Page 433
August 4th, 2014

Page 433

Ugh to the tired and cliched title but I just couldn’t think of anything else, and you can kind of take it quite literally and not in the Spice Girls way.  And look!  Nerd’s back!  Totally forgot about him for like how many pages?  So sorry that he was not in fact stealthily working away on some sure to be foolproof plan to save the day… speaking of stealthy, or not so stealthy… Oblivious Ninja Rocks out (in glow in the dark!) is available now at Woot!  For one week only then this one won’t be available in the back catalogue all the time as the glow ink is a speciality thing.

Plus I do get the occasional request about larger tee sizes and unfortunately I usually can’t accommodate everyone as some sites only go to about 2x, but Neatorama actually offers larger sizes now (up to 6x I believe) so check them out if that’s what you’re looking for.

And if you’re interested, here’s another little interview with me, specifically about Bear Nuts this time.

My parents would of course pick the opening weekend of ‘Guardians’ to go on vacation :P  How dare my free babysitting service desert me??  So still waiting to go see that one and trying to avoid all interesting sites and friend’s opinions (other then that all my friends loved it, and some have seen it twice already).  Still managed some fan art though :)


  1. Mindsend

    !!! So Tanked is possibly either gay or asexual perhaps? Beersexual? Curious to see if thats gonna have anything mentioned about it at some point.

  2. Bort

    Oh god! I hope it’s true about Tank instead of his Brain cells gone! DX

  3. gamehunter8

    Gay+Leach+Tanked= GO TEAM Drunken Peasants!!!!

  4. NekoD

    Okay what we got here: a gay bear, an alcoholic bear and an emotional unstable bear against a pheromon queen and her dizzled servants :D Guess it will get to a girl fight in the end.
    Alison it was great of you to finally add thouse 2 ladies but could you update the Bios page at least with their names, please?

  5. J.

    Oooh, she’s deliciously fiendish! I wouldn’t drop your guard around her, guys!

  6. NekoD

    @Mindsend Tank already met the true love of his life- alcohol, so only time he gets ‘love drunk’ is when he gets drunk. And Tank is one bear to be absolutely loyal when it comes to love.

  7. NekoD

    @J. imagine her being caged at the end with warden Gay, so the other bears won’t open the door when she uses her pheromones again. Of coursehe’ll be a stylish warden :)

  8. Doki

    Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you.

  9. Midanor

    I’m actually a bit disappointed that Death fell too. Would have thought of him more as asexual…not caring :-)
    Oh well…now arleady curious where you go with it

  10. Feather Quill Inkpot

    I think that is the calmest that we’ll ever see Crack. XP

  11. Kath

    did you notice that crack and tank have the same eye color?? while tank gets his fur color from his mom, her eyes were a different color, and it is possible that crack was there when tank’s mother came around, (of course we really don’t know what started his neurosis but one could speculate it was getting his heart broken. ) with all things with this breeding program, ether the kid will stay behind, there won’t be any kids or if they are both female that the baby bears will be shipped off too. (sad to say) and yes, It would be nice to know their names!!

  12. Dire

    Dang after Gay put on his formal vest and everything.

  13. Unbearable

    Did anyone noticed they all have the same eye colour? Probably it’s the pheromones’ effects.

  14. K. Dragon

    It is going to be amusing if she tries to force Death to cuddle. Now, is Tanked immune because of messed up brain chemistry, or is he noseblind, or because….?

    This is almost certainly the most calm I’ve ever seen Crack.

  15. Adekii

    It’s been several pages, have we even see the names of these characters yet? Or are they going to be so temporary that they won’t be named at all?

  16. jeroen

    I can relate to your babysitting problems, haven’t seen a movie with my wife in a while (made me miss Malificent)

    Love the ninja shirt. Too bad about the overseas shipping charges…

  17. CluelessEvil

    Might wanna keep Crack on those phenomenons, this is the calmest I’ve ever seen him lol

  18. Alister

    Man, Evil looks like a doped up puppy.

  19. Cayman

    i went to the cincinnati zoo yesterday and i get back to a new page awesome now im wondering 2 things where lech is and if pms is gonna beat the shit out of slutty gay tanked lech and pms vs the world

  20. chase

    I’m pretty sure once they actually speak their names in the comic that their bios will be updated.
    Also, I think Tanked is unaffected just because he’s kinda… um. Messed up.
    It’s either gonna be a girl fight in the end and PMS will be the only thing that keeps Pink bear in line so that way she can actually stay in the comic. Unless someone resolves this and is able to repeat their results, I don’t see how this sort of thing is going to fly every darn time Pink bear feels a little frisky.

  21. Topazert

    Gay not being affected is obvious, Tank not being affected because his senses are too dulled by his years of drinking, and Lech because hes seen behind the veil and will not be fooled again and is pumped up on adrenaline from being wounded.

