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August 18th, 2014

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More line crossing, plus pheromone zombies.   Phombies?

Totally unrelated, but I’m curious to hear everyone’s old wives’ tales for stopping nose bleeds.  I fully intend to experiment on Evan :)  I understand that nose bleeds can be common in some kids from age 2-10, especially in humid weather (of which we’ve had rather too much lately, a week of cool rainy blah, my apologies to Californina).  So gross, and I keep having to wash his pillow.  At least it’s not both of them.

Vote incentive:  little preview of further phombie abuse…


  1. Constace

    Gotta love the fact that Gay fought Lech without a problem, but wont fight her because he’ll get sweaty. :P

  2. J.

    Totally did NOT see that coming. I love surprises! XD

  3. NAZF

    I knew Lech wouldn’t be immune!

    …Gay, you should’ve whailed on her when you had the chance… Now yer effed. :/

  4. Andranis

    Wait, where did Tanked go?

    Also, are his nasal passages getting dried out? Not so much an old wives’ method, but if his nose is really dry, try a simple saline nasal spray? I recently moved from a VERY humid part of the US(Southern Virginia) to the desert of southern Nevada, and for the first couple weeks, every time I blew my nose, it got a bit red from how dry it got up in the nostrils… Where as it didn’t do that in Virginia. But, failing that… Trip to the pediatrician?

  5. Jayrith

    Constance, that’s probably because Gay doesn’t like to get sweaty with girls. ^_^

  6. T-Shaw

    Seriously, Gay won’t even take a punch? What a weirdo. :)

  7. Nicole

    Their eyes are creepy-colored!

    Gay, get Marge!!!!

  8. RaRock The Phoenix

    Yay, Tanked saveed the Day.
    News from next Monday ^^

  9. richard s f

    Pheromones are a powerful ally against the weak willed….

  10. Cam

    Aww, Lech was affected after all. Oh well. I wonder who will end up saving Gay. Tank? Or maybe the purple mood swinger? Finally stand up to the wanton pink harlot…

  11. Magasek

    So, if zombies eat brains what do phombies eat…? Hmm…maybe shouldn’t go there…

    Alison, nose bleeds, that truly is a gross one. I used to get horrific ones as a kid (still do sometimes) and my youngest daughter inherited the tendency, too. But, we live in Colorado so the humidity isn’t the problem, it’s the arid, dry air, especially in winter when the furnace is running and drying things out even more. Anyway, as a kid and even as an adult (and this is going to sound totally gross, too) I would coat my nostrils with Vaseline. This seemed to keep the tissues from cracking and bleeding. Now, before the counter-rants start, I know that Vaseline is supposed to dry things out and ought to make the problem worse, but it really did (and does) work for me. As to it working for my daughter, I can’t convince her to try it because she says it’s just too gross. A young boy like Evan might think it’s cool though. You never know. Of course discouraging nose-picking will help, too. As Christoff in Frozen says, “All guys do it.” Or if that can’t be discouraged, then keeping fingernails trimmed very short will help prevent damage from exploration and foraging. Anyway, good luck. Hope it works out for you.

