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August 11th, 2014

Page 434

Ooo… looks like they’re both crossing the line here…

I update this on Sunday nights and I’m totally going to bed early and not getting any work done tonight, raging headache and my eyes are super sore.  I haven’t needed drops in months (post lasering) but they feel like I’ve worn my contacts too long :(  Going to go drown my eyes, so good night everyone!


  1. Anonymous

    Now I’m rooting for Slutty, Gay called her a whore.

  2. klonet

    Dayum, claws are inminent.


    Well he’s Gay, so he’s kinda socially allowed to that (I guess)

  3. All

    I’m really hoping he is going to bitch slap her so hard that she is knocked out. I am glad he is standing up for the guys and tank is pretty much there to watch. I can’t wait too see this fight go down. My money is on Gay, go Gay, go..

  4. DozerTheDozerian

    No! Not the bow tie! Anything but this!

  5. Whitnay

    omg Gay’s face in panel 5 is priceless.

    I’m hoping PMS steps in and takes up her challenge….though seeing Gay try to duke it out with Slutty could be pretty funny!

  6. Daka

    She’s basically talking about sleeping with everyone and getting rid of anyone that won’t sleep with her. She’s definitely a whore.

  7. Vausch

    Go for it, Gay. If she’s going to live here, she has to learn fights are commonplace and nobody is exempt.

  8. Cayman Sharp

    Gay fights with Lech all the time hopefully he can take her on but im pretty sure lech tanked or pms will step in and fuck her up

  9. Cayman Sharp

    oh btw i cant miss tankeds derp face in panel 3 too gud

  10. Daefaron

    “Bow Ties are cool.”

    All I could think of with that line about bow ties being last year :P.

    Honestly, I’m not liking the female bear, whatever her name officially is. Mainly because I dislike any character that goes “HA, so worthless!” toward another because of gender, race, or whatever. Simply because most of those times, it’s part of a superiority complex or something.

  11. Snarf

    I hope Slutty gets killed in the same way that Evil-Evil did. She’s such a terrible character. She just effortlessly took over almost all of the main cast. That completely ruins the whole group dynamic and all of the development. And don’t get me started on the things it implies about men and women.

    I do kinda hope PMS and Prozac take on sort of a mother/father role for the group. And that Slutty gets replaced with a better female character.

  12. chase

    YES! Yes, I hope he IS going to fight you! But I don’t really see that happening. I’m willing to bet they get ready to fight and then PMS steps in and does the fighting instead (or solves the issue in some fun way). I feel a little bit like if a zookeeper spots a dude bear beating the crap out of the new girl bear that it might spell trouble for the dude bear, sadly.

  13. chase

    She’s obviously trying to bait him into fighting her anyway; she likely knows he’ll be the one getting in trouble. (Also, what if the other bears don’t remember anything when they snap out of their spell?? I bet it sucks to be Gay to try to prove that he had to beat her up for a good reason)

  14. Yu Huo

    Is this where we find out that Tanked is a Kung Fu master? Drunken Master style, of course.

  15. Dire

    Oh Lips, if you knew the history of the exhibit you just got moved into, you might not taunt him about a fight. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d just get one of the other guys to fight in her stead, still hypnotized.

    I love that post-Evil 2, it’s not just Evil 1 that’s a bit more willing to grudgingly admit the bears’ relationship as a screwy little family.

  16. Deangermouse

    CAGE MATCH !!!!!!!!

  17. D.Durand

    It’s war !
    And since it’s not a Politicaly Correct webcomics, the mens have a good chance to win !

  18. TaggertShare

    Well Gay. Girls are affected by pheromones too. Fight fire with fire. However a Girl vs. Girl fight would be great. I witnessed one in High School. It was one of the most brutal and dirty fights I ever witnessed. The Male Teachers didn’t dare to break it up, they let the Women do it. Let the other Girl Bear tear her up. In College there was a Lesbians versus Lesbians fight. Six girls got arrested!

    If the Girls did fight I can just picture Tanked watching with popcorn in one paw and beer in the other. Pass the Beer Nuts!

  19. Mikey

    Still one of the best web-comics on the internets. I am so pining for another book compilation. Go GAY!

  20. Rudy

    “I’m still in the process of expanding my closet so I can fit my whole Prada collection in there.”

    Gay killed me there! He got his priorities in the correct order!! XD I would so love to have a peak at that closet!!! GO GAY!!!!!

  21. Oddity

    I’m curious if she behaves this way when she’s not in heat. I could almost feel bad for her if she’s being driven by her own hormones (having had to live with a cat in heat before I know they are pretty much nuts), and it would be a chance to redeem this mess of a character.

  22. Salisria

    Those pheromones of hers are likely because she’s in heat. I wonder if Gay is about to make the supreme sacrifice and mate with her to put her out of heat.

  23. Whitnay

    @Snarf Wow, that’s some serious hate of Slutty Bear.

    I don’t think she’s going to go away so easily. I personally like how she’s being introduced as a villain, but only because I have hopes that she’ll get reformed (at least partially) and won’t be this annoying in future.

  24. Faiz

    Looks like a cat fight is about to ensue—- err… I mean a Bear fight!

