 and a half hour Marvel panel that people lined up over night for??  Dedicated I guess?  I’d never heard of Kevin Smith’s planned “Canadian Horror Trilogy” which sounds exciting/irreverent, but the trailer for “Tusk” made me super uncomfortable, and I don’t think I can watch the whole movie…  Firefly video game :)

New contest!  Head on over to the Bear Nuts Facebook page and LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT on the Nerd Block post, plus you have to go LIKE the Nerd Block page to enter.  We’ll randomly pick one name and announce the winner on Monday Aug 4th.  You can also use the DOOOMCAT code for a 10% discount to sign up for your own Nerd Block subscription!  Random surprise nerdy goodness sent to your door every month :)

Also, if you have a Shirt Woot account please go VOTE for my latest ninja shirt.  It’s the return of Oblivious, Unstealthy’s cousin :)  (Woot still has my Oblivious vs Godzilla design in the queue as well…)  I haven’t had time to enter Woot’s derbies in awhile but the theme was glow in the dark and this popped in my head.  My head likes implied violence.

And lastly, vote incentive:  because I like pie as much as Dean :)


  1. Boodle

    Plus you also have to figure that none of them have really been around female bears since they were taken away from their mothers, so they have absolutely no tolerance for female pheromones. I’m guessing that it’ll likely just take Gay’s system a while to figure out what the new smell is and realize that it isn’t quite connecting.

    Or maybe he’s just pretending to be affected, since he does act fairly closeted and he probably figures “oh wait, everyone else is affected- I should act this way as well!” It’s also possible that his occasional half-hearted protestation that he’s not gay is actually the truth and he only *acts* like a stereotype of a gay man, which is always possible.

  2. Doki

    @Boodle …what. No. No I’m gay and I’m 100% completely positive that I want absolutely nothing to do with female breasts. No aspect of the female private areas holds -any- interest to me. While breasts seem to be a point of exception for some homosexuals, that is not a blanket truth. I’m sorry, it’s just not.

  3. Yu Huo

    Well, I don’t know about you guys, but the boys don’t seem to be very excited, if you get my drift. Or happy. Or anything but rather depressed and exanimate. Whatever emotion she’s working on here, it isn’t drawing them inexorably to her femininity.

  4. Sterling Rodd

    @Booky — Good points. I think you’re right; we’ve sold Alison short thinking she’d limit one of these new characters to controlling others just with sex.

  5. Wasted

    thats a really good idea.
    on another note – will the archive page ever be updated again? lol.

  6. Wolfe & Windsilver

    Dunh dunh DUNH!

  7. J.

    Panel 6, page 429. Maybe we have our hero right here? ;-)

  8. Faiz

    oh bollocks. guess this’ll be the worst case scenario ever happened to them, falling for her woman spell.

  9. Pledge Gallant

    The girls are back in town? :D

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