  12. dizzie

    regarding nose bleeds i got a bit of story….sorry in advance for the wall of text but humor me here. well, when i was little, my parants took me to a small sized day camp during summer. they informed the camp person(or whoever the leader is called) i had a neurological issue that kept me from communicating/socializing very well. they wanted make sure i’d be accommodated before actually signing me up for the program. They were assured id be completely fine and they’d make sure id have fun and make friends, blah blah blah giveusyourmoneykthx. The camp was this closed off small park/playground/picnic area that campers could run around in… but here’s the thing…the leaders sat inside the air conditioned cabin while volunteers were left outside to watch the kids…these “helpers” consisted of five highschoolers who spent the day yapping with each other while making sure we werent fighting or whatever. they werent too friendly ….especially to little me. I dont think they understood the fact i needed extra patience on their part. So i was often yelled at or made to sit out on specific activities. On the third day, and after a rather aggravating game of baseball in the field , i developed a throbbing headache. It was also very VERY hot. Wanted to go inside the AC’ed cabin or get some ice, but the helpers (still likely mad at my behavior during the earlier game) told me to stop complaining and sit in the shade….Further pleas only ticked off the already aggravated teens. defeated and on the verge of tears, i sat in the shade hoping the sick feeling will pass..but no. after some time of of misery and nausea, i felt my nose drip…. i wiped and saw blood on my arm. Panicked, i began screaming. very loudly. loud enough to get the full attention of two helpers who ran over to me. i was brought into the cabin. then the hospital. the nose bleed wasnt anything major but the threat of heat stroke was. i dont remember much about the situation after that, but man…i have NEVER seen my parents so furious. if my nose didnt open up like it did, i could have been in serious trouble. now, to the question at hand. as far as treating nosebleeds, i would say to lightly pinch the soft area on the sides of the nose whilst having him slightly tilt his head up. no sniffing. might make it worse . also abit of tissue in the nostril thats bleeding check every 5-10 minutes to see if its stops, changing to fresh tissue each time. ice also helps too. C: if its a huge and frequent issue you can chat with their doctor to see if s/he has any insight on the matter.

  13. woohoo

    Dizzie, please humor me now, I gotta know. What happened to those highschoolers after that fiasko? Please tell me the got fired.

  14. Andreas

    Let’s all hope, Tanked comes for the rescue. I am wondering, is the smell of beer stronger than those puny pheromones? :-D

  15. Bill

    Love the Phombies. As to your little one’s nose bleeds. Like Andranis and Magasek said, they are usually caused by the nose drying out (low humidity, usually less then 30%) or being irritated and picked. The best thing to do to prevent them is to run a humidifier in his bedroom at night. That will help out with the drying out. If they are happening during the day then nose spray will help. If his nose starts to bleed then the best treatment I know of from my first aid training is to put some tissue in his nose and leave it for a while unless it gets saturated. Next tilt his head back a little and put a cold wash cloth or compress on the back of his neck. This helps constrict the blood vessel and slow down the bleeding so a scab can form.

  16. Rainey

    Tanked, quick! Throw beer on them!

  17. Sterling Rodd

    Ack! Zombies!

  18. Aldin

    No, not at them, Tank should smack her over the head with a beer bottle. Take out the controller, not those under control.

  19. Unbearable

    Getting surrounded by all those guys? This could easily be one of Gay’s sweetest dreams… Unfortunally this won’t end that way.

  20. Natasha

    I had nosebleeds as a child (and occasionally still do; I’m 19) and to be perfectly honest the only true blue way I found was waiting for a blob like clot to come out, this occasionally meant blowing my nose lightly. Not really a wives tale but worked for me.

  21. Mikey

    Dang, Slutty (or whatever the name is) might be more evil than Evil/2.

  22. Biosaur

    At least crack got over his anxiety problem…

  23. Nerdycellist

    RE: nosebleeds, try vitamin C supplements, lots of OJ, fresh citrus in the lunchbox, etc. Vitamin C strengthens the cell walls and will help prevent bleeding to a certain extent.

    Watch out for vitamin C + milk though because they’ll bond together and not be absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, have you checked blood pressure?

    Just my $0.02. Loving the comic, and best of luck!

  24. TaggertShare

    It’s a Bear Zombie Apocalypse.

  25. Kate

    Whenever I think of Nose Bleeds, I think of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer licking nose blood and her being grossed out, and him being all “IT’S BLOOD!”
    Alas, the only thing I know is to keep your head down and not up, because you can choke on the blood clots. Also, maybe a dehumidifier in the room? Sage? Exorcism? Sometimes I seriously wonder if I can exorcise my sons…

  26. Alister

    @Mikey I’m not quite sure she’s Evil2 material. She’s just really bossy and pushy, plus she’s in heat. We don’t know if this is her default personality. Evil2 was going to get power by just killing those who were in his way, while Slutty is resorting to running those who don’t bow to her out of the zoo.