  25. Railerat

    I’m diggin’ it that Gay AND Tanked are immune here–although I wonder what exactly Tanked’s immunity is. He’s kind of a perpetual child, but he’s also already soaked in chemicals that kind of affect the brain.

    Also, I think I like the idea that there’s another bear besides Death who’s got a little bit more going on, if that makse sense. Deathtouch/electricity, pheromones… I mean, I suppose Prozac hulks out. Evil sprouted his own horns. Tanked’s body pickled itself in self-defence. But this seems a little more… technically questionable without ever being ~oo magic~, and I don’t know why, but I like it.

    And this is probably good for Cracked’s blood pressure. You can’t have a panic attack while you’re tranced. (Or can you?)

  26. DaNTe

    gay is about to whoop slutty’s ass

  27. NAZF

    @Salisria: Don’t see it happening. :/

    @Faiz: …Aw, you beat me to that joke… :C

    Anyway, she crossed the line the moment she started getting violent with Lech. Kinda hoping that Gay does actually fight her, but in the end it’s probably going to be a girl-on-girl fight.

    As for Lech, people seem to think he’s unaffected by Pinky’s (temp name) pheromone trick; I seriously doubt it. He’s either as affected as the other guys, or he ran. Those are the only two outcomes I see for him. :/

  28. NAZF

    Also, feel better, Alison! C:

  29. tigerbiten

    Oh Lord…his face in panel 9! ROFL!

  30. Derp

    O__o Go gay go!!

  31. dizzie

    OH Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrl you gone and dun it now. he gonna slap you into next week. D:

    also i kinda find it strange that tanked hasnt eaten his bow tie yet. did he forget its there?

  32. Cam

    Still hoping Lech hasn’t been affected. And omg, I really want to see what happens next. Will Gay fight her? Will Tank? Will Lech, if he’s unaffected? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

  33. Urago

    @TaggertShare: Hate to be that guy, but men can have brutal fights too(Most murderers are male). And you don’t know all the women and girls in this world.

    I’m not accusing you of sexism, I’m just pointing something out.

  34. Salisria

    @NASF The only other thing I can think of is that he brings in one of the polar bears (Steve maybe?) to do what he can’t. At first I didn’t like it, but now I do because after all, “Once you’ve gone white, the pheromones take flight.”

  35. romabysen

    And i’m just sitting here hoping for Tank to go ballistic.

  36. Nicole

    Go get ‘er, Gay!

  37. NAZF

    @Salisri: That seems to easy (or at least easier considering the bears don’t get along with the polars) in my opinion. When have you known the bears to actually get off easy? XD

    Besides, that kinda takes Miss Purple (another temp name) out of the story. I kind of wanna see what she does in all this.

  38. SD

    Oooohh this is getting good.

    Love the interview. I would definitely buy a Tanked plushy. :-D

  39. Chris

    Yeah, that’s right! Tell her the way it is Gay!

  40. DICKtator

    You tell her Gay!
    If they fight, I’m pretty sure Gay would get his ass handed to him. He’s not really much of a fighter. :/ Persoanlly, I think this is going to end up girl against girl, after al, PMS Bear REALLY hates Slutty. XD

  41. Lump

    Love how tanked took a step back from Gay in panel 9… All hell is about to get loose :P

  42. Faiz

    too bad about Prozac n Nerd imagining their ideal she-bears. Prozac wanted someone who can at least understand his rage issue and Nerdy—- he’s LARPing again like what Evil told him before he denies it :D

  43. aslogan

    Oh please let her name actually be Whore Bear…

  44. Faiz

    @romabysen , Tanked only does that if he’s never have a drink of alcohol even for a minute…. Always going on his perpetual state of withdrawal and being destructive afterwards

  45. FTS

    Well, its gonna be a fun few mondays these coming weeks, also males and females DEPENDING on the situation can very well be brutal. I witnessed many fights in my school as a kid, some fights were very bloody, a few of the weapons used by the girls were a razorblade, a toejam blade on fingernail clippers, and even a brick. Some of the weapons guys used included a pocket knife, an aluminum bat, and a broken school ID card used to cut a boys mouth like a glasgow smile in the locker room. Needless to say not every situation regarding a disagreement between sexes, means that they are the creators opinion, this is soley a hobby of our hosts and entertainment to the public. Also, it was curiously wordred in panels 11&12 as though he was going to say something else maybe? Oh well, great job Allison keep em comin’. P.S been there before, get some rest.

  46. Gabrielle

    I’m betting on Gay

  47. J.

    No, Pinkie, but I’m betting PMS will!

    Fantastic work on the expressions and the pacing! I love this comic!

  48. mindsend

    You know, looking on this again, I find myself incredibly confused by Vanities inclusion in the phero-zombies. Isn’t he a Panda? Different species all together. I’d understand if it worked on Polar Bears, since Grizzlies and Polars are capable of cross breeding with viable offspring.

    Though I suppose it’d work if her pheromones work with any male attracted to females sexually regardless of species….

  49. MicaXIII

    Slutty looks genuinely hurt by being called a whore. I feel like she might have history of being called that for an unjustified reason :(

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