  22. Urago


  23. D4rtagnan

    Ummmm…I don’t really get why, Vanity is effected. Isn’t he a Panda bear?
    Panda are not even in the same order as actual bears. They are more closely related to raccoons.

  24. chocoblue

    I’m betting this is the reason Moody Bear (I’m sticking with that name for now)became so unstable. Miss Pink here just glamoured all male bears in their area. That left Moody all alone and with no chance of finding love :(
    Then her mood swings just scared off any potential mates.

  25. Dinosauregg

    Tanked and Gay XD Oh yeah!

  26. Injy.

    Asexual Tanked headcanon go go go!

  27. Aephius

    OKAY… okay… er… good. I was so, so pissed off at the last update because it was mildly implied that gay was affected as well, which would have evoked the whole stupid “nobody is truly gay/sexuality is all in your head” theory/discussion, which is a theme I really did not want to see or discuss again, especially in a comic themed like this :L

    I got all pissy prematurely, but that’s the reason I can’t stand siren/pheromone themes. I’ve had a number of discussions about “what would happen if there was a siren and one person was gay/asexual/etc” and I’ve had a number of people respond with “oh, well, it would affect the gay character too because (_INSERT SELF-JUSTIFIED WAY OF SAYING “SEXUALITY IS A CHOICE” HERE_)” and boy let me tell you it’s not a discussion I like having

  28. TaggertShare

    Wow! The ‘Battle of the Sexes’ has evolved into Biological/Chemical Warfare. Nerd should know a solution to that. Females also have a Vomeronasal Organ. Knowing such things is how we nerds manage to score sometimes. Maybe Nerd can use such knowledge and turn the table (or bed) on her.

  29. Thwaitesy

    Gay and Tanked to the Rescue….who’d a thunk it.

  30. Cam

    I guess Tanked isn’t affected cause he’s basically always drunk and never in his right senses anyway. Is Lech also affected? He’s not there, unless his fear is keeping him from being affected. And dang, Nerd got affected too huh? I thought he would be somewhere else since he wasn’t in the last few.

  31. Faiz

    Knew it! Tanked n’ Gay aren’t affected to this! Tanked as we know *excuse the term* is too dim-witted to know about it. But I’m pretty surprised to see Cracked for the first time being calm or like being drugged w/ girl pheromones.

  32. WerewoofVonMindfang

    Those.guys being a team will be interesting but with deaths death touch it may not be needed :3

  33. Ropo

    I’m surprised by how many of you are theorizing that Tanked isn’t affected because his senses have been dulled by years of drinking. Have you people never been drunk before? Alcohol ENHANCES sexual desire (although it often inhibits performance). Are you all so afraid to face the much more plausible explanation that Tanked is gay? And if that’s the case, I say good for Alison for making sexual preference a non-issue. (Another possibility – Tanked has actually been a girl all along…?)

  34. Constace

    So will Gay finally accept / admit he’s gay during this arc? :P

  35. Lara

    I think Tank can’t smell anything, or his brain has been altered that the pheremones don’t work…
    Whoot, Go guys, GO!

  36. Xuncu

    Tanked internal monologue: “Do you have any IDEA how many chemical compounds I have *ingested* at any given time?!?”

  37. Avigayil

    I too am disappointed that Death was so affected. I was hoping he would become the balance… ‘behave or zap’

  38. dizzie

    well played. well played. haha good to see gay is immune to her tricks. tanked was abit of a suprised but in retrospect it does make sense…he made it clear afew pages back that his ideal companion is beer. SO im guessing he’s either asexual OR has an resilience to brain altering chemicals due to heavy alcohol consumption ..or perhaps both. :O hm. if i im gonna guess here….methinks death would probably able to shake it off once he gets accustomed to the smell. also where did pms go? surly she isnt gonna put up with this AGAIN? D:

  39. rtlstien

    Wouldn’t it be a twist if Gay was a female bear this entire time? Perhaps just pretending to be a gay male bear? Maybe I’m just over thinking it.

  40. ninkurou

    PMS bear, Gay and Tanked must join forces to defeat the Pink Bear!

  41. Whitnay

    It’d be really sad if PMS is a lesbian and she gets effected too…

    I’d like to see her team up with Gay and Tanked to save the day!

    Also, where’s teleporting Lech? Did he teleport away?

  42. Nicole

    Oh, no you didn’t! Please just have her go after Death…please!

  43. Gamingmasterplan-tation

    I am betting that Lech, Tank, Gay and PMS bear would do a team up to stop them.

    Shame that Nerd was affected. Thought he was FAN-sexual!

    What, no *buh-dum! TISH!*?

  44. MicaXIII

    while it could be that he’s just too drunk, that fantasy he had earlier makes me wonder if Tank’s asexual

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