  27. Cayman Sharp

    after seeing everyone play the ne game five nights at freddies this is starting to scare me.

  28. Cayman Sharp


  29. anon

    I used to get chronic nosebleeds as a kid.
    1. tilt the head forward: swallowing too much blood can make you sick and/or vomit. It’s not good for you. You don’t want the kid to have a nosebleed AND an upset stomach.
    2. pinch the bridge of the nose, right around the tear-ducts. It’ll add pressure to slow the bleeding.
    3. Ice pack on the nose helps as well.
    4. once it does slow down and stop – do not blow your nose for a half hour afterwards. I’ll ruin the growing scab and the nosebleed will start all over again.
    Past that… patience.

  30. Tux

    I dunno. I think pher-bears would be a great name for the now-brainless team. :o

  31. Dinosauregg

    Aggg! Pheromone bear zombies!

  32. Rugibess

    I feel bad for gay i am wondering whats going to happen to him X(

  33. dizzie

    @woohoo from what i was told, after the incident the camp got more qualified adults on staff and better enforced rules/regulations. As for the teens, not sure if they were fired but they were made to apologize to me. Got candy and some other goodies afew days later when the camp director came over to speak with my father.

    @Cayman Sharp ahhhh now i see it too! their dead eyes. slowly making their way towards their means of defense… just… No. nope. nooope.a thousand times nope. creepy bears ;O; i cant watch people play that freddy game. Dont handle jumpscares well. Nearly broke my computer monitor after flinging my headphones at it. :C

  34. FTS

    Well the cold can definitely be the cause, the irritation from frequent blowing or sneezing may cause irritation to the lining of the nose and will commonly result with nosebleed. Nosebleeds will end themselves quickly and the above information of softly pinching the nose with tissue will help. The only prevention I can think of is to keep the face warm. If its not the cold, high pressures (assuming from humidity) could also cause blood vessels in the nose to burst, in which case im not to sure how to regulate pressure in the nose. From what I can gather just keep the nasal passages moist and try to avoid hard or frequent blowing… Also, the zombie (“phombie”) attack was imminent, our only thought now is how can it be resolved? Keep up the great work Allison.

  35. Xuncu

    Cuz this is THRILLER!!! THRILL-AH NITE!
    An’ no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike!

  36. Faiz

    so even the jock of the bunch-Lech got affected since he wasn’t shown to be around when Slutty the pheromone queen sprayed them one

  37. Urago

    @Unbearable: That’s homophobic, just because Gay is gay, it doesn’t mean he’s promiscuous. Not to mention Vanity is a cub, which means that if he liked him that way, he’d be a pedophile, not gay.


  38. Whitnay

    Where is PMS??

  39. D.Durand

    Sad thing : A lot of people are like that. Love, money, “good looking” are pretty common reason for people to act like that.

    Wow, your comic has a deppressing effect on me, for once.

  40. Unbearable

    @Urago: Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like that.

  41. Shadow

    Nose bleed, pinch at the bridge of the nose or near the top and tilt your head back. This is to help the opening to coagulate. The reason kids and adults get nose bleeds in humid weather is usually because the nose is dry and humidity causes the skin to crack and bleed. You can use chap stick to avoid this as well and not let the nose get dry in the first place. Hope this helps dear ^_^

  42. Rainey

    @ Aldin: Well in that case, throw beer on HER and neutralize her pheromones. XD (I was implying before that beer thrown on them might bring them out of their stupor, kinda like cold water on someone’s face, but all Tank has is beer, so..)

  43. Faiz

    panel 10, Cracked acts like a zombie now XD

  44. ???

    Tanked or purple mood bear… Who will save the day?

  45. I hat3 everyone

    Where’s Tanked?

  46. alezrez

    nosebleed: don’t tilt your head back, because blood could get into the lungs…

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