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September 1st, 2014

Page 437

I’ll let you all decide if “chocolate chip muffins” is a euphemism for anything… We had some interesting comments/crits last week that I imagine will just intensify with this page and I felt like it’s worth discussing.   First off, keep the comments coming.  I don’t mind thoughtful critiques at all so by all means let me know what you think :)  I do it find it funny that a few people are extra viscerally reacting to this current situation; this has never really been a lighthearted comic.  Half of them have been beaten and/or set on fire… multiple times.  There’s been some pretty over the top addiction issues, relentless teasing, mental breaks, the odd dismemberment, and all of them have ridiculously tragic backstories… and now I sound like a crazy person. Ultimately, this too will pass.  I can write some extra fluffy/cheesy arcs to follow up as a palate cleanser, but then I’ll probably just get comments about how boring my writing is and how the characters aren’t developing.  I can’t please everyone, but I can at least entertain myself… and apparently I’m a sadist, so there’s that.

Happy dancing Gay dances happily.

Tomorrow is the first day of school!!!  So excited!!!

Vote incentive:  A little Mucha inspired Galaxy fan art.  I would totally go see that movie in theatres again if I had the time (the blue ray will be out before Christmas I imagine??) and yet Transformers 4 is still beating it?  I’ve only seen the first one of those.

Disgruntled panda shirt won a spot in Woot’s Honorable Mentions sale!  Get him screen printed for this week only on Shirt Woot:


  1. Jeroen

    It’s a sad bit of truth that men only ever get really violent when women are involved. I know men can be direct, to the point and on occasion a physical confrontation is inevidable (although my daughters are proving that girls can be at least as bad), but the only real wars between men I’ve ever encountered in my personal circles involved some girl or other.

    Also: Red panda’s are way cuter than the monochromatic type. Stupid pregnancy faking bamboo munchers…
    Don’t get me started on ‘Sea panda’s’

    I’d love to own some shirst desinged by you. Unfortunately, shipping is murder… :-(

  2. Maxtine

    A friend of mine gave me the book of Prozac back in 2009, and while cleaning the house this week I came across it again. I reread the whole thing, plus all your stripes online until present day. And I must say I think it just gets better and better. From the first pages it was more chuckles and snickering here and there, but as it advanced it turned into loud laughters. Mostly from Evil, Tanked and Crack. And then it gets intensely exciting. Especially the story about 2 Evils and now this one. I absolutely LOVE IT! Keep ’em coming!!

    Also I must say it felt really interesting seeing your updates on pregnancy/birth and etc, because for each page the kids kept growing and growing and I felt like I was fast forwarding through your life from 2008 till 2014. Really weird to see and quite cool! :D

  3. Nicole

    @Jeroen: the bears have had this level of violence toward each other before (remember the Nerd – Evil beatdown?). So it’s not just the females.

  4. admin

    @Tara: NOPE! This thing is all about the obvious stereotypes!! But then again, maybe…
    @Ash: you’re making me blush :)
    @YetAnoutherBrian: I miss Kukuburi too. And you’re awesome :)
    @Infabulous and rugibess: yay for addicts! Only when appropriate!
    @Maxtine: I know what you mean, I sometimes page back a bit and goggle over the fact that my oldest is almost 5 already. Life is freaking zipping by.

  5. Ninkurou

    Errr… I belive that I was wrong… I really belived Pms Bear would had show up to help Gay… However, she would not be as usefull… Just like like tanked was not as usefull… She would problably be beaten too… Maybe she just hide herself near the pond when sluty left the smell out?

  6. James

    Tanked to the rescue?

  7. Alex

    My My!
    Why are you all so dirty-minded?
    Everyone knows that gay bakes when hes bored, couldnt you all think Lech was lonely and dropped off his “masculine” stance and helped Gay bake some chocolate chip muffins? Sheesh.

    (I doubt my own theory is true, but I like to play innocent)

  8. Alex

    Plus, I can already foresee an inside joke coming in the future back to this line,
    Gay is going to be really pissed at Lech after all of this ended

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