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August 25th, 2014

Page 436

One week of summer vacation left!  I’m sooooo excited!  I’m still not used to the reversal of feeling at this time of year.  I always get that slight jolt of apprehension as Sept hits, and an irrational need to go buy some new binders.. and then I remember :)  One more year with the twins at home, but next summer I’ll probably be beside myself with how much stuff I’ll be able to do… and I’ll likely just see them on the bus and go back to bed… but it will be glorious.  I think once the age of homework help hits, it’s going to be less fun for me.  But anyway, now we have to get back into the routine of school, and I can’t remember what I used to pack for lunches.  Kids lunch suggestions!  Go!

I think I forgot Nerd again.

Two designs up for voting in the latest Shirt Woot derby!  It you have a Woot account, take a second and go click the “I want one” button and I will love you forever and ever :)  There’s 4 Groot related designs in the fog so it’s not looking too good for a top three finish, but Woot picks a bunch of close designs for a derby side sale on Mondays so every vote totally helps.  Plus baby Kracken.

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  1. ertusafgjfgj

    @Medievalkite in the world of drunkenness they call that whiskeydick XD

  2. Tedflip

    People are taking things too seriously in the comments. Its a comic ffs, lighten up folks!

  3. smkinoshita

    The new arrival of an unlikable character isn’t the immediate problem; we’ve already been down this path with Vanity and even Evil 2.

    First — mind control is lazy. I’ve maybe seen in used well once, twice tops. It’s a poor trope to use, even in comedies. A lot of people use it, doesn’t mean it’s excusable, it’s just lazy.

    Second is the offense. Previous antagonistic characters started off with something akin to pranks or just general irritation, but Pink’s pulling out something more end-game from the start and the victim is one of the more likable characters.

    Now add to this is that for a lot of people, a group-on-one beat-down is extremely distasteful. It’s something used in drama comics climax that often changes the direction of everything. In comedy, the victim has to do something to really earn it first to make a group beat-down even palatable. Making it worst still, it’s on Gay who was more or less the closest thing they had to a female character. Let’s face it — if PMS pulled the same stunt but had them beat down Pink, it would leave a real bad taste in people’s mouths.

    My observation however is just watching the comic and the way its audience has reacted as a whole — from Evil 2 where suddenly things got a lot darker than normal — to the drug use, and then gender stereotypes. It’s not any one of these elements, it’s the accumulation and creates turmoil in the comments section that one has to watch — hence ‘watch the canaries’.

  4. Ninkurou

    Skott, smkinoshita…

    I don’t think that pheromone mind control its lazy, i even think that it was expected from a slut character. Like in other works of fiction. And I think that these other works are also nice. In my personal view I dont think that it is an poor trope, but an good one.

    What is happening now is for drama. Build up for when Gay defeat her with the help of tanked and pms, so people will not pity her and gay will also appear to be someone more heroic. Don’t worry there will surelly be retribution for this.

  5. smkinoshita

    @Nikurou — Mind control is always lazy in 99% of all cases. Just because other works of fiction use it doesn’t make it any less lazy. Here’s the break down — mind control allows the author to set up any situation, break character, and force circumstances without worrying about the sticky details of how to do it or what repercussions there should be because “It’s mind control, they couldn’t help it”. Lazy. Don’t state the obvious like ‘it’s a build-up for drama’ because I’m not stupid, I know the purpose — my complaint is that it’s a very lazy way to do so.

    The only circumstance when I’ve seen it used well that I can think of is in Ghost in the Shell, which had the excuse of the population being so wired that they could be hacked.

    But it finally dawned on me the real problem I have with the arc, and that’s Pink’s Mary-Sue pull. In my opinion, it’s a bad move to introduce a new character and have said character steam-roll the cast at any point. I’ve seen it done a lot, and it’s always ham-fisted and poorly written, even from shows I really enjoyed otherwise. The “correction” winds up either “disarming” the antagonist in some contrived way or in the worst circumstances the cast just start to no-sell.

    Going back to the original point, in my first post, this kind of thing can be a real base-breaker for the audience. Some people just go along for the ride, but I’m not one of them. Now it means that I’ve walked out on a lot of shows and movies. Sometimes I’m alone, but other times I’ve had friends share my sentiments later. I’m not saying I’m a canary, since sometimes grumbling in the comments are just people reacting to change — and if this was YouTube I’d say ignore 99% of the comments. But this is the Bear Nuts site, these are people who really like Bear Nuts, so it’s a bit trickier.

  6. Ninkurou


    In my personal view this character is an slut kind of villain, and normally this kind of villain goes well with pheromone power like poison ivy in the batman movie. I really dont belive that it is lazy, even if you belive that it is lazy… I think that it combine.

    So… You also made your point clear, you belive that it is lazy and you didnt liked the steamroll that this power caused. Thats okay. I and Im sure that the creator of this comic respect your opnion…

    However as the comic is running it cannot turn back, and as you said “Some people just go along for the ride”. Some poeple enjoy it. Or better yet, will enjoy the retribution of the villain. One piece is full of this… Having one villain kicking the dog until it cannot move to became an good guy later after a beat down….

    So as I write… Youre not liking? Well, you have two choices… You can either continue reading withouth enjoying the arc, or stop and return in the next arc and hope that it will be the kind that you enjoy…

    Im pretty sure that since this arc is full of drama, the next will be more light hearted. And will not have any villain steamrolling the bears…Im sure that you will like it. =D

  7. rugibess

    @ninkurou love the one piece referance

  8. Ninkurou


    Thanks!!! I’m happy to see that Im not the only one who noted this. There are a lot of villains turning allies in later arcs…

  9. Shpee

    Where do you go to see the last vote incentives?

  10. dizzie

    *waves* hai again :3 …ive noticed that the bears have changed since their introductions…. with a few exceptions, theyve matured as the comics went on. they were juuuust starting to truely get along when the girls came about which tossed them back into chaos. without conflict, then there is little to keep fans interested. the activity in the comments shows that whatever alison is doing is encouraging discussion and debate. which..honestly…. i find just as fun as reading the comic itself. ^o^ good? bad? who knows…but what i DO know is that im eager for the next page. on a unrelated note… did pms get nerd’s ninja powers? she’s been MIA for afew pages now o-o

  11. rugibess

    @shpee after you vote for this comic scroll down it should be there. To vote click on the VOTE TOP WEBCOMICS icon to the lower right of the page then go through the voting process. If you want see past vote incentives go to the bear nut facebook and look for it.

  12. Nicole

    Hm. I don’t see her as a villain. She clearly has control issues. You throw a bear like her into a bunch of horny boys and don’t expect her to at least attempt to take control? She’s clearly been in this situation before and this is how she handles it. It’s actually good that she has something that can keep Pro-hulk and Death at bay, otherwise this would be a boring conflict. I’ll be curious to see if this effect wears off, or if they have to be somehow shaken out of it. One way or the other, they will have to learn to live together.

  13. Dusk Hunter713

    “That’s not scientifically accurate”

    Neither is a electrical, scythe wielding carebear who short cuircuts security cameras with his mind.

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